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Cute And Colorful Bridesmaid Dresses

Hey everyone,

Spring and Summer are the perfect seasons to get married in. At least, that's what I think. The sun is out, it's not that cold anymore and the days are longer. I can't  wait until one of my friends get married one day, so I can wear a beautiful bridesmaid dress and make their day special. Today I would love to show you some bridesmaid dresses that I like very much. Read further now!

Dresslily has many cute dresses at an affordable price. Besides that, they also have swimwear, jeans, accessories and much more for a filled wardrobe. Bridesmaid dresses come in so many different colors, patterns, shades and styles that it can be difficult to choose what style fits their wedding. 

Pastel Blue
Because it's Spring season, it's finally possible to wear those bright and pastel colored dresses again! I came across this bridesmaid dress that's perfect for a beach wedding. It's in soft blue, with a v-neck and with a floral print. I love that it's knee length and sleeveless as well. This dress also fits my style very well, it's classic and elegant and you can never go wrong with it!

This dress is in another shade of blue. It's darker but still cute for Spring and Summer. It has more of a vintage touch to it and is more fitted. This would be great for an indoor wedding. It's a lace dress, above the knee and also is available in burgundy. Both the dresses are cute to wear to a party as well, not only specifically for a wedding. Also with the right accessories you can make the look complete or change the style a little bit to your taste. 

Thank you very much for reading my post! Shopping for dresses is always fun, and with the help of the bride you can match your style to hers and the venue to find something beautiful.
Question time - What is your favorite shade for Summer?

Have a lovely day,



It's An Add To Cart Kinda Day

It's An Add To Cart Kinda Day

Hey everyone,

It's a sunny day today in the Netherlands. It's the day after celebrating Kingsday, so it's nice to have a long weekend every once in a while. That means more free time to blog as well! If you haven't read my previous post about a must have for summer, you can read it here. Today I want to share another fashion must have with you!

When it comes to clothes and shopping, what you wear under your outfit is sometimes just as important as your clothes. When you wear lingerie that looks cute and where you feel comfortable in, it gives you a confidence boost. Even if you can't see it, at least I feel better when I know I'm wearing something that matches my outfit. On Rosegal you can find so many cute and colourful lingerie items. From lace, to sets and much more.

Bits Of Lace
If always fun to mix and match your lingerie sets. But it's also good to buy at least one matching set, in the same color. When you have this in your closet and you can't find anything to wear, this will always be your go-to lingerie set. I always go shopping for lingerie online, because it's a lot easier than having to go to the shop and finding out they don't have as many things as they have online. I was looking on the webshop and came across this beautiful red set! I absolutely love red, it's my favourite color. It has lace details with a balconette pushup bra. 

It's An Add To Cart Kinda Day

Another lace lingerie set that I like very much is in a different color, in burgundy. It's besides red one of my favourite shades, almost like wine red. It's a lace sheer bra with cute pajama shorts. You can use the set as a pajama, but you can also always wear the bra with different pairs of underwear as lingerie. 

It's An Add To Cart Kinda Day

I hope you enjoyed reading today's post!
Question time - What is your favourite color for summer?

Have a lovely day,


Go Short For Summer

Best shorts ever
Hey everyone,

It's Spring and it finally feels like it, the flowers are blossoming, the sun is shining and that means it's time to give your wardrobe a complete refresh. Not only for Spring, not to forget to get ready for summer too! Shopping is one of my favorite things to do. It's fun to combine items and create new outfits every morning to spark that creativity inside of you. Today I want to show you a must have item for Spring/Summer. Lets get right to it!

I've never really been the kind of girl that wears skirts a lot. I feel more me and more comfortable in a dress or in a pair of shorts. Shorts are definitely a must have for the upcoming seasons. They are in so many different colors, shades, patterns and styles that you can always find a pair you like. And with the right accessories you can style the pair of shorts from casual to chic for a night out. 

On Zaful you can find any item you want. From cute summer dresses, to tops, to shorts and much more. It's a great store for shorts. I love that they always have good deals going on and that they have a big range of different kinds of clothes. 

I came across this set, it's a cropped top in combination with an high-waisted short. It's really cute! It's like out of the 90's and you see the plaid pattern a lot this summer. It has ruffle sleeves and a sweetheart neckline which makes it a little bit less casual. I would definitely wear this outfit to the beach, with a pair of sandals, a floppy head and a pair of red or black sunnies. 
Best stores for shorts

Soft Pink 
I stumbled across another pair of shorts and really like them too! For me, besides how something looks, it's also important that I feel good in what I wear. These shorts look really cute and comfortable! They are high-waisted and in a soft pink shade, that you can combine easily with a white top or tee. And for the chillier evenings you can always add a denim jacket to your look. 

Best stores for shorts

Thank you very much for reading today's post! I hope you enjoyed it! Shopping is fun and especially for summer. 
Question time - What is your must have for summer?

Have a lovely day,


Basic Pieces For Your Spring Wardrobe

Basic pieces for your wardrobe

Hey everyone,

Now that we’re in the middle of the spring season, you of course have your wardrobe set for the season, right? If you're like me, than you probably always need new clothes, especially the basic items. Even if you have a fairly good grasp on fashion there are some items which are must haves for the spring season. These are a few items to invest in, whether or not you already own them to look your best during the warmer spring months. Below I've listed some basic pieces for your Spring wardrobe!

Skinny jeans
The perfect skinny jeans never go out of style, regardless of the season. With spring, you want light and airy, you want comfortable and confident and you want something you can wear with everything. Look no further than skinny jeans. Black, dark or light denim, washed, faded; you name it, you can find the colour or finish. You can choose them in tapered, long, flare or other styles to ensure you have the perfect pair for every occasion.

The little black dress
The little black dress is another must have item. You can pair it with heels or flats, wear it to the beach or to work or you can pair it with a light cardigan or jacket on cooler days. You can choose knee-length or something a bit longer in length for a formal event. Go with long, short, mid or sleeveless. There’s a style, lace, texture and fabric which is right for any spring day.

Essential wardrobe pieces

You need to have the right tops for the season, of course. So, don’t forget your tees. White and black are staples. Choose sleeveless, short sleeve, and ¾ varieties. You can throw a tee on with a blazer for work or dress it down with shorts for a beach date. Going to dinner or date night? Easily pair it with your favorite jeans, light jumper and heels for the perfect look. You don’t want too formal, nor do you want something which is extremely under-dressed for certain occasions. Therefore, having a few varieties of your black and your white tees will pay dividends during the spring months.

Essential wardrobe pieces
Others basics 
A few jumpers, a pencil skirt and a navy blue blazer are also some items to incorporate into the wardrobe. These are casual items, you can easily dress them up for work, wear them for a night out on the town and you can pair them with different colours of your favorite shoes to create your own distinct look. No matter what the event or occasion, with these items in your wardrobe this season, you are always going to look your best and stand out in any crowd you are a part of. If you are interested in purchasing a few of these essentials then I would recommend visiting a catalogue comparison site to find the best deal possible.

Thank you for reading today's post! I hope you enjoyed it!
Question time - What is your favorite essential for Spring?

Have a lovely day,


Easy Ways To Save Money \\ Catalogue Shopping

Save Money Catalogue Shopping

It's finally starting to feel like Spring here in the Netherlands! The trees are getting greener, the flowers are bright and colorful and the sun is out. This means that it's the perfect time to go shopping and to revamp your wardrobe or your home to make it Spring and Summer proof! Catalogue shopping is a great way to find more variety, famous brands, and selection of products you want to buy, all from your own bedroom. And, you are typically going to pay less than you do in department stores or boutiques. With this in mind, there are ways in which you can save even more when shopping online. Grab a cup of tea and lets get right to it!

Before you buy, compare their pricing and look for any discounts if you buy more than one product, discounts for closeout items, and so forth. By simply visiting more than one site before you order, you will find variable prices on different sites. And, you will often find the best deals, savings, promotions, on the products you actually want to buy through top catalogue sites.
Save Money Catalogue Shopping
Catalogues typically have ‘seasonal promotions,’ and savings. If you shop during the summer for new winter coats, you’ll likely save. If you know when coupons, discount codes, and other bulk or bundle pricing is offered, you will pay less for the items you are going to buy. Take your time to learn about discounts, savings, and inquire with top catalogues, when they typically offer discounted pricing, for the items you plan on ordering with them online.

A major benefit of catalogue shopping is the ability to buy now, pay later. You can purchase items, and pay for them over a series of months. Many catalogues offer interest free promotions. Some offer free shipping, free returns, and if you pay the price in full within a certain time, you can pay a lower price than the retail value. Take advantage of discounted prices, promotions on financing, and zero-or low interest financing options, when they are available with top catalogues you do your online shopping with.
Save Money Catalogue Shopping
It's important to understand which catalogues cater to specific niches, based on the items you are purchasing as well. If you want to buy items like a new laptop or phone, it's best to shop with catalogues that specialize in this area. The same with clothing, shoes, gaming, or other items you want to purchase. In addition to finding the best prices and promotions when you shop on these sites, the quality of the products you are going to buy is better than other catalogues. And, you will have more to choose from when you shop with specialists as well, so you can find that perfect dress you've been looking for!

Do you have a dog? Than don't forget to take a sneak peak at https://whydopets.com/ for fun and informative articles about dogs. But most importantly, the website selects the best dog food, shampoos, and accessories so you don't have to spend money on anything less aha! 

Question time - Have you ever tried catalogue shopping?


The Print You Need To Wear This Spring

Spring/Summer Fashion Haul | Zara, Mango & More
I'm currently in Valencia to study Spanish for a few weeks. The time goes by so fast, the last days before I leave are coming closer and closer. I'm definitely going to miss it here. The city is really beautiful, especially the beach and the old town. I'll share in another blog post all the top places and tips, like where to eat or which museums are worth a visit. Of course, I couldn't just come here for the museums and food only. In Valencia there are a lot of shopping malls and famous streets where you can find something nice for sure. 

My style has always been quite classic. Although over the years it may have changed a little bit, just because as you get older your taste can change as well. I do like to follow new fashion trends every season, and see what's in at the moment. Zara is a Spanish shop, so it's perfect that here in Valencia you can find a Zara in every shopping mall. My favourite brand for jeans was Hollister. But now I don't like the way the jeans fit me anymore. The jeans are often not skinny or tight enough for me. So I wanted to try jeans from the Zara. The brand has a lot of different types of jeans, my favourite are the classic ankle jeans from the collection called Zara Basic. They are a must have in your closet. A simple pair of jeans doesn't means your outfit is simple. With a cute top or blouse, ballerinas and some jewellery your outfit transform from simple to chic. 

The Print You Need To Wear This Spring
1. Bershka - 2. Mango - 3. Mango 
1.Besides the jeans, I bought gingham trousers in blue. They are really cute and my absolute favourite! It reminds me of the Brigit Bardot style a little bit. The trousers are ankle length as well and have ruffles on the pockets. I like the material, it's 100% cotton and perfect to wear for warm days. 
2. I tried to only buy basic wardrobe staples. You can never go wrong with a white blouse, that's why I love to wear them. The buttons are really cute and the shirt looks really nice in combination with the jeans. 
3. Because I wear contact lenses sometimes, I needed to have a pair of sunglasses. I may went a little overboard to buy three pairs.. This season you see a lot of retro or vintage look sunglasses. I bought the red pair at Mango.

What is your favourite brand right now?


Pink Nails For Summer || Gellac

Pink Nails For Summer || Gellac
Het koude winterweer is gelukkig voorbij in Nederland! Eindelijk kan de winterjas naar de zolder en kan ik plek maken voor leuke jurkjes en vrolijke tinten voor de zomer. Op dit moment ben ik op taalreis in Valencia, de stad is echt super cool! Later zal ik daar ook zeker nog een blog post over plaatsen met tips waar je het beste heen kunt gaan. Vandaag wil ik met jullie iets anders delen. Ik vind het altijd leuk om nieuwe producten uit te testen. Ik draag normaal gesproken niet heel veel makeup, misschien een beetje mascara en een lipgloss en nagellak. Nagellak is mijn favoriete makeup item. Vooral nu het warmer is, staat het altijd netjes als je je nagels goed verzorgt. Ik heb nog nooit gel nagellak uitgeprobeerd, eigenlijk alleen maar gewone nagellak. Vandaar dat ik de gel nagellak van Gellac heb getest. Lees gauw verder wat ik ervan vind!

Pink Gellac is een nagellak merk met meer dan 136 verschillende kleuren en is heel populair in Amerika. De flesjes zijn 15ml en kun je naast de starter sets ook los kopen. De nagellak blijft ongeveer 2 weken zitten, wat heel fijn is als je niet elke paar dagen je nagels opnieuw wil lakken. 
Pink Nails For Summer || Gellac

De set die ik heb uitgeprobeerd is de starterset met 4 potjes nagellak. Het is heel cool dat je nu gewoon thuis je eigen nagelstudio creĆ«ert. En het bespaart ook meteen veel geld. Je kunt ervoor kiezen om de led lamp in de set te gebruiken, maar je kunt ook gewoon de nagellak laten opdrogen. Het enige verschil is dat het langer duurt. Bij de set krijg je standaard een potje roze nagellak, de andere 3 kleuren mag je zelf kiezen. De kleur die ik bij de set kreeg thuisgestuurd is dynamic pink 182. Een super leuke kleur voor de zomer!
De set die ik kreeg thuisgestuurd was precies goed. Er zit alles in wat je nodig hebt:
-3x Kleur naar keuze
-Online cursus
-LED lamp 
-Ultra shine
-Orange woodsticks
-10x remover pockets
-10x cleaner pockets

Ik ben erg enthousiast over de Gellac! Ik zou nog wel een paar flesjes nagellak erbij willen kopen. Er is heel veel keuze aan kleuren en de webshop is ook snel met leveren. De eerste keer opdoen is altijd wat lastiger, vooral met de base coat en de lamp. Maar als je het eenmaal door hebt dan is het echt eenvoudig. De nagellak bleef bij mij geen 2 weken zitten, maar rond de 11 dagen, wat ook al best lang is. Verder vind ik de kwaliteit ook heel goed van Pink Gellac. Het enige nadeel vind ik, is dat de nagellak er soms moeilijk afgaat. Maar als je het goed de stappen volgt en je nagels in olie weekt dan komt het goed! Wat ik ook goed vind van deze webshop, is dat je bij je aankoop een gratis online cursus kunt volgen. Het is namelijk altijd handig om nieuwe tips en trucks te leren! Ik heb zelf de lamp niet gebruikt, persoonlijk vind ik het fijner om het zonder te laten opdrogen. 
Pink Nails For Summer || Gellac

Super leuk dat je een kijkje hebt genomen op mijn blog! Ik hoop dat je nu ook gel nagellak wil gaan uitproberen! De Gellac is zeker een aanrader!



A Picture Perfect Gift Idea

A Picture Perfect Gift Idea

Hoi allemaal!

Het is alweer april! En dat betekent dat de winter officieel voorbij is! Het begint eindelijk iets warmer te worden. Ik denk dat iedereen daar wel aan toe is. Dit weekend is het Paasweekend, dus lekker een paar dagen extra vrij. En meer tijd om te bloggen. Daarom vandaag een nieuwe blog post. Misschien ben je op zoek naar een leuk cadeau voor de verjaardag van je moeder, of wil je misschien je vriend of vriendin gewoon ergens meer verrassen en wil iets geven wat niet zo standaard is. Lees dan gauw verder!

Ik heb het altijd al leuk gevonden om foto's te nemen. De laatste tijd heb ik dat toch een stuk minder gedaan. Maar dat wil ik weer wat meer gaan doen. Je hoeft natuurlijk niet meteen een spiegelreflexcamera te kopen. Met je mobiel kun je ook al hele mooie foto's maken. Al zijn de foto's die je met een camera neemt net iets beter. Op het moment zelf hecht je nog niet zoveel waarde aan een foto. Pas als je er een tijdje of jaren later weer op terugkijkt dan is het super leuk om je herinneringen weer terug te halen. Een foto zegt vaak veel meer dan een paar woorden. Vaak vind ik het al grappig om naar foto's te kijken van vorige zomer.  
A Picture Perfect Gift Idea

Ik mocht van Albelli een foto op Canvas uitproberen. Ik denk dat je vast weleens van Albelli gehoord hebt. Hier kun je heel makkelijk fotoboeken, kalenders, kaarten, wanddecoratie en meer laten afdrukken. En alles is heel eenvoudig! Ik was al een tijdje op zoek naar iets moois voor aan de muur in mijn kamer. Je kunt kiezen uit verschillende formaten, beginnend bij 30x20 cm. Ik heb uiteindelijk gekozen voor 80x60 cm, omdat het dan toch wat groter is. Toen ik de foto thuisgestuurd kreeg was ik er super blij mee! Albelli geeft van te voren ook online aan of een foto onscherp is of niet, wat bij mij zo was. Ondanks dat was het resultaat heel mooi. De levertijd is ongeveer 5 werkdagen, wat ook erg meevalt. De foto heeft een beetje een vintage look, ik had daarom ook gekozen om het niet in kleur te laten afdrukken. Het is maar net wat voor stijl je wil en wat bij je kamer past. 

Bedankt voor het lezen van mijn blog post! Ik hoop dat jullie nu ook zin hebben om meer foto's te gaan maken. 

Question time - Wat voor soort foto zou jij willen uitproberen?


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