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Be Prepared for Rainy Days with Dingy Raincoats!

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And it's officially summer! I love these days where it's just light until at least 10pm and you can just go for longer walks on the beach until late. It's just my favorite time of the year and wish it wouldn't go by so fast aha! But that it passes and knowing next year it comes back again is also the beauty in it I think. I recently received a very cute raincoat from a brand you might or might not know of.. Am really excited to share it here with you and hopefully you'll like it! Summers in the Netherlands are unfortunately not always sunny. So a raincoat definitely comes in handy! Let's get comfy and get right to it!

I love colourful clothes, especially for summer I feel like it's almost more suitable to wear brighter colors. But now that I'm thinking of it, I might want to try to start wearing more colourful clothes also in winter, because it brightens up the dark and gloomy weather and just to see if I like it or not! (comment below if you're like me or you wear colourful clothing all year round!) 
I received a raincoat from the brand called Dingy Weather and it's really cute! It's in in a soft green color and the outer fabric is made from 100% polyester. I think I would mostly wear this coat in Spring and autumn, as luckily the summers in the Netherlands are not that cold to be able to have to wear the coat aha! (although some days it can be quite cold) It's quite a long raincoat, so that makes it useful for when you have to cycle in the rain and want to prevent a part of your jeans to get wet. 
It's very lightweight and I find it comfortable as well! Which for me is almost the most important that a jacket is not only cute but also comfortable. It's of course water resistant! I've had jackets in the past that were rain jackets and ironically they turned out to be not water proof, so when I tried out this jacket in quite heavy rain it was great it worked well and kept me dry. 

There are a few handy things to keep in mind when looking for a raincoat. It's good to keep those in mind in order to choose the right one! 
1. A comfy and good hood --> this is actually one of the most important things to look at when shopping for raincoats. A good and comfy hood will keep your hair, and maybe makeup or just your whole head ;) dry and on rainy days it's much better and easier to wear the hood than to bring an umbrella with you. Ah and almost forgot, I have glasses so a good hood for me is a must to keep me from preventing of not seeing anything! 
2. The length --> it depends a bit on your preference whether you prefer a longer jacket or a shorter one. Personally I would prefer a longer one because you're more covered against the rain. And when going for a walk or any regular activity in your daily routine outside, you're for sure covered. Make sure to check the sizes whether for example you're an s or an m, because if a jacket is quite long you have to know that a jacket is not too long. Otherwise a size smaller is better. 
3. The fabric --> you want to pick a fabric that's breathable and light but at the same time is waterproof. Although keep in mind that jackets that are more breathable and more lightweight are usually known to be better at protecting you from the rain. 

Thanks a lot for reading today's post!! I hope you enjoyed it and let's hope that you'll have lots of sunny days ahead in the country you currently live and that rainy weather and raincoats will only be necessary from September onwards! 


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