Cute pictures of animals

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Discount codes & Sales of this week

Hey everyone,

Here are some sales from popular online webshops and discount codes so you can buy your favorite things with a little discount. 

discount codes and sales

Discount codes

Macy's: Upp to 20% off Spring top picks
Discount code: SPRING
H&M: 20% off One Item Sitewide
Discount code: 1418
Dorothy Perkins: Exclusieve up to 30% off orders plus Free Nominated Day Delivery
Discount code: DPVCFREE
Jack Wills: Exclusive 20% off orders
Discount code: CLOUD
Boohoo: Extra 10% off Sale Items
Discount code: PERFECT10
HSN: 15% off Your Next Beauty Purchase
Discount code: APRILBEAUTY15
Aeropostale: Free Shipping on all Live Love Dream Orders
Discount code: SHIPLLD
Hot Topic: 20% off Tees
Discount code: TEES20


Old Navy: Up to 60% off Clearance

Kate Spade: 15% off Sitewide + Free Shipping with Newsletter Sign Up

Sephora: Up to 68% off Makeup and Makeup Brushes

Forever 21: Up to 30% off Plus Free Shipping on €50

Hollister: Up to 70% off Everything

Nordstrom: Extra 50% off New Styles + Free Shipping

Happy Shopping!

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Fashion quotes I love

Hey everyone,

I hope you all are enjoying your day so far!! I just went for a big walk to the beach with some friends. The weather is great here in the Netherlands!! We ate a delicious Italian ice cream and had a lot of fun! 

Because I really love fashion and quotes I thought it was a good idea to share with you my favorite fashion quotes. If you have other suggestions with your fav fashion quotes then I would love to hear it. I hope you like them!! 

Fashion quotes quotes quotes quotes quotes quotes quotes

What is your favorite fashion quote?

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Big Spender Money Saver

Hey everyone,

There are always so much nice things to buy. I am a person who loves shopping with friends and when I see a good deal I usually buy it. But sometimes I don't really know anymore how much I spent and what I bought. Sometimes it's good to save first all the money you need to buy that dress or that phone you've always wanted. So afterwards you don't have to ask friends or family to borrow money.

You can save all your money in very cute "pigs". Here are some money saving jars and also ones that count the money when you put it in them. 

Money saving jars

Big spender money saver-- cute savings jars for a great start next year #cutesavingjars #cuteness

This saving jar is very cute. It's from the brand Riviera Maison which has a lot of nice things for your home. Really recommend it! It looks like a sort of combination between a mouse and a pig. ;) I don't really know what it looks like. But it looks good in your home on the kitchen table or also in your own bedroom. The text on it is Big Spender and that's also really nice. 

Big spender money saver-- cute savings jars for a great start next year #cutesavingjars #cuteness

This coin saver is painted in sweet pink with cute brown hearts. It's a completely different look as the one before from Riviera Maison but still cute in another way. You can buy this one at bed and bath beyond online. 

Big spender money saver-- cute savings jars for a great start next year #cutesavingjars #cuteness

This is probably one of the most expensive coin saving box from this list. It's an exclusive offer online at Liberty. It's the Kawaii Dream saver money box. It has an adorable glazed design. It's definitely my fav one!! 

Big spender money saver-- cute savings jars for a great start next year #cutesavingjars #cuteness

These are coin banks are from the Urban Trend Collection. They are ceramic Owl banks and come in a set of 4 in different colors. They are available on the website Casa. These are also very cute and decorative in your home. 

Big spender money saver-- cute savings jars for a great start next year #cutesavingjars #cuteness

This is a French Bulldog coin bank. It's looks really quirky and cute. It's ceramic and finished with a white glance. You can buy it on the site called zgallerie.
Big spender money saver-- cute savings jars for a great start next year #cutesavingjars #cuteness

The last one is a Reed & Barton Classic Piggy Bank. It's silver-plated and very cute. It's also a perfect gift for anybody. You can buy it on the website of Bloomingdales.

Are you saving for something big this month?

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Loreal Glam Shine lipgloss Reflection review

Hey everyone,

This is the first time that I use a beauty product from Loreal. I always use products from other brands like Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder etc. But this time I thought I wanted to try something from Loreal. I wanted to buy something for my lips because I literally always have dry lips. And I wear this lip gloss a lot now. It's very nice and pretty! 

Loreal Glam Shine lipgloss Reflection review

Beauty review: Loreal Glam Shine lipgloss Reflection
Loreal Glam Shine lipgloss Reflection

Product description 
I bought the lipgloss from Loreal Paris, L'Oreal Glam Shine reflection It's the color sheer pink 171. It's 6 ml.
The lipgloss gives your lips more volume and a pretty sparkly shine on your lips. The hydrating formule of the lipgloss it not sticky and is easy to apply. The applicator is in a heart shape so it's easy for you to apply. And it gives your more gloss on your lips. Just one sweep on your lips is enough. The color of the lipgloss is a combination of red and pink but just a little more red in it.  It gives your lips a pretty shine with a pretty pink color. 

Beauty review: Loreal Glam Shine lipgloss Reflection

Beauty review: Loreal Glam Shine lipgloss Reflection

My opinion
I love this lipgloss a lot. The color is really cute and because it's spring it's makes your outfit a little bit more special and girly. Also the heart shape applicator is very useful. It's easy to apply. And something that's very important for a lipgloss, it's not sticky. Another plus point is that the lipgloss stays for a long time so you don't have to apply the lipgloss every 10 minutes. 

Well, there aren't many things what I don't love about this lipgloss. But when you remove your lipgloss a few sparkles still stay on your lips afterwards. And it looks a little bit strange if you don't like sparkles. And the price. Loreal product are not the cheapest.  But still it's not very expensive. I bought mine at a local beauty store for 10 euros. 

My rating
I think I would give this lipgloss a 4 out 5.

I do recommend this lipgloss because it's stays for a really long time, the color is nice and it's not sticky. :)

Have you already tried this lipgloss?

I hope this review was helpful. 
Have a lovely day,

Cassey Hoo fitness


I think you know her from her blog Blogilates, it's Cassey Hoo. I love her workouts so much!! They are really effective and are all kinds of different workouts. Let's tell a little bit more about her.


Well, she's a certified fitness instructor and also the creator op POP Pilates. She also designs the bags from oGeorgeous bags. She couldn't find a cute bag to go to the gym with. So the thought of making stylish bags herself.  She loves to give advice to people and give tips about a healthy lifestyle. She has a Youtube channel where she films her workouts and healthy foods to eat. 

On her blog she has a lot of workout printables to download. You can also download a workout calendar. Everyday of the week there stands on that day what kind of excercises you have to do. But you can also have breaks some days. I like it very much. I followed a month the beginner workout calendar and the result was great!! She makes these calendar all by herself and I think that's really a good idea. It's also good that the workout calendars and workouts itself are for every level. From beginner to expert. On her blog she also has a shop where you can buy all kinds of cute clothes for the gym. She designed them all.

I always want to wear cute workout clothes when I do a workout. It makes the workouts much more fun to do. Do you have that too? :)

What do you think of Cassey Hoo's workouts?

Stay beautiful!


6 Best Lip glosses & Chapsticks

Hey everyone,

Who doesn't want soft lips? Dry lips are just not ok. I wear like almost a lip balm everyday. Otherwise my lips are very dry because the weather is still cold. Read further for some products to get super soft lips.

6 Best Lip glosses & Chapsticks

Lip Balms & Chap Sticks
-The Eos lip balm. Is made from 100% natural ingredients. Loveee!!!! 

-Nivea. The lip balms moisturise for a really long time. 

-Clarins. An all season must have.

-Vaseline. To get even softer lips.

-Victoria' Secret. Also really love this one. Has a gentleman sugar scrub. 

-Sephora. It has a yummy flavour and stays all day.

Also drinking plenty of water is really good for dry lips such as for your skin. Drink around 7 cups of water per day and you are hydrated enough! :)

Another thing that also helps is Aloe Vera. I have tried it once as a shower gel and your skin becomes really soft after it. It's a plant that moisturizes naturally. You can apply it directly to your lips and they will be softer than ever.

I hope you guys find it helpful.
And which lip balm do you like the best?

Have a lovely day,



Best foods for your skin

Hey everyone,

Eating healthy is not only good for your health but also good for your skin. There are a lot of foods that are really good for your skin. If you want a good looking young skin than here are some tips for you! 

best foods for your skin

Healthy food

The first food that is really good for your skin are dark berries. The berries have antioxidants that clear you skin. They are also really healthy and good for a snack, because they are healthy and you get the feeling that you're full because of the fibre in it. 
best foods for your skin

Nuts are also really healthy to eat. And if you have acne problems than you should definitely eat them, because studies found that there is a link between nuts(also pumpkins). The more you eat them, the less acne you should have. The nuts contain a lot of vitamin D and magnesium which are essential for your skin.
best foods for your skin

A good looking skin starts with a basic thing that you body needs, water. Drink a lot of water to keep your body hydrated and to get rid of all the bad toxins in your skin. It's also good to drink a lot of water after a workout and everyday around 7 glasses of water.

best foods for your skin

Another great with a lot of proteins and calciums in them is tofu. If your a vegetarian than tofu is a good food to eat instead of meat. It tastes great in a salad. And it clears your skin and make it look younger. 

best foods for your skin

The most important things to keep your skin healthy and young are eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and drinking plenty of water. Also, it's not a food but applying sunscreen is really important to get less wrinkles later.

I hope you enjoyed my few food tips for a healthy skin. 
Have a lovely day,