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Divatress | Wigs are the new trend for Spring

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Hey everyone,

It's already half of March! I can't believe how fast time goes! Before you know it, it's summer. This is actually the first week that the sun is shining really bright and there are so many pretty pastel colored flowers everyone. It makes me so happy to see that Spring is finally here and the dark and cold days are over. Today I would love to share a new and cool beauty trend that is very famous among celebrities like Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift. Read further now to get to know this secret trend! 

Divatress | Wigs are the new trend for Spring
The trend I'm talking about is wigs. I've just discovered the hair secret behind all the beautiful haircuts and styles celebrities have. I always wondered how they always managed to look so good and now I know why. Wigs are in almost every color, haircut, in dip dye and many more styles. Maybe for this spring, it would be fun to try something different, like a pop of color or a sleek haircut. I'm not sure but there's plenty of options. 

Divatress is a leading e-commerce company selling very cool and trendy wigs online. They offer you fast delivery and hope to give customers an enjoyable shopping experience. Divatress has more than a thousand black hair care products, from Fox Collection to Batik and many more. Besides hair care products the shop also has a big range of makeup products. It doesn't matter if you're a student, a fashionista or a professional stylist, Divatress is the shop for everybody. They believe that their success is about the commitment to black hair care and surpassing your expectations for an even better shopping experience. As the name says it, Divatress sees every woman as a trough diva.

Lace front wigs
There are many different types of wigs, but I personally love lace front wigs. These wigs make it look like it's your own natural hairline and you absolutely can't see the difference! For coming spring I'm really excited to try out these two haircuts. As most girls, pink is my favorite color so this pink dip dye hairstyle is perfect. It the lace front wig Rosalie and the longs bangs are just so pretty! The other style I would like to try is a little bit more conservative. It's shoulder length and the light brown is so cute! This wig is called the lace front edge wig Gianna
Divatress | Wigs are the new trend for Spring

Why you should try a wig
-Wigs are very handy and convenient. We are all so busy and caught up in our hectic lifestyles that a wig comes just at the right time. It can save a lot of time and you don't need to worry about your hair. You can just walk out of the door feeling effortlessly beautiful. 
-The fun thing with wigs is that you can change your hairstyle as many times as you want. Whereas with a real haircut you often have to grow it out or can only do simple changes. Maybe you've always wanted to have long hair, it's possible in just a few seconds. When you feel bored and want to try a different look it's not a problem. 
-Bad hair days are old fashioned. Why have a bad hair day when you can wear a wig? Most of the time I have a bad hair day the second day after I washed my hair. I often just put it in a quick ponytail but I never thought about wearing a wig. 

Divatress | Wigs are the new trend for Spring

Overall, I'm very happy I discovered this beauty trick and this store. At first, I thought wigs looked a little bit fake but that is definitely not the case. They look really natural and fashionable and are perfect. Diverts is the place to be for every glam girl. I believe when a girl's hair looks good it boosts her confidence! 

Thank you very much for reading today's post! I hope you enjoyed it! 
QUESTION TIME - Which hairstyle would you like to try this Spring? 

Have a lovely day,


5 Reasons Why I'm Excited For Summer And You Should Be Too

Hey everyone,

I can't believe it's already March! It's still pretty cold here in Holland and I'm definitely looking forward to the warmer and sunnier days. My wardrobe is in transition mode right now and I've discovered that buying the basics first and than the accessories is the best way to start the new season fresh and fruity. Although it's technically not even Spring yet(oops) I can't help but think about all the exciting things about summer. From bonfires, to walking on the beach to swimming at night. Summertime is almost here, let's get started! 

Summertime is here
  1. GETTING MY FIRST CAR. This summer I'm getting my first car! I have my drivers license for about a year now and I can't wait to pick up some friends and go on a road trip in my town all by myself. Having a car makes you feel like a real adult and the best thing is that you can go somewhere without asking your parents permission to borrow their car or having to take the bus. The car will be a Fiat 500 is dark blue and with a open roof. It's such an adorable and cute city car! 
  2. FLIPFLOPS AND DRESSES. The cool thing about summer is, is that you can wear your favorite summer dress everyday. I'm so excited about wearing beachy clothes and just being able to walk out of the door without wearing that thick winter jacket.  Even a pair of ripped jeans with a cute top is enough for a cute outfit. I think my go to summer must have is going to be lace bralettes. I have one in blue and one in white lace from Hollister and they fit really well and are perfect for sunny and warm days under a shirt or with a tank top. 
  3. FREEDOM. Summer basically means no homework, no stress and no responsibilities. It's the time of the year to really enjoy and relax and do things you didn't have time for the whole year. Like I'm planning on trying a couple of yummy recipes this summer and maybe a DIY project as well. Hanging out with friends and relaxing is what summer is all about! 
  4. THE BEACH. There is no summer without the beach. It's the place to be to get a tan, play volleyball, go windsurfing or drink a cocktail. Me and my family live close to the beach so it's really easy to go for a walk or a swim. Because my parents woke a lot and are very busy I don't really come there that much anymore. But this summer when the weather gets warm I'm going to try to enjoy it and go to beach. My favorite sport is definitely windsurfing. A few years ago I had my first windsurf lesson in Rome and it was so cool and fun. Now very year when I go to the beach or I go on holiday I need to go windsurfing. 
  5. MORE BLOGGING. Summer is the coolest season to pick up your camera and take pictures of everything around you. When I have more time this summer I would love to get more outfit posts up on the blog and summer related posts like a natural makeup look or summer must haves. Blogging can be a full time job, so this summer I'm going to use all the time I have because it's over in a blink.
Thank you so much for reading today's post! 
QUESTION TIME - Are you excited for summer?

Have a lovely day,
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