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5 Must read blogs if you love..

Hey everyone,

There are so many blogs that I love to read and always have something fun and exciting to share. Like reading fashion blogs and looking for some inspiration to add to your wardrobe for this season. Or when you want to buy that lipstick but first want to know what someone thinks about it, that´s why beauty blogs are very helpful and fun to read. I thought it was a good idea to list 5 must have blogs to read if you love fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness and food. 


Sincerely Jules. Julie Sarinana began her blog in 2009 just to express her thoughts, creativity and fashion online with the world. Untill now her blog has been very succesful. It´s been futured in for example the Glamour, Teen Vogue or Cosmopolitan. She inspires her readers everyday and shares her daily style and life and hopes to continue to motivate her readers. 

I found her blog last year while I was searching on Google for a good fashion blog and Sincerely Jules came up and love it very much. Her blog looks beautiful and I love her daily outfits she shares. She also has her wishlist on her blog where you can see all kinds of cute items to buy and it links directly to the website.


Essie Button. She moved from Canada to England about five years ago and love it very much there. That´s when she started her beauty blog Essie Button as a fun hobby and has been obsessed with beauty blogging ever since! She loved it so much that she made a youtube channel and also makes vlogs. On her blog you can read articles like Spring makeup tutorials, beauty reviews, lifestyle articles and fun tips on everything. 

It looks like a very cheerful blog and love her blog header very much! (So cute!) She comes up everytime with new good tips on how to make your makeup look better or how to apply it. It´s fun to read it to!


Our City Lights. A lifestyle blog by Diana about everything that has to do with photography, beauty, reading, homemaking, shopping and many more topics. She started ten years ago trough a Live journal and made it´s own to Squarespace. Her work has also been featured in Elle magazine and Apartment Therapy. Blogging is her fulltime job(I wish I could say that haha)and is married.

I have to say this is probably my number one favorite of my top five blogs. Her photography is really pretty and I love how you see her personality in her blog. Also, her monthly favorites posts are really fun to read and it inspires me too!


Savvy Sassy me. A blog mainly about fitness, but the 19 years old student is also a big food fanatic. She loves writing and sharing her passion. She has a marketing and managent major but found her passion is fitness, health and nutrition. She beleives that life will always work it´s way out and she loves challenges. She´s striving to live a healthy life and wants to spread the joy to others with her blog. On her blog you can read tips to workout,workout clothes and nutrition tips.

Her blog is really helpful because of all the good tips she gives on fitness and also the challenges she posts on her blog are really fun to participate in! 


Eat Like a Girl. A food blog by Niamh. She gives cooking lessons and most of the receipes are her own, others she learned during her travelling. She often gets the question why the title`Eat Like a Girl` and than see always answers why not. Eating like a girl isn´t a bad thing. On her blog you´ll find fun recepices to make at home that will make you look forward to your lunch or dinner. She also share her favorite restaurant recommendations for where you should eat and her travel stories. 

The recipes are not recipes you would normally think of yourself to make. That´s why it´s also fun to read them and try them out for yourself at home.(I can already make brownies..)

These were my 5 must read blogs. I hope you enjoyed them and maybe you have a blog that you love very much, than I would love to know that too! 

Have a lovely day, 



Things I do during some me-time

Hey everyone,

I hope you are having a great day!? Last week I had to do a six km school run and it was really hard to do. Because I was ill when the run was I had to do it this year. But there were some people who didn't receive the email that the run was that day including me and I didn't have my gym clothes with me. I felt really stupid that I had to run in my jeans, but luckily I was wearing my pair of sneakers and in the end it was all fine because the sun was shining and my friend was running next to me. So yeah that was basically something that happened last week and I'm still running now around two times a week since the school run. I really feel better, so if you want to feel good and want to go outside than running  is maybe a good tip for you. Oh, when I was jogging I couldn't not stop so I took a pictures of beautiful flowers and a selfie. 

me-time tag

All my exams are finished and already have my results back. When I received my grades I was overall happy that I only had a less good grade in math.(not my thing;) Now I have to make my finals in May and than I'm done with high school, yeahhh!!!! I think when I hear that I'm graduated I'll cry happy tears... Back to what I want to share with you now. I thought it would be a nice idea to show you what I normally do when I have a me-time day. I try to have that day once a week, usually on Sunday. During the week you're often very busy with friends, work and other stuff and you can forget yourself sometime. That's why having a me-time day is good for you and it's very fun and relaxing too! 

me-time tag

What do I read and watch during my me-time
Netflix!! It's my best friend!! Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl are my favorite tv shows and I love to watch it in bed with a big cup of tea and cookies. When watching tv shows I really become part of their world and totally forget everything for a moment. I once watched a serie, I don't remember which one and it stopped after one season and I was so said it finished. Like everyday when I came home I had to watch the show. Also Reading other blogs on Bloglovin is really fun to do and I enjoy it very much. Thans where I comment on other blogs and get some inspiration for my own blog too! 

gossip girl

What do I wear during my me-time
Pyjamas with fuzzy socks are my must have items on my me-time day. In Dutch we always say Oude Kloffie, that means wearing something old at home. I change into comfortable and cute clothes and it really makes me feel relaxed. I also wear my bath robe a lot at home. I bought it on Next online and it's very cute with ears on top. It looks just like a bear. Since I got it we have been inseparable.

isabella's choice

What product do I use during my me-time
A good face mask from Dr. Verhoog is really something I enjoy very much. It can be for my face but also a hair or total body srub is perfect and relaxing. Afterwards your skin feels soo soft! A few days ago I bought a srub and shower gel from Dove and when I tried it it felt really soft and it smells also nice. I think I'll do a review of those products next time. And doing my nails with my favorite nail polish from Collistar is also very fun to do. I still want to try the gel nail polish because it stays longer and looks cute. 

Other things I do during my me-time
Going outside when the sun is shining to go running, or going for a walk on the beach, buying a big ice cream and shopping are things I love to do outside during my relax moment. The fresh air instantly makes you feel better and afterwards you can snuggle up in your bed with your blanket and watch Netflix. So great!! I often drink tea, hot chocolate or water and eat pizza, fruit or pasta. Love Italian food!! Mmmm... 

I hope you enjoyed my blog post! 
What do you do during your me-time?

Have a lovely day,




Cute Spring Outfit Ideas

Hey everyone,

It's finally Spring and your wardrobe may need a little makeover for this season. I have to say that my wardrobe is still with a lot of winter clothes because it's quite cold here in Holland. But I already bought a few must haves for Spring when the weather changes. Here are five outfits that are perfect for Spring and with happy colors and patterns, where you can look for inspiration for this season. All the outfits are with the newest trends of SS2015. I hope you're going to like them! 


The bohemian look
A bohemian style is very individual and you can really show your personality with it. It's a very romantic style and it's all about not being afraid to mix and match that beanie with that top. You can layer a lot in this style but don't overdo it of course. I'm a big fan of this style because I love bohemian dresses and tops and it's a happy look for Spring. 

cute outfits for spring
Dress is from Free People | Jewelry is from Cleobella | Shoes are from Toms | Kimono is from Simply Be

Floral look
Adding floral items to your wardrobe makes it instantly look more cheerful. This year big designer like Chloe and Chanel showed beautiful floral jumpsuits, hats, blouses and more. It looks girly if you wear like a floral jumpsuit you can just add some simple accessories to make your outfit complete and to not make it look too much. 
cute outfits for spring

Classic look

I think the classic look is a must have for your closet. I love to shop every time of the year and it makes it so fun because there are so many different trends each season to try out. Well, I have to say I'm not really a super trend follower but once in a while I like to try a new trend and add my personal touch to it. :) The classic trend is well classy and with items like a denim jacket and just a pair of trousers, a blouse and items like that. They are the base of your wardrobe. 

hollister spring outfit

I hope you like my three outfits for Spring and that you have some inspiration. What is your favorite outfit for Spring?

Have a lovely day,



The Liebster Award

Hey everyone,

I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by the person who has a blog called One more girl Online. Thank you so much! I didn't know here blog before, but because she nominated me I found it. It's a really cute blog and I love reading it. You can check her blog out here. One More Girl Online 

the liebster award


The Liebster Award is an award that you give to bloggers who are under the 200 followers and to blogs which you like to read. Liebster means kind and sweet in German. You answer the questions that are give to you and nominate some bloggers and make new questions for them. The blogger of One more Girl has left me questions and I'll answer them as well and complete as possible! 

What is your dream job?
Right now I'll be in high school for two more years. My dream is to study law at a University in Holland and than work at a big company like the European Union or work at Amnesty International to help other people and defend their human rights. I like to have a job where I can see all the beautiful places in the world and help others. That would be my dream job.

the liebster award

What do you like to do in your free time?
In my free time I always like to play tennis with friends. When it's great weather you have a workout and you get a tan quickly! I also like to go shopping, roller skating(still have to buy new ones), going to the beach and reading magazines with a big cup of chocolate milk. Oh, and almost forgot blogging..

the liebster award

What is/was your favorite class in school? 
That would be a very hard question, but if I have to choose one it would be English. I love English and especially the Australian accent is really cool. That's also why my blog is in English, to improve my writing but also because I love the language. This year I have a really good English teacher and he really cares about each student and wants to help you improve and to stay motivated. 

What is your ideal weekend?
My ideal weekend would be sleeping in till around eight thirty in the morning and than with a breakfast in bed. Breakfast with a croissant(delicous!!), muffin and a big fruit smoothie. Than I would text with friends, check my email and blog and Facebook etc. After I have done that I would play tennis with friends and than go home. In the afternoon I would go to the beach or watch some television, just very relaxed.

the liebster award

What question(s) do you hate having asked to you? 
There are two questions that I don't really like if people ask that to me. The first one is when someone asks me:'Tell something about yourself.' Than I don't really know what to say because there is so much you can say. I like a more specific question, like what do you like to do in your free time. The second question is when someone asks if I'm on my period, ughhhhh. When I'm arguing with my brother and I say something he doesn't like he ask if I'm on my period and that's so not funny. 

What is your favorite holiday and why?
My favorite holiday would be a combination of beach and city/sight seeing. I love being in the water and swimming and surfing but also like to explore new cities and see their cultures.

the liebster award

What do you see for yourself in the future?
In the future I see myself living and working abroad in a big city. I hope I have a family by than and a labrador. (they are so cute)

What is something you want to accomplish by the end of this year? 
I think I would like to have saved enough money for my dream vacation in 2016 by getting a parttime job. 

When did you start blogging?
I started blogging in September 2013.

What is your idea of a perfect world and what would you change about this one to make it perfect for you?
My idea of a perfect world would be that everyone is peaceful with each other and no more war. The thing I would change in this world right now to make it better for me would be to not think to much about how other people see mee and what they think of me. It makes me happier and I just do what I love. 

the liebster award
Why did you start blogging?
I really like fashion and beauty and I always read a lot of blogs on the internet and thought why would I not start a blog too! I love sharing my interests with people all over the world and connect. 

I have to say those questions were really great! ;) 

My nominees are

The rules for the Liebster Award
1. Thank the person who nominated you ;)
2. Answer the question given by the nominator
3. Nominate around 6 new bloggers under 200 followers
4. Create 11 new questions for the nominees to answer 
5. Notify all the nominees on their blog/social media
6. Include the rules in your blog post 
Now my questions: 
1. What is your favorite beauty product ever?
2. In which country would you like to live in 10 year from now?
3. Is their something from your past you would like to change?
4. Do you have any addictions right now?
5. Which of the 4 seasons suits you the best?
6. What is your dream career?
7. If you could be any celebrity for one day, who would it be?
8. Cat or dog?
9. What quality do you appreciate the most in people?
10. What is the sweetest thing someone has ever done for you? 
11. Describe what your blog is about and why?
I hope my questions for the nominees are also good and good luck with answering them! 
Have a lovely day,
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