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Can you believe it's almost Christmas yet?! I feel like every year is going by faster and faster. Sometimes I wish time would just stand still for a moment aha! But, on the bright side, as Christmas is just around the corner, it's the perfect season to to make your home extra cosy for the cold winter days. This is my favourite time of the year, as you gather around with your family around the Christmas tree, opening presents, and just enjoying spending the day with each other. It would be really nice if it would be a white Christmas, fingers crossed!! I would love to share with you a brand I discovered recently that is the perfect place to find anything cute and original to decorate your home or dorm room with. So if you're looking for a way to pimp up your room or give it that extra spark, read further!

On Photowall you can choose from a big selection of all kinds of wall decorations. From cute murals, to canvas prints, posters and much more. The shop offers you to choose one of their already pre-designed canvas posters or frames. But, you can also choose to add an extra personal touch to it, by picking a favourite picture you want to hang on your wall. This will add your personality to whichever room you're trying to redecorate or redo a little bit. I would have loved to choose a picture of my own, however most of my pictures were not of high resolution enough, so maybe next time. 

If there's one thing I love doing it's dancing aha. Although I don't do it professionally but just for fun. I was looking on their website and hoped they would have a canvas print that had something to do with ballet or dance in general, and they did! I choose a print with a prima ballerina, and the colors matched well with my room too. The burgundy and different shades of red and skin tone suit well with the nude shades in my dorm room. The prima ballerina print is also available as a mural and in different sizes. I choose to add a frame with the canvas poster, as it's easier to set it up right away. 

In the picture above you can see some cute canvas examples on how you could possibly decorate your own dorm room, living room, or even kitchen. It's great that you can decorate almost any area in your home with the wall decorations. Because Christmas is almost here, and if you haven't done your Christmas shopping but need to find a gift last minute, these would be a good solution. You could even give one to your little niece or nephew to revamp their room instead of yours and put a smile on their face aha!

I thought it would be a nice idea to share some general tips and tricks besides decorating your walls to make your place feel like home, as your home is the place you'll be after a long day at work, a cozy night in, etc. Let's get comfy and get right to it!

Getting enough and good sleep is very important to be able to do your daily tasks successfully. Maybe add a cozy blanket, add a topper to your mattress, or buy good pillows or add an extra one.

You can't always use your bed to sit, so why not create another space where you can sit comfortably and read a book, watch Netflix, or just listen to some music to wind down?! It's the perfect way to make your room a place where you can relax and really feel at home. You could even get one of those huge floor pillows if your room is big enough, because those are super super comfy!! (might get one too aha!).

It's your room, so your taste and personality should shine through it and represent who you are. It's a good idea if you choose one style and stick to that when decorating, as it's the easiest. Maybe you are someone who is preppy, or maybe you're very into books and reading, then you could add your favourite quotes on the wall, or make a collage of it. There are so many ways and styles, it's up to you to start with choosing one theme to make your room a coherent centre piece that represents you.

I hope you enjoyed reading today's post!




Winter Inspired OOTD + Cute Brand Discovery

winter fashion inspiration ootd
It's almost Winter!! I have to say I don't know if I'm ready for it yet.. The winters in Holland can get really cold and snowy, but on the other side, the time around Christmas with all the lights is a lovely period. Just snuggling up under your cozy blanket with a cup of tea and your favourite tv show on Netflix is the perfect way to combat the cold. Today I would love to show you a winter inspired outfit of the day and a brand I discovered in Rome. Let's get right to it! 
winter fashion inspiration ootd
The best place to shop is Italy! My favourite outlet is called Castel Romano just outside the city center of Rome. They have many great deals all year around, and especially when you come there during the sale period, you can score even better things. I always think it's important that a coat and shoes should be from decent quality. They are wardrobe essentials, and it's okay for them to be a bit more expensive. A pair of jeans, and a sweater don't have to be that expensive, it's about balancing your outfit the right way so no one really knows where you got your clothes from. I stumbled across a winter jacket from the American brand called WOOLRICH. I would definitely recommend it if you're looking for long-lasting jackets. I had mine for almost 6 years! I combined the jacket with black skinny jeans from the MANGO. For jeans I prefer HOLLISTER, but sometimes I get them from another brand to vary a bit. I can't remember what brand the shoes are from, it doesn't say on the  inside. I got them at a shoe store in the shopping mall called Euroma 2 in Rome. The heart necklace I'm wearing is from PANDORA. I love that brand, they have so many cute charms. In combination I'm also wearing a bow shaped ring from the same brand.
winter fashion inspiration ootd

winter fashion inspiration ootd
In the same outlet in Rome I went to, there was a huge OBAG store with many different coloured bags and in lots of different styles. It's really cool I think that you can personally customise each bag the way you like by removing the inside or the handles of the bag. Also the bags are made of a special foam which is sustainable for the environment. They also having watches, sunglasses, and footwear, etc. Both bags are small sized handbags, which you cannot wear over your shoulder. This time I choose more bright coloured ones, because I usually go for natural shades. (changed it up this time:)

Don't forget to check out Dresshead.com where you can find clothes for every season! Especially this women long coat is really cute and comfy to stay extra warm. 

I hope you enjoyed today's post! 
WHAT DO YOU THINK OF OBAGS? Comment down below! xx


30 Fall Blog Post Ideas To Get You In The Mood For Fall

30 Fall Blog Post Ideas To Get You In The Mood For Fall
And it's officially Fall!! The season of pumpkins, pumpkins, oh and did I forget to mention, pumpkins aha! It's the perfect time to start decorating your home or dorm room with some cute accessories, as those colder and rainier days are around the corner. If you're a fellow blogger like me, it's also a great time to get your blog into the fall atmosphere a bit. But don't worry if you need a bit of inspiration, everybody has that need once in a while. So to get you started I've listed 30 fall blog post ideas to get you in the mood for fall. Get comfy and let's get right to it! 


1. Go through your wardrobe and and write about your favourite and most useful transitional clothing items. 
2. If you love makeup; create a halloween makeup look tutorial. 
3. Share a weekly gratitude list. 
4. If it's typical fall rainy weather, stay cozy at home and share your cooking/baking ideas and recipes. (pumpkin soup is delicious!!)
5. Share your favourite Instagram accounts to follow for fall inspiration.
6. If you celebrate Thanksgiving, show what your celebration looks like.
7. Design a fall theme printable.
8. What are you plans for Black Friday?
9. Share your secrets to keeping a healthy and glowing skin during fall.
10. It's a bit cliché maybe, but sharing a bucket list during this time of the year is just the most fun right?!
11. Create your own fall Instagram challenge.
12. Share your most favourite destinations to travel to during fall.
13. Cute fall date night ideas.
14. The scariest movie you've ever seen.
15. Share your goals for October.
16. Share a playlist of your favourite songs.
17. What is your favourite fall childhood memory?
18. Show what a day in your life looks like fall themed.
19. Fall wishlist.
20. How to you stay fit during fall?
21. Share your favourite fall traditions.
22. Halloween costume ideas.
23. Autumnal makeup picks.
24. A Pinterest fall inspired DIY tutorial.
25. Must haves for the ultimate cozy night in.
26. Easy hairstyle ideas for fall.
27. Show your readers your top dark lipstick picks!
28. 10 things you love/hate about Halloween.
29. Your favourite hot drink.
30. Create your own 30 fall blog post ideas post!

I hope you got inspired into writing a blog post or even to create your own post with fall ideas to blog about! What more ideas do you have for fall? 


Summer Outfits 2019

It's a lovely sunny summer day today in Holland and unfortunately I'm sick.. I always get sick at the most inconvenient times aha, but I'm glad it's holiday and am able to recharge and start studying again hopefully fit and energised! I thought it's a nice idea to share some of my favourite outfits for summer. Summer is one of my favourite seasons, just because of so many reasons; longer days, walks on the beach, and many more.. Read further now for some comfy and casual looks for summer! 
Hollister summer outfit inspiration
Hollister off the shoulder top 
This is probably the outfit I've worn most the past few weeks. I normally buy most of my clothes online, because it's easier and you can immediately see if they have your size in stock or not. All the clothes in this outfit are bought in Rome while I was visiting my family there. I usually buy my clothes when I'm there, it's a bit cheaper too. My favourite shopping mall in Rome is called Euroma2, just outside of the city center. They have lots of shops there, including Hollister. I came across the bright red floral top, and thought it was really cute for summer! I always think that when you want to look good in a picture you have to wear red, I don't know why haha. It's just a bright and happy color!  I wore it as an off-the-shoulder top, but you can also wear it as a normal blouse, it's what you prefer. The jeans are from Hollister as well. I like that you can choose the width and the length and the webshop has a big variety of different sorts of models. The one I buy most is the jegging, it fits perfectly and is really comfy. For me it's important if the jeans have enough stretch in them, otherwise it's so uncomfortable. I can remember that most Tommy Hilfiger jeans didn't have that, and I wouldn't recommend buying them if you prefer stretch as well. The shoes are from Superga, absolutely love the brand!! Their shoes are comfortable and easy to combine because they come in many different colors. I wanted to wear something different and choose the platform sneakers in beige. They look nice under a pair of jeans, or in combination with a skirt or dress. 

Mango summer outfit inspiration
Mango floral midi skirt 
This is another outfit that I recently bought during the sale period at the Mango. Both the top and the skirt are from this brand. I never really wear long skirts, but this one was really cute! I try to stay away from black during summer, but black looked actually quite good with the skirt. If you don't like black you can also wear white on top or with a pair of white sandals or slippers. You can wear this outfit with a pair of sandals and a tee for a casual occasion, like to the beach or out for lunch. Or, if you want to make it more chic, you can add a pair of heels, the right jewellery and a cross body bag for example to make your outfit ready for a more formal event. 

Mango summer outfit inspiration
Mango high waisted mom jeans
This was the first time I bought high waisted mom jeans. I saw so many women wearing them, and I really wanted to try them on and see if they are actually that nice. And they are! It's feels good to wear something a bit different than just the simple jeans everyday. They're above the ankle, so it's great for summer and even spring or early autumn. I combined it with a black top, my heart Pandora necklace and trainers from Fila. This is an outfit I would wear on days I don't feel like dressing up, but still want to look presentable and feel comfortable at the same time. 

Hope you enjoyed reading today's post and got inspired to go shopping for some new clothes!! 




One Day In Antwerp: What To Do And Where To Eat!

one day in Antwerp must visits
And I'm back!! It's been a while since I wrote my last post on here, but I'm happy to be here again and to start fresh with new inspiration and ideas! Hope you're having a great summer so far?! The weather has been quite nice in Holland (rainy and windy days can't be avoided though haha), but still it's not bad. I've been travelling a lot this summer, through Italy, Spain, in my own country and a few days ago I went to Antwerp for the first time. I really wanted to go because I heard from many that it's a nice city to visit. I already went to Belgium, but that was I think more than 10 years ago, can't remember a lot from it.. So today I thought it would be fun to share my one day itinerary in Antwerp: What to Do and Where To Eat! If you're looking for some travel ideas and you're not sure what city is next on your bucket list, read further now! 
one day in Antwerp must visits
Meier Street Antwerp

This is one of the most popular streets you can find in Antwerp. You can find mostly mainstream brands that I recognise from Holland as well, like for example the Hema, Blokker, Zara, Mango, etc. But it's nice to walk around in! It's nice that the Italian lingerie and swimwear brands called Calzedonia and Intimissimi are in this street as well, next to each other. My favourite shops!! When you walk right out of the Antwerpen central station and you walk straight on you almost can't miss this street. For more typical Belgium fashion stores or designer brands you can enter the tiny streets along the Meier Street, where you can find the smaller boutique stores. Besides for shopping, the street has beautiful buildings like the Stadsfeestzaal and the Royal Palace that are worth taking a glimpse of. There is also a Belgium department store Inno where you can find anything from electronics to beauty products which is worth a visit too.
one day in Antwerp must visits
Cathedral of our Lady 

one day in Antwerp must visits
This is a beautiful church located in the center of Antwerp. I decided to not go inside because I didn't have a lot of time, but next time I would love to go in. This gothic church is the tallest of Belgium with the tallest bell tower and is protected by the Unesco world heritage. The outside is made with an incredible amount of details as you can see above! To enter it's €6 for adults and €4 for children.
one day in Antwerp must visits
Close to the museum het Rubenshuis there are a lot of restaurants and cafés where you can eat really good. All of them looked good, and I think I have eaten the best lasagna ever (second best to those in Italy of course aha!). The only con is that it's quite expensive, so if you are planning on going out for lunch or dinner, prepare for spending a bit. However, it's completely worth it!
one day in Antwerp must visits

one day in Antwerp must visits
Pierre Marcolini 
If you Visit Antwerp, make sure to taste one of their chocolates or waffles as they are my favourite!! I always feel like when I travel somewhere, I come there for the food.. I would recommend to not go to the Pierre Marcolini shop for ice cream, it's €5 for a cup and it doesn't taste good. The shop also has lots of macarons and chocolates that do look really good, but I haven't tried them yet.
one day in Antwerp must visits
Brabo Fountain Antwerp

one day in Antwerp must visits
Veemarkt Antwerp
  • HET EILANDJE. I was almost there, but because I already walked so much the whole day I decided that it was a bit too far, maybe next time. It's an abandoned port up until a few years ago when coffee bars and artists brought new life to this place. 
  • CENTRAL STATION. The station of Antwerp is so big! It has multiple floors and the ceilings and all the ancients paintings are beautiful. It's a lot different from the stations I've seen so far, so definitely recommend going there. The main entrance is the most impressive part. 
  • GROENPLAATS. A nice area in the city center with many cafés and bars, with a view of the Cathedral. 
  • GROTE MARKT. On this square you'll the city hall from the 16th century, which is a huge building you can't miss. It dates back from the Renaissance and perfect if you want to take an Instagram worthy picture. In the middle of the Grote Markt you have the Brabo Fountain. Little background story: if someone refused to pay taxes, Brabo cut off a hand and threw it in the Scheldt. (Crazy right?!) This is also why the city is called Antwerpen, and handwerpen means to throw a hand. 
  • MIDDELHEIM'S SCULPTURE PARK. A bit further from the city there is a park with an open air museum with contemporary art. Nice to escape to a more quiet place. Still on my list for next time! 
  • DIAMOND DISTRICT. They always say diamonds are a girl's best friend. If you love jewellery than you must not forget this area in Antwerp! It's the city know for diamonds for decades. It's easily accessible as it's right across the central station. You can find markets and diamond shops. 
  • THE RUBENS HOUSE. This is one of the most famous museums of Antwerp. In this palace, Rubens lived with his family. He made all his paintings at this home which you can visit to see his pieces of art. 

Thanks so much for reading today's post! I hope you enjoyed it!




Get Colourful This Summer With Gellac Gel Nails!

Gellac nagellak zomer kleuren
En het is gewoon alweer juli!! Super blij, want de zomervakantie is officieel begonnen , yeahhh. Eindelijk aha! Studeren is zwaar, en na een jaar lang hard gewerkt te hebben is het zeker nodig om even helemaal niks te doen. De zomer is denk ik toch wel mijn favoriete seizoen. Langere dagen, strandwandelingen bij zonsondergang, en lekker buiten barbecuen zijn niet weg te denken. En als het weer mee zit, kan jij je bikini uit de kast halen en lekker bijbruinen op het strand! Als ik naar het strand ga vind ik het altijd leuk en verzorgd staan om mijn nagels te lakken. Het perfecte seizoen dus voor een mani en pedi. Gel nagellak is een super handige oplossing als je niet om de paar dagen nagels opnieuw wil lakken. Lees daarom gauw verder waarom gel nagellak een must is voor de zomer! 

Gellac nagellak zomer kleuren
Als het de eerste keer is dat je gel nagellak gaat gebruiken, dan zou ik je aanraden om op Pink Gellac de starterset te kopen. Je hebt verschillende sets, sommige wat uitgebreider met bijvoorbeeld meer kleuren nagellak en een luxere UV lamp. Ook kan je in de set o.a. remover en cleaner pockets vinden, een nagelvijl, primer en een nagellak naar keuze.
1. Gel nagellak kan je nagelbedden aantasten, maar het tast je nagels zelf niet aan. Dit is niet om je bang te maken haha, maar het is goed om te weten dat je voorzichtig met gel nagellak om moet gaan, excessief gebruik kan schadelijk zijn. Het aantasten kan met namen gebeuren als je de nagellak eraf probeert te halen. Doe dit daarom altijd volgens de instructies.

2. Je kan de gel nagellak er makkelijk thuis afhalen. Super toch!? En wie weet als jij een pro wordt in een manicure geven met gel nagels, dat je ook nog een zakcentje kunt bijverdienen. ;) Een handige manier om de nagellak eraf te halen is bijvoorbeeld met een watje met wat aceton en dat ongeveer 10 minuten op je nagels laten zitten, zodat de nagellak zacht wordt. Hierna kan je het er makkelijk afhalen.

3. Gel nagels zijn geen nep nagels. Ik vergiste mij daar zelf in.. Acryl nagels zijn wel anders en blijven nog langer zitten omdat ze nep zijn. Het zijn zeg maar plaatjes die op je nagels worden geplakt en laten je nagels langer lijken dan ze in werkelijkheid zijn.

4. Je nagels hebben geen lucht nodig. Misschien ben je bang dat gel nagellak ervoor zorgt dat je nagels geen zuurstof meer krijgen. Het is wel waar dat de nagellak de zuurstof afsluit, maar niet heel lang.  Het is dus super veilig om gel nagellak op te doen!

5. Het is slim om je nagellak op een donkere en koele plek te bewaren. Nagellak is namelijk gevoelig voor licht. Ik heb ook gehoord dat wanneer je de led lamp gebruikt, het beter is om de nagellak potjes ver van de lamp te zetten wanneer je hem aanzet.

6. Voor een mooier resultaat kan je het beste de top en base coat aanbrengen.
Gellac nagellak zomer kleuren

Gellac nagellak zomer kleuren
Ik gebruik Gellac al een tijdje en vind het echt super handig! Ik wissel het wel gewoon nog af met normale nagellak, maar het is fijn dat deze nagellak lang blijft zitten. Op de webshop staat er dat het 14 dagen blijft goed blijft. Ik redde de 14 dagen niet, maar 12 dagen zonder het opnieuw hoeven op te doen is ook prima. Wat ik ook goed vind, is dat je bij een aankoop een code krijgt voor een online cursus met tips en hoe je het beste de nagellak op kunt brengen en eraf kunt halen. Zo heb je bijvoorbeeld bij het opbrengen de UV lamp nodig om de base en topcoat uit te harden, zodat je gellac extra goed blijft zitten. Heel fijn! Met name als je het voor de eerste keer gebruikt. En de webshop heeft ook super veel kleuren! Na het erafhalen van de nagellak bleven mijn nagels netjes en ze voelden niet extra breekbaar of beschadigd aan. Het enige nadeel is dat de nagellak er soms moeilijk af gaat, wat te verhelpen is met extra olie.

Super leuk dat je een kijkje hebt genomen op mijn blog! Ik hoop je snel weer terug te zien ;)



Cute Father's Day Gift Idea With A Touch Of Pink

Cute Father's Day Gift Ideas
En het is alweer bijna Vaderdag! Cadeautjes kopen vind ik stiekem eigenlijk nog leuker dan cadeaus krijgen. Soms is het nog wel best lastig wat je nou het beste aan iemand, of nu voor vaderdag aan je vader kunt geven. Uiteindelijk gaat het natuurlijk om het gebaar, maar het zou toch mooi zijn als je je vader extra blij kunt maken met iets wat hij zelf ook leuk vindt! Als jij nog opzoek bent naar een cadeau voor jouw vader, lees dan gauw verder voor extra inspiratie! 

Op hemdvoorhem.nl kun je allerlei toffe dingen vinden, zoals bijvoorbeeld leuke sokken,  boxers, overhemden, en nog veel meer! Ook heeft de website cadeausets die al samengesteld zijn en ingepakt in een cadeauverpakking of doos met strik. Dan is het cadeau meteen kant en klaar om te geven.
Cute Father's Day Gift Ideas
Misschien denk je dat roze meer een vrouwenkleur is, maarrr heel veel mannen houden ook van roze! Het is 2019, en gender stereotypes zijn zo 2018 ;) Het is een vrolijke kleur wat eigenlijk het hele jaar door leuk staat. Ik heb gekozen voor een egale blouse in het lichtroze van Calvin Klein. De kwaliteit van dit merk is super goed, en ik weet dat mijn vader altijd blouses draagt, dus deze zal zeker van passen komen! De blouse is slim fit en iets getailleerd, en past daarom makkelijk onder een colbert, wat handig is als het in de winter te koud is om alleen een overhemd te dragen.

Roze gaat samen met super veel kleuren, en is daarom dus echt veelzijdig. Een roze blouse is een perfect alternatief als je vader niet altijd een witte of zwarte blouse wil dragen. Roze shirts zijn een goed idee als je vader bijvoorbeeld op pad gaat met vrienden, of als hij een keertje coffee wil gaan drinken in een bar. Roze blozen heb je in linnen, oxford styles, en washout styles, eigenlijk alle stijlen wel. Een roze blouse met dark-wash skinny jeans en loafers en je vader is klaar voor die casual meeting! Desert boots zouden er ook erg leuk bij staan trouwens aha.

Voor iets formeels zoals werk kan je vader een roze blouse ook perfect dragen. Om de look compleet te maken kan hij het combineren met een getailleerde slim-fit broek in bijvoorbeeld beige of donkerblauw met zwarte loafers. En vergeet niet tegen hem te zeggen om zijn blouse in zijn broek te stoppen en een riem aan zijn outfit toe te voegen voor een nette look!

Super leuk dat je mijn blog post hebt gelezen! Er is zo veel keuze aan cadeaus, dat je uiteindelijk gewoon iets moet keuzen. En herinner je jezelf eraan dat het gaat om het gebaar. :) 



When In Rome.... A Travel Diary + Tips

San Pietro Roma vista
Where do I begin? Rome is such a lovely city!! Compared to the small village I live in in Holland, Rome is of course huge, and a lot busier, with a roaming nightlife and lots of things to do on every corner of the city. Traveling, no matter whether you've been to the city a thousand times before, or that you're going there for the first time, it's always an adventure of self-discovery and self-growth, even in small ways. It starts when you take your first step at the airport, where you are outside your comfort zone, and it ends the moment you set that same step back home at the airport, but with a new fresh mindset! 

You grow most when you travel alone, as you are forced to be your own best friend at that time. I would say, do not travel to escape life, but you should travel for life not to escape yourself. I traveled to Rome by myself, but while in Rome I was with my family, so it wasn't a complete solo trip, but, the end of June I am going completely solo to Florence to take language lessons there for a few weeks. I did that before last year, but wasn't feeling well, so this time around I hope to get a fresh start and really enjoy my stay there.
View plane Swiss Alps
Maybe you can guess it already, it's a picture from the Swiss Alps, and it looks so pretty!! I didn't expect for it to be so much snow when it's almost June, but I guess that's normal. The weather in Rome last week wasn't so normal haha, it was 10 degrees below what it should be and it had been raining for about a week non stop. When I was there, the trees and everything never looked so green.

If you love travelling too you should check out the Solo Women Travel Group on Facebook, it's a lovely group with women from 15-90 or maybe even older from all around the world. I discovered it some time back and it's really nice. People share their stories, give advice, and you can also arrange a meet up with fellow travellers to explore the city you're going to! I find it really helpful, as I'm sometimes a bit naive and tend and this group awakens me to potential dangers as well. It's absolutely not to scare  people away haha, but it always good to know where not to go, or how to be prepared for certain trips or countries. For example, someone posted a post about getting scammed in Paris, and she said not to go to specific people or groups on the streets selling tickets as they're fake, only go to the official office. There was also a post about a woman getting severely injured at a resort in the Dominican Republic, which she warned people to stay aware from that place. Was really good to know, and her Facebook post in this group a week later even came on CNN News! Overall, it's fun to see what people are up to and it inspires you to book a trip too!

The funny thing is, is that when I'm in my own country for a longer period time, and I book a flight and it's time to go, I always feel like I don't really want to go. But I think that is because my own environment feels safe. Having that safe environment around me brings comfort, and getting out of the country is a step outside my comfort zone. But in end, I always love it when I'm actually in the plane on my way to my destination and my initial fear is gone!

For my trip to Rome I was there only for 2 days. It was really short, but it was nice to change environment, as sometimes getting into a routine day in day out can get a big boring, so this was a perfect getaway break. If you're looking to stay in a nice hotel in Rome, I definitely recommend the Sheraton Parco dei Medici. The staff is friendly, and the rooms are really comfortable too, and there is an outdoor swimming pool. The breakfast is good too, with lots of different things, and you take a free shuttle from the hotel right to the city center. Back in April when I went to Rome I stayed in the Holiday Inn Aurelia, which wasn't very good. It's near a highway and no free shuttle service available, so I recommend the Sheraton.
Sheraton Parco Dei Medici
Me taking advantage of the opportunity to have a relaxing evening in the tub because at home I don't have one aha! The bathrooms in the hotel are really nice and big, so it wasn't a problem to spend a few hours there.. :)
San Pietro Vaticano Roma

Rome travel diary must visits

Rome travel diary must visits
Rome travel diary must visits
Of course, Italy is the country where you can eat the best pizza and pasta! There are so many places to go to, but I'll list two of my absolute favourite ones that you can maybe try out next time you are in Rome. If you want to eat delicious pizza and suppli's than you should definitely not forget to make a stop at Mister Pizza. They have many sorts of pizza and taste really good! You can also easily take it with you or it it there, it's a mini restaurant/bar.
Mister Pizza Roma best pizza place
Mister Pizza Roma best pizza place
For yummy pasta you should go to Da Giovanni in the shopping mall called Euroma2. It's a lovely place where they prepare the pasta fresh in a few minutes while you wait in line for it to be ready. They have many sorts of pasta, from ravioli, to spaghetti and many more. It's nice to go here in between shopping to rest a bit.
Euroma2 Da Giovanni best pasta place
Thanks so much for reading my blog post! I hope you enjoyed it! Don't forget to take a look at the travel inspiration of Italy from Explorersaur for useful tips and fun ideas for your next trip to the land of the best food in the world and the lovely architecture! 



The Perks Of Drinking Organic Tea

The Perks Of Drinking Organic Tea
How are you doing today? The exams are over, never been so happy to have some days off and completely do nothing haha. It's slowly starting to feel more like Spring in Holland. I can't remember the last year I still had to wear a winter coat in May.. But, maybe summer will be extra warm, who knows? Today I would like to share something about tea. If you're an absolute tea lover like me, then you're in the right place. :) Not all tea sorts are healthy, but all organic teas like for example black, white, herbal and green are. Read further now to know the amazing health benefits of drinking organic tea! 

1. Boost Of Antioxidants. 
Organic tea has a lot of antioxidants in it. These antioxidants help to keep your heart strong, could protect you from developing certain types of illnesses like Alzheimers, and some say it can even help to prevent cancer. Besides these, antioxidants also make your skin look healthier and more hydrated. That means less facials needed!

2. Helps With Bloating. 
Usually right before you get your period some girls and women experience bloating, including myself as a PMS symptom. It can be a bit uncomfortable, but there is a solution to that. Besides just drinking lots of water to stay hydrated, organic tea can do magic. Mint tea or dandelion tea are great picks to reduce that bloating feeling. My favourite is mint tea with a little bit of honey in it. It tastes reallyyy good, and I usually take it either for breakfast or after dinner.
The Perks Of Drinking Organic Tea3. Tea Helps Relieve Stress. 
I don't know if this is specifically for organic tea or than normal tea also relieves stress, but it certainly is a great health perk! As a student, life can get pretty hectic sometimes (most of the time..), and if there is a natural way to reduce the stress and relieve tension than that's amazing. Especially lavender and chamomile tea sorts are good for it.

4. Keeps You In Shape. 
If you're trying to lose wait, or just want to stay the way you are and live a healthy lifestyle, then a cup of organic tea can easily help you along the way. Tea has no calories in it, and ideally you should drink it without any milk or sugar. What you can do to give your tea an extra touch to it, is to add for example cinnamon or a slice of lemon. The tea sort that is perfect to stay in shape is green tea!

5. No Additives Added. 
The chance is very big that when buying normal/non-organic tea lots of ingredients are added which you have never heard of in your life.. It's always recommended to read the back of the tea what's actually in it. The question is if these additives are healthy, most of the time it's not. That's why I prefer tea that 100% natural, I been drinking it for a while now, and you can really taste the difference.

Thanks so much for reading my post! I hope you enjoyed it, and maybe even consider drinking organic tea if you haven't already! If you prefer normal tea, that's completely fine too of course. :) 



5 Reasons Why You Need A Pair Of White Sneakers In Your Life

5 Reasons Why You Need A Pair Of White Sneakers In Your Life
De tijd vliegt voorbij zeg!! Voor je het weet is het gewoon zomer, kan jij dat geloven?! Als je net als ik nog even de laatste lootjes moet afleggen, dan kijk je natuurlijk uit naar misschien wel een reis naar het buitenland, of hoop je natuurlijk op heel veel zonnige dagen in Nederland haha.. Vandaag een blog post over, de titel geeft het al aan, sneakers! Ik kan eigenlijk niet meer zonder een paar goede sneakers. De trend die nu super populair is, is een witte sneaker, en wordt nu echt gezien als een must have voor in jouw kledingkast. Als jij nog niet in het bezit bent van een paar witte sneakers, lees dan gauw verder waarom jij zo snel mogelijk naar de winkel moet rennen! 

Nike is een van mijn favoriete merken! Misschien ken je de Nike Internationalist sneaker wel, je hebt dit model in allerlei verschillende kleuren die je maar kunt bedenken. Omdat Nike een sportmerk is zitten de schoenen ook erg comfortabel vind ik altijd! Vaak draag ik ook sportkleding van Nike omdat het gewoon een degelijk merk is en waarvan je ook weet dat de dingen die je koopt lang mee gaan. Nike Internationalist sneakers geven je outfit een iconische look, en is geïnspireerd op de wat klassiekere hardloopstijl sneakers. De combinatie van leer en textiel en de rubberen buitenzool zorgen voor extra comfort om zo bijvoorbeeld lekker een lang stuk over het strand te kunnen lopen. Wat ook tof is, is dat de sneakers demping hebben en de sneakers ook erg licht aanvoelen.
5 Reasons Why You Need A Pair Of White Sneakers In Your Life
1. Super Makkelijk Te Combineren. 
Wit is net als zwart een echte basiskleur. Het zijn allebei kleuren die je eigenlijk standaard in je kast moet hebben. Een tijdje geleden heb ik een paar witte sneakers gekocht, en ik draag ze bijna elke dag.  Met name omdat ze gewoon overal bijpassen! Ze staan leuk onder een spijkerbroek, maar wat je tegenwoordig ook vaak ziet is in combinatie met een jurk of rok, cool toch?! Omdat je sneakers best eenvoudig zijn kwa kleur, kan je de rest van je outfit wat meer kleur geven. Als je meer van iets simpels en klassieks houdt staat een spijkerbroek met een witte blouse en een paar witte sneakers ook tof! Of, als je sportief bent, staan de sneakers cool bij een workout outfit.
5 Reasons Why You Need A Pair Of White Sneakers In Your Life
5 Reasons Why You Need A Pair Of White Sneakers In Your Life
5 Reasons Why You Need A Pair Of White Sneakers In Your Life
2. Voor Elk Seizoen. 
Of het nu hartje zomer is, of middenin het herfstweer zit, witte sneakers zijn altijd een goed idee! De perfecte periode is tussen februari en november, maar je kan ze daarna natuurlijk gewoon doordragen.  In de zomer kan je de sneakers met een leuke zomerse outfit combineren naar het strand, in plaats van slippers voor een beach ready outfit! En in de herfst staat het ook leuk met bijvoorbeeld een wollen jas of een regenjack.

3. Never Out Of Style. 
Als je kijkt naar celebrities, Instagram modellen, of jouw favoriete fashionistas dan zie je al gauw dat er één item is wat steeds terugkomt: witte sneakers! Ze zijn allemaal in het bezit van ten minste één paar (budget is meestal geen probleem voor ze haha..). Witte sneakers zijn eenvoudig en klassiek, en juist daarom een must have. Ik heb weleens een paar knalroze sneakers met een grote strik voorop gekocht. Het jaar daarop heb ik ze, toen het weer wat warmer werd van de zolder gehaald, maarrr ze zijn toch niet super leuk meer. Als je wisselvallig bent qua smaak dan is een wit een goede keuze!
5 Reasons Why You Need A Pair Of White Sneakers In Your Life
4. Perfect For #Shoefies. 
Als jij net zo'n Instagram fan bent als ik dan wil je dat je kleding en items die je koopt leuk op de foto staan. Met een paar witte sneakers is dat geen probleem! Elke ondergrond staat er goed bij, van keurrijke tegels, tot bijvoorbeeld een eenvoudige achtergrond in een egale kleur. Je kant je achtergrond aanpassen wat bij jouw Instagram aesthetic past, zonder al te veel rekening te hoeven houden met je sneakers.

5. Voor Elke Gelegenheid. 
Witte sneakers kan je aantrekken als je naar een verjaardagsfeest gaat, een diner, een avondje uit met je vriendinnen of gewoon een wandeling maakt in de buurt. Jij weet niet meer wat het woord kledingcrisis betekent haha! Zelfs naar de sportschool kan je je witte sneakers nog aan, ze zijn namelijk naast comfortabel ook super fashionable.

Bedankt voor het lezen van mijn blog post! Ik hoop dat je nu ook zin hebt om te gaan shoppen voor een paar nieuw sneakers haha! Vergeet niet een kijkje te nemen op Sportshowroom.nl waar je de Nike Internationalist sneaker in allerlei kleuren vindt en veel meer! Ik zou ook het super leuk vinden als je mijn social media kanalen bezoekt!
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