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The secret of staying fit and healthy

Hey everyone,

How is your day? Next week I have my test week, luckily it's only four tests and the week after only one to go. The only plus point of having a test week is that you have to stay there in the morning and than you can go home. I thought it would be a nice idea to share with you one of my secrets to stay fit and healthy, why I do pilates and why you should start too! Enjoy and get fit in 2016! Check out my other post about Cassey Hoo fitness here to stay fit. 

The secret of staying fit and healthy

About a few weeks ago I wanted to try something different besides the Zumba. I started doing more flexibility exercises, yoga/pilates and just simple exercises for toning your body. Working out for me is a way to relax after a long school day and really clear your mind and think about nothing. 

My weekly fitness routine
MONDAY Ballet class + at home 10 stretching routine
TUESDAY Zumba 30 minutes
WEDNESDAY 30 Minute Pilates workout
THURSDAY Zumba 30 minutes
FRIDAY Toning exercices for legs/butt/abs 15 min + 10 min stretching routine 
SATURDAY Ballet class
SUNDAY Relax day 

This is how my weekly schedule looks like. When I don't feel like working out or I'm too tired I try to do half the workout or just skip it for a day. Sometimes I also switch up some routines and do the workout I enjoy doing that day. Because working out has to be fun remember! It's good for your body to combine different kind of workouts. It's also what professional athletes do. Your body will be in a better shape and when you continue combing cardio and stretching/Pilates kind of workouts. This year I signed up for ballet classes and I really regret not continuing it when I was younger. It's really beautiful and maybe sometime this year the teacher said I can have pointe shoes yeah! These classes are at a ballet studio, but the other workouts I do at home in my own room. If you want to know where I find my workout routine videos, here I have some tips for you.

For Zumba I use the videos from Kim Johnson, a fitness/Zumba instructor that has a website where Zumba videos of one hour long are posted every month. They are very fun to do and really good cardio workouts. I'm sure you also know that you can type in Youtube Zumba and get videos too or type Zumba and a name of your fav song and you get your videos too. You can make your own Zumba playlist on YouTube! 
the secret of staying fit and healthy #fitspiration #fitnessroutine http://isafashionebella.blogspot.com

For my toning exercises my favorite channel on youtube is Blogilates from the fitness instructor Cassey Ho. She's amazing in doing all these exercises and building her own workout calendars. So when I want to do some toning exercises I just type in her channel legs or abs and than I choose a few videos. I don't really follow the calendar, but if you want/need a real schedule and being motivated by other popsters it's really a great idea to stick to the schedule. 
What is Pilates?
Pilates is very similar to Yoga but concentrates more on your core and your strength. The movements seem easy but when I tried it for the first time it didn't really look like it was the move the instructor did haha. But after a few times it gets better and better, it just takes a little time. Pilates is also great for your posture and for your flexibility. It's a good way to clear your head and become relaxed. Afterwards I always feel like I'm stronger and feel really relaxed. For my Pilates workouts besides YouTube I go to the balanced life where you can find Pilates workouts that are really good. She also has 28 days of Pilates that I still would love to do! On this website you can find al, types of Yoga and Pilates workouts from beginners to more advanced workouts. I love that the instructors are really calm and explain what you have to do well. Click here for a complete guide about the amazing health benefits yoga can offer! 

I hope you enjoyed my post and found it helpful. Basically the secret to staying heathy and fit is to eat well and combine different types of exercises. 

Have you ever tried Pilates
Have a lovely day, 

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