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Summer Outfits 2019

It's a lovely sunny summer day today in Holland and unfortunately I'm sick.. I always get sick at the most inconvenient times aha, but I'm glad it's holiday and am able to recharge and start studying again hopefully fit and energised! I thought it's a nice idea to share some of my favourite outfits for summer. Summer is one of my favourite seasons, just because of so many reasons; longer days, walks on the beach, and many more.. Read further now for some comfy and casual looks for summer! 
Hollister summer outfit inspiration
Hollister off the shoulder top 
This is probably the outfit I've worn most the past few weeks. I normally buy most of my clothes online, because it's easier and you can immediately see if they have your size in stock or not. All the clothes in this outfit are bought in Rome while I was visiting my family there. I usually buy my clothes when I'm there, it's a bit cheaper too. My favourite shopping mall in Rome is called Euroma2, just outside of the city center. They have lots of shops there, including Hollister. I came across the bright red floral top, and thought it was really cute for summer! I always think that when you want to look good in a picture you have to wear red, I don't know why haha. It's just a bright and happy color!  I wore it as an off-the-shoulder top, but you can also wear it as a normal blouse, it's what you prefer. The jeans are from Hollister as well. I like that you can choose the width and the length and the webshop has a big variety of different sorts of models. The one I buy most is the jegging, it fits perfectly and is really comfy. For me it's important if the jeans have enough stretch in them, otherwise it's so uncomfortable. I can remember that most Tommy Hilfiger jeans didn't have that, and I wouldn't recommend buying them if you prefer stretch as well. The shoes are from Superga, absolutely love the brand!! Their shoes are comfortable and easy to combine because they come in many different colors. I wanted to wear something different and choose the platform sneakers in beige. They look nice under a pair of jeans, or in combination with a skirt or dress. 

Mango summer outfit inspiration
Mango floral midi skirt 
This is another outfit that I recently bought during the sale period at the Mango. Both the top and the skirt are from this brand. I never really wear long skirts, but this one was really cute! I try to stay away from black during summer, but black looked actually quite good with the skirt. If you don't like black you can also wear white on top or with a pair of white sandals or slippers. You can wear this outfit with a pair of sandals and a tee for a casual occasion, like to the beach or out for lunch. Or, if you want to make it more chic, you can add a pair of heels, the right jewellery and a cross body bag for example to make your outfit ready for a more formal event. 

Mango summer outfit inspiration
Mango high waisted mom jeans
This was the first time I bought high waisted mom jeans. I saw so many women wearing them, and I really wanted to try them on and see if they are actually that nice. And they are! It's feels good to wear something a bit different than just the simple jeans everyday. They're above the ankle, so it's great for summer and even spring or early autumn. I combined it with a black top, my heart Pandora necklace and trainers from Fila. This is an outfit I would wear on days I don't feel like dressing up, but still want to look presentable and feel comfortable at the same time. 

Hope you enjoyed reading today's post and got inspired to go shopping for some new clothes!! 




One Day In Antwerp: What To Do And Where To Eat!

one day in Antwerp must visits
And I'm back!! It's been a while since I wrote my last post on here, but I'm happy to be here again and to start fresh with new inspiration and ideas! Hope you're having a great summer so far?! The weather has been quite nice in Holland (rainy and windy days can't be avoided though haha), but still it's not bad. I've been travelling a lot this summer, through Italy, Spain, in my own country and a few days ago I went to Antwerp for the first time. I really wanted to go because I heard from many that it's a nice city to visit. I already went to Belgium, but that was I think more than 10 years ago, can't remember a lot from it.. So today I thought it would be fun to share my one day itinerary in Antwerp: What to Do and Where To Eat! If you're looking for some travel ideas and you're not sure what city is next on your bucket list, read further now! 
one day in Antwerp must visits
Meier Street Antwerp

This is one of the most popular streets you can find in Antwerp. You can find mostly mainstream brands that I recognise from Holland as well, like for example the Hema, Blokker, Zara, Mango, etc. But it's nice to walk around in! It's nice that the Italian lingerie and swimwear brands called Calzedonia and Intimissimi are in this street as well, next to each other. My favourite shops!! When you walk right out of the Antwerpen central station and you walk straight on you almost can't miss this street. For more typical Belgium fashion stores or designer brands you can enter the tiny streets along the Meier Street, where you can find the smaller boutique stores. Besides for shopping, the street has beautiful buildings like the Stadsfeestzaal and the Royal Palace that are worth taking a glimpse of. There is also a Belgium department store Inno where you can find anything from electronics to beauty products which is worth a visit too.
one day in Antwerp must visits
Cathedral of our Lady 

one day in Antwerp must visits
This is a beautiful church located in the center of Antwerp. I decided to not go inside because I didn't have a lot of time, but next time I would love to go in. This gothic church is the tallest of Belgium with the tallest bell tower and is protected by the Unesco world heritage. The outside is made with an incredible amount of details as you can see above! To enter it's €6 for adults and €4 for children.
one day in Antwerp must visits
Close to the museum het Rubenshuis there are a lot of restaurants and cafés where you can eat really good. All of them looked good, and I think I have eaten the best lasagna ever (second best to those in Italy of course aha!). The only con is that it's quite expensive, so if you are planning on going out for lunch or dinner, prepare for spending a bit. However, it's completely worth it!
one day in Antwerp must visits

one day in Antwerp must visits
Pierre Marcolini 
If you Visit Antwerp, make sure to taste one of their chocolates or waffles as they are my favourite!! I always feel like when I travel somewhere, I come there for the food.. I would recommend to not go to the Pierre Marcolini shop for ice cream, it's €5 for a cup and it doesn't taste good. The shop also has lots of macarons and chocolates that do look really good, but I haven't tried them yet.
one day in Antwerp must visits
Brabo Fountain Antwerp

one day in Antwerp must visits
Veemarkt Antwerp
  • HET EILANDJE. I was almost there, but because I already walked so much the whole day I decided that it was a bit too far, maybe next time. It's an abandoned port up until a few years ago when coffee bars and artists brought new life to this place. 
  • CENTRAL STATION. The station of Antwerp is so big! It has multiple floors and the ceilings and all the ancients paintings are beautiful. It's a lot different from the stations I've seen so far, so definitely recommend going there. The main entrance is the most impressive part. 
  • GROENPLAATS. A nice area in the city center with many cafés and bars, with a view of the Cathedral. 
  • GROTE MARKT. On this square you'll the city hall from the 16th century, which is a huge building you can't miss. It dates back from the Renaissance and perfect if you want to take an Instagram worthy picture. In the middle of the Grote Markt you have the Brabo Fountain. Little background story: if someone refused to pay taxes, Brabo cut off a hand and threw it in the Scheldt. (Crazy right?!) This is also why the city is called Antwerpen, and handwerpen means to throw a hand. 
  • MIDDELHEIM'S SCULPTURE PARK. A bit further from the city there is a park with an open air museum with contemporary art. Nice to escape to a more quiet place. Still on my list for next time! 
  • DIAMOND DISTRICT. They always say diamonds are a girl's best friend. If you love jewellery than you must not forget this area in Antwerp! It's the city know for diamonds for decades. It's easily accessible as it's right across the central station. You can find markets and diamond shops. 
  • THE RUBENS HOUSE. This is one of the most famous museums of Antwerp. In this palace, Rubens lived with his family. He made all his paintings at this home which you can visit to see his pieces of art. 

Thanks so much for reading today's post! I hope you enjoyed it!


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