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Cure Hay Fever In A Healthy & Natural Way // Amrita Allergy Ease

Spring is maybe already there in your country. In The Netherlands it's just around the corner but the hay fever season has already started! It's the season of mistaking people for covid instead of hay fever too aha! Itchy eyes and sore throats can be a pain in the ass bluntly said. The good news is that there are remedies for it and lots of them. If you're looking for a natural, organic, and healthy way of curing your hay fever or any other allergies you might have, read further now for an allergy ease that will fix the issues! 
The Benefits 
The organic Essential Oils Allergy Easer synergy has the following ingredients: lavender Extra, Palmarosa, Hyssop Cineol, Lavender Maillette, Blue Moroccan Chamomile and Amni Visnaga. Lavender is my favourite ingredient! I love buying lavender, especially in spring and summer to just put in a vase and it instantly makes your home smell great and it also looks cute. Lavenders help decrease allergic reactions and have a calming effect. The palmarosa also makes you feel more relaxed. The hyssop oil is great for strengthening your respiratory system and the Blue Moroccan Chamomile works anti-inflammatory and will help to make your skin feel soft and soothes is. Lastly the Amni Visnaga is a powerful ingredient that works well if you have asthma and helps you breath easier. 

How to Use? 
It's very easy aha! Depending on the place or problem/allergic reaction you have, you can put the oil on different places and apply it in different ways. If you have respiratory reactions you can dilute the oil and apply it under your nose or if your prefer that also inside your nostrils, or you can diffuse or make use of the product by steam inhalation. 

The synergy blends are made from pure essential oils, and before using them they must be diluted first. Dilution for this blend is about 6 drops per tablespoon, so that's around 15ml. If you have respiratory reactions that it's a good idea to dilute the oil and apply it under your nose or inside your nostrils. You can either diffuse or steam inhale the oil. Personally I like to apply I right under my nose; it's easy and effective. Because inside my nostrils feels a bit too strong, especially with the scent. Sometimes I get itchy eyes as well, so I tried putting it around my eyes and it really worked. It feels like a relief to have less itchy and red eyes. If you have any skin problems and/or irritations than it might be a good idea to dilute the oil and apply it right onto your skin in the place where it irritates the most. 

I'm very happy that I found a healthy and natural solution to cure many of the symptoms of my hay fever! It's an instant remedy which is affordable and something that can be very easily applied. I felt it helped after a few minutes already, especially in places my skin gets irritated. Don't forget to take a look on the webshop of Amrita Aromatherapy; the place for all kinds of essential organic and natural oils for any kind of problem you may have, or just for the benefits the oils may have. 



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