Days after Christmas shopping deals

Hey everyone,

I hope you had a great Christmas with your family and friends! I defenitely had! I opened a lot of cute gifts, ate(too much) delicous cookies and spent time with my loved ones. If you are one of those people who loves to search for great deals, than the days after Christmas are the perfect time to go shopping. Maybe you still have to buy a gift for your grandmother who couldn't arrive on Christmas. And it saves you a lot of money. Shops have to make space for the their new spring collection of 2015 and the discount could rise till 70% off. Here are some great deals for you. 

             Days after Christmas shopping deals

SEPHORA EXTRA20 Save an extra 20% off sale items
FOREVER 21 has sale up to 75% off holiday faves
GUESS has everything 50% off
MACYS MERRY Take an extra 15% off on every order
WET SEAL 20% off on first purchase
GARAGE 20% off Denim and Fashion
TARGET  EXTRA20 EXTRA 20% off Clearance apparel, shoes and accessories 
VICTORIA'S SECRET SHIP50 Free shipping over 50 and items starting at 3,99
VERA BRADLEY 50% Off selected colors and styles
BARNES AND NOBLE 50% Off selected books
CHARLOTTE RUSSE 15% Off entire purchase in-store
UGG AUSTRALIA 30% Off selected items
H&M Sale up to 70% off
KATE SPADE JINGLE25 Take 25% off all sale items
ZARA HOME Sale up to 40% off

Days after Christmas shopping deals

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Thursday inspirational quote: #2 We rise by lifting others

Hey everyone, 

Todays quote is about doing great things for others and great things will happen to you too. In our world today, people become more and more self conscious and think about themselves more than about others. For example the climate change. That is a very big issue and everybody knows that if we don't do something about it big problems will soon be reality. Nobody wants that. But why is not everyone driving in electric cars or living as green as possible. If we all would think about what it would do to the people who are living on our planet years later, we would have benefits and their society too. There are also a lot of good people in the world too, luckily. :) Thry think and help others and thanks to them we are a step closer everyday. 

When I go to school everyday there is one thing that I notice that a lot of people do. When we had gymnastics we had to play softball and there was a girl who wanted to be better than her classmates. So she was really showing off. But also during other classes, the people are really showing off their skills and constantly trying to be better than another.  But it's not only in school but also at a sport club or with my friends. I think it's useless to have to act this way everyday day. There is always someone who's going to be better than you are at something. You just have to embrace what you can and not compare yourself with others. Instead of trying to be the best you can help others when they are trying to do that skill you already can. Or helping that friend out who needs a little help. 

There are a lot of good people in our world who make the difference. Just stop for a second and just think about someone who needs a little help. Even with something small you can make a difference to that person. Running an errand for your grandmother, helping your friend with math etc. I'm sure it will put a smile on their faces! If you do something for another, good things will return to you and make the world a place with peace!! 

A few reasons why you should help someone:

1. It makes you feel good about yourself
2. They will do something good back 
3. It will improve the life of another
4. The world becomes more peaceful, step by step 

If you don't really know where to start, here are a few ideas for you:
*Buy something for a homeless person
*Donate money to charity
*Volunteer at an animal shelter(lovee dogs)
*Teach someone a skill
*Just be there for people who need help

Have a lovely day,



December favorites

Hey everyone,

I hope you're having a great weekend!? It's already December now!! :)  Sometimes I wish I cloud stop the time for a moment but unfortunately that isn't possible. December is my favorite period of the year. It has always been. Well, I have to say that the summer period is also nice but this period is more cozy. When I go for a walk I love to see all the people that have Christmas trees outside and completely decorated their homes. I love to do that too. We also have bought a Christmas tree already and decorated it with white and red. (My fave colors!!) It looks very nice in the living room and makes it more cozy. Another thing which I love to make is a Christmas wish list. I always see so much things that I want that it's impossible to remember them. So I make a wish list with all the stuff and hope Santa gives me a few things...It's now very cold here in the Netherlands, around 2 degrees. There was a time when it was around -20 degrees!! I hope it will be this year so we can ice skate on the river. :) 

This month there are a lot of new things I want to do, read, make and more. I would love to share them with you and inspire you to also make your list. Here they are. Enjoy!! 

Watching movies is a thing most people love to do. And me too. It's relaxing and you just think about the movie and nothing else. In December there are a lot of new movie releases of movies I want to see. The one I want to see the most is a Christmas movie with Anna Kendrick. She is one of my favorite movie actors and she does it very well. She became famous from the Cup song. The movie is called Happy Christmas. It's about a break up, after the breakup Jennh moves in with the writer Kelly. That's her filmmaker husband and child. Jenny realizes if she wants to be happy she needs a relationship and career. The movie shows that evolution and I hope it's worth it! 

I have the tradition to put every year around December a light peramid in my room and a mini Santa on my bookshelf. I love them. My room looks more like Christmas and very cozy. Ohh, and also my fake ice skates on my wardrobe. I bought them around 2 years ago and they are from paper. So cuteee!!  

One of the things that's on my Christmas wish list is a thing that I want really bad. It's a Pandora bracelet. You can even add Christmas hangers on your bracelet. I hope I get that. Especially the snowman hangers and the pink colored ones are nice. I think I would like my bracelet to look like the one in the picture below. 

This is a Christmas DIY I would like to make. It's your own Christmas tree snowball globe and it's quite easy to make. You can put it everywhere in your house to add a sparkle to your room or it's also a very nice Christmas gift for friends and family. 

Because I love to dance I would really like to go to see a dance performance in The Hague at Christmas. The performance I want to see is the one from The Dutch Don't Dance Division's group. It's a winter wonderland performance and their will be famous dancers from So You Think You Can Dance. Exciting!! 

These were the things I want to have, make and do this December. I hope you liked it and I want to wish you a great Sunday and December,

Isabella x


70 Blog Post Ideas

Hey everyone,

I thought it would be a nice idea to make a list with some blog post ideas, because I know a lot of the bloggers out there(including me)sometime need a little inspiration to keep going. Get comfy and let's get right to the blog post ideas!

70 blog post ideas (no credit)

Blog post ideas

* The trends for upcoming season
* Your favorite clothing items of this month
* Things you would never have in your closet
* Must have clothing items
* How to combine...
* What to wear with...
* Do and don'ts when wearing...
* Tips to rock this outfit
* What to wear to...
* Favorite items of(name brand)
* How to dress like(name person)
* Guide to finding the perfect jeans
* OOTD inspiration
* Clothes wish list
* Shopping haul
* Share your favorite fashion pics from Pinterest
* Make an expensive outfit cheap(look a like)
* How do you keep your clothes organized 
* Things every girl should have in her closet
* Fashion shows
* How to dress for a particular body type
* A shopping tip(where you shop, fav place)

* Must have beauty products for this season
* Review on a beauty product
* Best (lipgloss, eyeliner etc.) to buy
* Share the makeup trends that are hot right now
* Share your daily makeup look(maybe with a tutorial)
* A morning routine
* How to keep your skin strong 
* Cute nail polish patterns you should try
* Makeup hacks
* Products you should never buy
* How to apply.... 
* How to get(shiny hair, white teeth)
* Your makeup look for(party, formal event)
* Best/worst .... products
* Makeup haul
* How to organize your make up
* Celebrity inspired look
* Before & after
* Make up challenge
* Share you own makeup collection
* What beauty product you can't live without
* Your favorite beauty brand
* Top 10 perfumes of all time

* How to live a healthy lifestyle
* ... Movies to watch this month
* Funny pictures to make you smile
* Share your thoughts on a topic you're interested in 
* DIY projects for this weekend
* A peek into your life
* A week in photos 
* Your goals for this month
* Things that are ok(it's ok to...)
* The happy songlist
* Top ... websites
* Why autumn my favorite time of the year
* Autumn bucket list
* The cutest animal gifs
* How to do a squat
* ...Things you didn't know about(name person)
* Birthday wish list
* Poll
* About me tag
* What's on my phone
* Share your favorite music video
* Things you want to try
* Fun things to do in....(name place)
* Funny moments in your life
* Give advice about things you have experienced 
* Share your recipe+ how to 

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Summer is almost over

Hey everyone,

My 6 weeks summer holiday went by so fast. I remember the day that I was very happy I still had so many weeks ahead of me. And now it's Saturday the last weekend before school starts. I had a really fun summer holiday. In the first few weeks I went with my family to our house in Rome which was a very great trip. When I look at all the photo's I took I want to go back there so badly.. My friends were also here and it was very fun!

But I also kind of missed school and the regular days with a routine. And I see my friends everyday which makes it better. I already went shopping for some back-to-school supplies this week. I think tomorrow I'll show in a haul what I bought for school. But one thing is a very cute purple planner. I love it so much already! Because this year is my graduation year most agenda's that I saw where with a lot of pictures in them and they were not really for my age. Monday I have to pick up my schedule and Tuesday my school year starts officially. 

When I had rainy days here in the Netherlands I watched the Youtube series @Summerbreak. I don't know if you already know them but it's a group of teens around 19 years old doing fun things in their summer break. The were followed by camera's all day. It's really fun to watch. So if you are bored all it's a rainy day I really recommend this series.

If you are already going to school than I want to wish you good luck!! And if you have to start in the next few weeks than I also hope you're going to have a great year! 

Let me know in the comments below what you did in summer break! 
Have a lovely day,



7 Reasons Why Watermelon Is Good For You

7 Reasons Why Watermelon Is Good For You

Hey everyone,

I've always thought that watermelons do not have any vitamins and are not as healthy as other fruits. But that's not the case. Actually they are healthy and have several benefits for your health and skin. Make sure to read last weeks post about the best foods for your skin here. Here are 7 reasons why watermelon is good for you.

reasons why watermelon is good for you (no credit)

1. Watermelon contains a lot of vitamin c. Almost halve of your daily needs, which is also good for a healthy and strong skin.

2. It can also be a good snack to reduce stress. I didn't know this. But because of the potassium that helps to reduce blood pressure it's helpful when you have a stressful day coming up.

3. A Spanish study showed that the juice can relieve your muscles from soreness. So when you feel sore after your workout you know what to eat! 

4. In the summer it's always very hot. Watermelon contains a lot of water, this way you don't have to be thirsty anymore.

5. They have a lot of anti-oxidents prevent your skin from getting wrinkles, age spots and damage.

6. Watermelon is a great healthy sneak. It has almost no calories, no fat and no protein. 

7. Besides they contain a lot of vitamin c they also have a lot of vitamin a( beta-carotine) which are good for your eyes. It helps your eyes protect from any kind of  decease and night blindness. 

  Do you love watermelon? 
Have a healthy day,



Beauty tip series: #2 Get shiny hair

Hey everyone,

It's the first day of my one week school holiday. Today I want to give a tip about taking care of your hair. Not only in our teenage years, but also later your hair can feel or look not the way you want it to be. Maybe it looks not that shiny and soft. So if you want to get shinier hair, than a good thing you can do is trying a hair mask. Hair masks make your hair really soft, healthy and fabulous! A good hair mask is from Pureology. It's filled with raspberries and lots of other good things to make your hair look shiny. It costs €23.50 euros.  

how to get shiny hair

Thanks for reading!
Have a lovely day,



The look for less | Runway Ralph Lauren Spring 2014

Hey everyone,

This Spring all bright colors are very trendy. I choose 3 runway looks from Ralph Lauren. I love the brand because it's really classic and preppy. The runway looks are 3 colored shift dresses. Shift dresses look always good when it's nice weather. In combination with a statement necklace and some heels your outfit is complete! 

I wanted to find some dresses that look almost similar with the runway dresses, but more affordable.
I hope you like them!

ralph lauren runway fashion
These are the Ralph Lauren shift runway dresses

ralph lauren runway fashion
These are the look-a-like dresses

Thanks for reading! Which dress do you like the best?

Have a lovely day,


Tumblr dream bedrooms

Hey everyone,

Today I wanted to share with you some of my dream Tumblr bedrooms. I like to look for my imaginary bedrooms and maybe some of the bedrooms will be my future ones! Here are a few bedrooms which I really love. All pics are from Tumblr.

tumblr dream bedrooms

tumblr dream bedrooms

Tumblr dream bedrooms

tumblr dream bedrooms

tumblr dream bedrooms

Which bedroom is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.
Thanks for reading!

Have a lovely day,



Mother's Day Gift Guide 2014

Hey everyone,

Your mom is probably one of the most special persons in your life. She does so much for you, helps you with everything. But sometimes we forget how great she is and that's why Mother's Day is the day where you can treat and give your mom something special. And let her feel special!! 

It's always nice to give your mom a little present on Mother's Day. Your mom will always love you even when you don't buy a present. But I think when you do give her something she feels a little more special than normal. Her is your Mother's Day Gift Guide of 2014 to buy the perfect gift!

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Dorothy Perkins scarve

Lancôme mascara

C Wonder throw pillow

Kate Spade Spiral Notebook
$23 -

Kate Spade Sticky Note Set
$25 -

White plate

Florence Broadhurst Pencil Set
$19 -

Swarovski butterfly home decor

These were some suggestions if you're a little late buying a gift for your mom. Besides these ideas flowers, chocolates or stuffed animals are always good. Or another thing that your mom would probably like is a DIY gift. You can make a bracelet or a painting. 

I know my mom reads my blog sometimes, but these last few days she's been very busy so she doesn't have time to read my blog so I can share with you guys the gifts I bought for my mom. For my mom I ordered a big flower bouquet which arrives at home on Sunday. The flowers are in orange and soft pink. Because my mom loves to read I bought her a gift card for a library where she can buy her fav books. And of course I will give her loads of love!! :)

Well, I hoped you like my Mother's Day Gift Guide of 2014!? 
What are you giving your mom? Let me know in the comments below.

Have a lovely day,



Cute pictures of animals

1.cute pictures of animals

2.cute pictures of animals

3.cute pictures of animals

4.cute pictures of animals

5.cute pictures of animals

6.cute pictures of animals

7.cute pictures of animals

I hope you enjoyed all the cute pictures of animals! All pictures are from WeHeartIt.
Thanks for looking!
Which one do you like the best?
Have a lovely day,



Discount codes & Sales of this week

Hey everyone,

Here are some sales from popular online webshops and discount codes so you can buy your favorite things with a little discount. 

discount codes and sales

Discount codes

Macy's: Upp to 20% off Spring top picks
Discount code: SPRING
H&M: 20% off One Item Sitewide
Discount code: 1418
Dorothy Perkins: Exclusieve up to 30% off orders plus Free Nominated Day Delivery
Discount code: DPVCFREE
Jack Wills: Exclusive 20% off orders
Discount code: CLOUD
Boohoo: Extra 10% off Sale Items
Discount code: PERFECT10
HSN: 15% off Your Next Beauty Purchase
Discount code: APRILBEAUTY15
Aeropostale: Free Shipping on all Live Love Dream Orders
Discount code: SHIPLLD
Hot Topic: 20% off Tees
Discount code: TEES20


Old Navy: Up to 60% off Clearance

Kate Spade: 15% off Sitewide + Free Shipping with Newsletter Sign Up

Sephora: Up to 68% off Makeup and Makeup Brushes

Forever 21: Up to 30% off Plus Free Shipping on €50

Hollister: Up to 70% off Everything

Nordstrom: Extra 50% off New Styles + Free Shipping

Happy Shopping!

Have a lovely day,