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Where To Find Sustainable And Stylish Face Masks?

sustainable face masks
We're a few months in the pandemic and more and more countries are recommending face masks. The Netherlands was quite late to the party, but eventually face masks became mandatory in all public transport. Which I think is a really good thing, because keeping a distance in those spaces can get difficult or impossible sometimes. In the beginning I wasn't very aware of the environmental causes disposable masks cause. But now reading more and more articles and seeing pictures of sea turtles eating the blue masks that eventually get thrown in the sea due to the flood of too many masks is just so horrible to see. That's why I listed a few sustainable face masks that you can wear to protect others, look cute in at the same time reduce waste! Win win right?! 
sustainable face masks
Tonlé is a zero waste fashion brand which sells reusable organic masks produced from organic cotton derived from t-shirt jersey. The prices are quite high, but this has to do with the fact that the company can keep their sewers employed. The masks are non-medical, but have the required three-layer protection.

sustainable face masks
The masks from Passion Lillie are fair-trade and handmade in New Orleans. Made from 100% cotton, these masks are lightweight and with 2-3 layers of fabric depending on the thickness of the fabric you're doing yourself, others, and the environment a huge favour. What I like a lot is that besides the elastic straps you can also choose cotton ties if you feel like that is more comfortable. The come in all kinds of fun patterns, so you can switch things up everyday!

sustainable face masks
This is a brand called Arraei, which sells clothing items and other cute accessories. They recently started collaborating with Boheme Goods to design and produce non-medical eco-friendly face masks for adults and children. The masks are made from leftover materials in order to create a sustainable environment. What is great is that for each purchase, the brand will donate to various charities, ranging from a local elderly care center to a women's centre in South Africa.

sustainable face masks
Emilia George is another nice brand you can take a look at if you're looking for colourful face masks! They come in mint, salmon, white, and lots of other pastel shades that are perfect for summer. And not to forget, they have adjustable elastic earlobes which makes it 10x more comfortable if you have to wear the mask for a longer period of time. These masks are also seen on Vogue, Popsugar, Forbes, and more. 

sustainable face masks
I think Lila Bare would be my favourite brand!! I absolutely love that each layer of the mask is crafted by different local communities, and made from rain-fed cotton grown in East Africa. The cotton farmers there are paid a fair living wage for their hard work in harvesting the cotton. That's how is should be! These kinds of masks are a bit more luxurious, with handcrafted metal beads to make your mask looks extra fashionable. 



Gift Guide: Inspiratie Voor Het Vinden Van Het Perfecte Mannencadeau!

En het is alweer vrijdag! Jeetje wat gaat de tijd snel zeg! Ondanks corona voelt het vandaag toch best wel echt als vakantie aan met super warm zomers weer. Vandaag wil ik een leuke cadeautip met jullie delen. Vaak is een cadeau vinden voor mannen toch net iets lastiger dan voor vrouwen aha! Voor vrouwen is iets van makeup of sieraden altijd wel prima, maar voor mannen kan je wat vaker de mist in gaan. Lees gauw verder als jij nog op zoek bent naar een stoer mannencadeau voor je broer, oom, vader of wie dan ook! 

leuke cadeautips voor mannen
Op HemdvoorHem.nl kan je allerlei mooie overhemden vinden! Het is "de" webshop voor mannen! Van Tommy Hilfiger tot Calvin Klein, de webshop verkoopt goede kwaliteit overhemden. Maarrr langzaamaan wordt de collectie uitgebreid. Zo vind je nu ook stropdassen in allerlei kleuren en motieven en truien van dezelfde merken als de overhemden en nog veel meer. Je kunt online eenvoudig bestellen en de site is verder heel overzichtelijk wat het een stuk fijner maakt om een cadeau uit te kiezen. Omdat het natuurlijk bijna augustus is (en dat betekent uitverkoop aha!) kan je nu een overhemd of iets anders scoren voor een stuk minder, met kortingen tot 70%. 
leuke cadeautips voor mannen
Na lang speuren op de webshop heb ik uiteindelijk de keuze gemaakt om een mooi overhemd cadeau te geven aan mijn broer omdat hij jarig is geweest en ik hem nog wilde verrassen en blij maken met een overhemd. Ik weet dat Calvin Klein één van zijn favourite merken is, dus daarom heb ik uiteindelijk gekozen voor een lichtblauw geruite Calvin Klein blouse. Het overhemd is klassiek en van 100% katoen, met een middelstrakke pasvorm en is ook makkelijk door te dragen in de herfst en winter met een warme trui. In het kort, een overhemd is dus een super leuk cadeau voor zowel jong als oud! 


What Are The Benefits Of Using Vegan Hair Products? // Scandinavian Biolabs

what are the benefits of using vegan hair products
It's only fairly recently that I started learning more about what kind of ingredients are harmful and what effects these brands have on the environment. Lots of popular brands use aggressive and damaging ingredients that are not good for either the environment or for your hair. In this post I would like to give you a few reasons why you should try out different kinds of haircare brands that contain 100% natural and vegan ingredients that give your hair a boost. So let's get right to it! 
what are the benefits of using vegan hair productsNo matter what type of hair you have, vegan shampoos are for everyone! Even if you're struggling with a dry scalp or dandruff, there will always be a haircare product that's right for you. I would like to share with you a brand called Scandinavian Biolabs, which is an all natural brand from Copenhagen. Lately I'm seeing so many Scandinavian brands creating vegan and zero waste products. More countries should follow! It's really lovely to see this change happening. I also feel like 2020 is sort of a wakeup call for everything, from zero waste products, to black lives matter, to working from home. The brand uses only plant-based ingredients to transform and grow your hair and to make it look healthy and glowing.

Our goal is help you recreate and boost your confidence in yourself through the strength and volume of your hair - solely with the help of natural ingredients made by experts to create the best possible results. - Scandinavian Biolabs

I received a hair growth routine package to be able to do every step of the recommended haircare routine, which includes a shampoo, conditioner and a hair growth serum. I'm super happy with it! :) The package itself is really cute, with pictures along with some information about your hair. The ingredients are carefully chosen according to the Bio-pilixin formula and will help you to get healthier, stronger and better looking hair. It's a useful product if you are suffering from hairloss as well. The average person will see results after about 150 days of using the complete routine. So you have to be a bit patient aha! (good results are worth waiting for is what they say right;)
First you start with the shampoo. Try to not apply too much of it, a quarter size in your palm is more than enough. After that you apply the conditioner with the same amount as the shampoo. You only apply it to your hair and not your roots. (otherwise your hair will get greasy quickly) You leave it in for around 5-8 minutes, and then you rinse it out thoroughly. Lastly, you can apply the Bio-pilixin growth serum. You fill the dropper, and apply 2 pipettes onto the scalp of the hair loss area and gently massage the serum onto your scalp with your fingertips. You leave the serum in your hair for around 6-8 hours, and washing it out is not needed. The webshop mentions that you can best use the serum before going to bed.

1. Vegan products are not tested on animals, and are therefore completely cruelty free.
2. The products have no additives. Popular shampoos usually have some type of paragons, synthetic fragrances or other silicones that can damage your hair; leading to extra dry or extreme oily hair due to the chemicals that your scalp absorb into your skin.
3. Vegan products are really helpful if you have a sensitive skin. The ingredients are not as aggressive and the vegan substances reduce the risk of any allergies or skin irritations.
4. If you care about the environment, then with buying vegan products you can be a help in tackling global warming. You might think it's such a small change it won't help. But, if more and more people start buying products that can be easily recyclable and are ethically resourced, a bright future lies ahead of us. (in case you buy something from plastic, check if it's PET 1 plastic, as they can be recycled quicker and easier).
5. Vegan haircare products smell better. I don't know why, but I just find them smelling so much better than mainstream brands filled with all kinds of chemicals. Because vegan haircare has only natural ingredients, the smell is authentic and really good aha!

I think it's really important more people become aware of the benefits that vegan products can have for you and also for the environment. I hope in the future vegan products will be the new normal!! I'm going to write an update after around 150 days and will post it here on my blog with the changes in my hair. Thanks so much for reading! 



My Favorite Summer Dresses Under €100

It's summer and the days of cozy sweaters, boots and gloves are far gone. Summer is the perfect season to show off your personal style and to pick outfits that represent who you truly are. However, it can sometimes be difficult, with rising temperatures, to choose the right outfit. We want something that we look cute in, but also, very important, something that we feel comfortable in. Currently I am loving summer dresses; they're easy, breezy and stylish! You can simply style them with a pair of sneakers, statement jewellery or a pair of heels and you're ready to go. I have chosen a few of my absolute favourite summer dresses under €100, from maxi dresses to off-the-shoulder dresses, here they are! 

best white summer dresses under €100

1. Mango Maxi Dress 
2. Loft Short V-Neck Dress
3. Arket Oversized Shirt Dress
4. & Other Stories Cotton Dress
5. Mulaya Pleated Dress 

A white dress for summer is comparable to a black dress. They are both wardrobe essentials that are timeless and for almost any occasion. Every year, some new trends appear and others fade after a while, but, white summer dresses remain elegant and easy to wear! White summer dresses are the new black, and that's why it's worth investing in a white dress. If you're not into the very white dresses, then you have plenty of dresses to choose from in other shades of white, like for example off-white. I picked a few of my favorites for this summer, but I don't think I can choose one aha! They're all very cute and
best floral summer dresses under €100
1. Yumi Floral Maxi Dress 
2. Morning Lavender Mini Dress
3. GutsGusto Maxi Dress
4. French Connection Jersey Dress 

Of course, besides white dresses, your wardrobe is not complete if you don't have any floral dresses! Summer is the season where you can especially wear lots of colourful clothes and go a bit more overboard (not too much aha) with patterns and colours than in winter. Floral dresses look cheerful and they upgrade your wardrobe for sure!

WHICH STYLE DO YOU PREFER: WHITE OR FLORAL? Let me know in the comments below! 



Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

A wedding is the day you as the bride can shine and dedicate the day entirely to you and your loved ones. It's a day of happiness, the marking of a new chapter in your life and (hopefully aha) one that lasts! However, planning a wedding doesn't come cheap. From selecting the right venue, to the invitations, the gowns, bridesmaids and much more can add up quickly. In this post I would like to share with you some easy ways you to save money on your wedding!

I love photography! So for me if I would get married, I would place a lot of special attention on getting the right pictures to capture a moment as special as a wedding to be able to look at it years down the line. Of course, getting your own photographer can be expensive. But, there is a great solution! Wedding Photo Swap gives you the possibility to create your own online album. Your loved ones get an invitation to join as well, so that everyone can upload their wedding photos. It's completely free for 30 days, and fore more features, 24,99 pounds is still a huge bargain instead of a wedding photographer. It's a lovely idea for your family and friends to come together and all be part of the memorable day! 
Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

From beaches, to churches, to cozy backyards, anything is possible. I've done some research and came across a few things you can consider when looking for your venue to still stay within your budget and to not spend too much. First, when you get married on a weekday, some venues will cost a lot less. The downside is that weekends are more relaxed. But, if you're willing to pay less at the cost of this, than you've scored a great deal. Another thing is that I've come across friends getting married in multiple places. Stick to one venue and your wallet will be happy aha! The last point is quite straightforward. Don't invite too much guests, because it can make it more expensive. What is also a fun idea is to look at these prom car hire ideas which you can also use to make an amazing entrance not at your prom but at your wedding!
Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding
The dress, often the highlight of the wedding and something the guests are looking forward to way in advance. It's a whole process from picturing the kind of gown you would like to wear, to actually seeing all those dresses in a shop and trying on different styles, to eventually choosing "the one". I have to say I'm guilty myself to search online for wedding dresses (first I need a boyfriend for that ahah). The first advice is to revamp your mother's old dress. Also, getting a dress that has a corset is handy because you don't need a lot of alterations. Third, if you're okay with getting second hand clothes, then a second hand wedding dress would be a great idea! Often there are great bargains and you might still get a dress from a brand you love, but for a lot less. Win win right?! And not to forget, you could look for prom dresses, you might want to try this because it's a great money saver, as mentioning solely the word 'wedding' increases your price instantly.


Top 5 Wordpress Plugins To Use For Adding Custom Fonts On Your Site

Top 5 Wordpress Plugins To Use For Adding Custom Fonts On Your Site
Having your own website is not only fun, it is also a learning curve to understand the ins and outs of blogging itself. Everyday you learn something new which you can then apply to future blog posts. With so many blogs and websites being created every second, it can be tough to make your blog, website or webshop stand out from the crowd. It's often the little things that count - the finishing touches - that together shape your website into something special! In this blog post I would like to share the top 5 Wordpress plugins to use for adding custom fonts on your Wordpress site and give an overview of each of them. Let's get right to it and make your website stand out with beautiful fonts!
Top 5 Wordpress Plugins To Use For Adding Custom Fonts On Your Site
Coding can still be a challenge for many, as CSS and HTML skills can be hard to get a grasp on. But Wordpress plugins are there to make your life a little bit easier! The Use Any Font plugin helps you with your custom fonts. You can upload your own fonts and then transform them to the right format to meet the required specifications. A plus point of this plugin is that because the plugin saves your fonts on your own website, the loading time of your site is a lot faster, which benefits the overall user experience of your visitors. 
Top 5 Wordpress Plugins To Use For Adding Custom Fonts On Your Site

Fontsy is a font plugin for Wordpress websites. What is really cool is that you can not only make use of their free fonts available in their font library, but you can also upload fonts you created yourself to the plugin. You simply click on the file you want to upload, and the fonts you designed will automatically appear in the plugin. This way you can give your blog an even more personal touch to it! Benefits of this plugin are that it's completely free. There is a possibility to purchase premium fonts if you would like to go the extra mile. But, with the free version you simply are all set and can enjoy beautiful fonts. Also, there is no limit set on how many fonts you can upload. You can make use of as many fonts as your hearts desires aha! Another feature of the plugin which I think is great, is that there is absolutely no coding required. This is ideal because even if you're not into coding or are a beginning blogger, you can still use the plugin easily. You can download the Wordpress font plugin.

Top 5 Wordpress Plugins To Use For Adding Custom Fonts On Your Site
Styleguide has a big collection of different kinds of fonts to choose from. Fonts are available for different sections of your website, such as fonts for your headers or for the main paragraphs of your blog posts. It's is also possible to pick from different palettes to highlight your website and give it a colourful touch to it. Despite the plugin not having a lot of features, it's easy to install and you simply just get enough of the basic elements that you need.

Top 5 Wordpress Plugins To Use For Adding Custom Fonts On Your Site
Font Awesome is another plugin that has a big library, with over 630 different kinds of fonts. The plugin makes it possible to besides selecting fonts, you can choose from nicely designed icons that are very simple to add to make your website look complete. If you're looking for icons besides just fonts, then this plugin would be right for you. 

Top 5 Wordpress Plugins To Use For Adding Custom Fonts On Your Site
The last Wordpress plugin I woud like to share is the Easy Google Fonts plugin. It's perfect because again you won't have to learn difficult coding. You simply download the plugin and can select your favourite fonts from a wide-ranging selection. It's one of the view plugin where you can get a preview to see whether you like the new font on your site in advance of already having it published and changed. This plugin is for you if you want to be safe than sorry and get that extra preview before you hit publish.



Leuke Kamerplanten, Stekjes & Meer! | PlantRebelz

Ben jij op zoek naar een coole en mooie kamerplant, een stekje of andere leuke hebbedingetjes voor in jouw huis of kamer? Dan is PlantRebelz.nl de perfect plek om van jouw huis een groener thuis te maken! De webshop bestaat nog maar een aantal maanden en in deze review wil ik je graag laten zien wat deze webshop allemaal te bieden heeft en zal ik mijn eerlijke mening geven! 

PlantRebelz.nl heeft een ruime keuze aan leuke en goede kwaliteit kamer planten die rechtstreeks uit de kas komen. Na een goede verzorging maakt het het makkelijk om als je de plant thuisgestuurd krijgt zelf de plant goed te kunnen verzorgen (een goed begin is het halve werk;), zelfs als je niet zo goed bent in het in leven houden van planten aha! Als je de webshop bezoekt dan is denk ik het eerste wat jou ook op zal vallen de grappige namen van de planten; van Extreme Rebel tot Extreme Weirdo, je kan het zo gek nog niet bedenken. Maar de namen zijn niet zomaar bedacht, ze passen goed bij de soort plant en de eigenschappen ervan. Verder is de webshop ook duidelijk en kan je door simpelweg op verschillende categorieën te klikken direct een plant kiezen die het beste bij jouw huis past. Zo zijn er 3 kopjes kamerplanten; klein, middelgroot en groot. Ook kan je meteen aanklikken voor welke ruimte je een plant zoekt; badkamer, slaapkamer, woonkamer en of je een plant wil die veel of weinig licht nodig heeft.

Hier een klein stukje over wat PlantRebelz zelf geschreven heeft op de webshop.
Onze plant hunters speuren de hele wereld af naar de knapste evergreens en meest briljante blikvangers, die we vervolgens in eigen kas kweken en grootbrengen. Ook de stekken telen we zelf. Alleen zo kunnen we de allerbeste kwaliteit garanderen.

Misschien ben jij naast een plantenliefhebber ook wel iemand die erg van terrariums houdt! Ik moet eerlijk zeggen dat ik zelf meer van planten houd, maar ieder heeft zo zijn voorkeur. Het voordeel van terrariums is dat je er eigenlijk alleen maar naar hoeft te kijken aha! Het zijn een soort mini-ecosystemen waarbij het water verdampt en gerecycled wordt zodat jij helemaal niks hoeft te doen. Super toch?! Wat ik super leuk vind is dat je namelijk naast dezelfde soort planten die al wat verder gegroeid zijn en verzorgd zijn in de kas ook dezelfde soort planten hebt maar dan als stekjes. Dit houdt in de je minder betaalt, maar de stekjes meer aandacht en verzorging nodig hebben. Dus als jij het leuk vindt om je plant van het begin af aan te zien groeien, dan zijn stekjes ideaal voor jou! Verder kan je toffe goodies vinden, zoals bijvoorbeeld een zelfklevende poster of wat leuke kaartjes.

Na lang speuren op de website om de juiste keuze te maken (want ze zijn allemaal mooi haha..) heb ik uiteindelijk gekozen voor de Alocasia. Dit is een plant die echt een blikvanger wordt in jouw huis! Ik vind de pijlvormige bladeren die bijna op grote harten lijken erg mooi. Wat ik verder ook niet vaak ben tegengekomen is dat de binnenkant van de bladeren donkerrood zijn. Het is een middelgrote plant die best veel licht nodig heeft en qua verzorging met 1 keer in de week water voldoende heeft.
Misschien denk je, is een plant versturen niet heel lastig? En komt de plant dan wel heel aan? Het antwoord op beide vragen is: jazeker, dit kan! Online bestellen gaat heel makkelijk via de webshop van Plant Rebelz. Op de site kan je ook erg eenvoudig lezen over wat voor soort plant het is en wat achtergrond informatie en verder hoe je jouw nieuwe aanwinst het beste kan verzorgen.

Ik ben super blij met mijn nieuwe kamer plant! Nadat ik de bestelling had geplaatst werd de plant binnen 2 dagen al thuisbezorgd. De plant werd bezorgd in een grote doos, met om de pot aardig nog wat plastic zodat er geen aarde kan verschuiven. Ik had er eigenlijk nog echt bij stil gestaan dat je planten ook kunt verzenden. PlantRebelz doet dit erg goed. Het concept is nog best nieuw, dus ik ben erg benieuwd hoe de webshop in de toekomst zich verder ontwikkelt en hun aanbod vergroot!
RATING: 10/10


When Time Stands Still | Nordgreen Scandinavian Watches

This post is written in partnership with Nordgreen. 
Nordgreen Scandinavian Watches review
Whether it is choosing something special for a friend, a family member, or a loved one, it can sometimes be difficult to pick the right gift. There are so many options and you can quickly get overwhelmed by it. If you're on the hunt for something timeless and unique, than I think you don't have to look any further aha! ;) A classic and elegant watch is a gift you cannot go wrong with. Your friend or family member will appreciate the surprise for a really long time! When it's that special, time stands still with Nordgreen Scandinavian Watches.  
The master behind the brand is the award-winning designer Jakob Wagner, featuring minimalist Danish designs, while simultaneously highlighting form and function. Each watch tells its own story, and most importantly, Nordgreen watches are made for anyone. What I love about the brand is that it wants to give back to the world. Besides sustainable packaging and zero carbon footprint, by wearing Nordgreen you have the possibility to donate to Global Sustainability Organisations through their Giving Back Program

Nordgreen has several different designs on their website. If you're into a simple and neat look, than the watch called The Native is perfect. It is made from very good quality in Copenhagen and will last you a long time. The watch is also very easy to combine because of its neutral tones and shades. It's nice for daily wear, or even to wear for a night out with a cute bracelet next to it, and maybe additional jewelry to make your outfit complete. Another design is The Philosopher, highlighting the ability to live outside your comfort zone, and to be remembered in your absence. It's a lovely look, and again elegance and simplicity are the secret ingredients. Than there is The Infinity, also a very neat and clean design that you can wear almost everywhere and for any event. The watches have a deep curvature, are made for daily wear, and are suitable for any size wrist. 
I love my new watch!! I was doubting between the Infinity design and The Native watch, but I'm very glad I choose this one. The color is a beautiful rose gold (matches with my laptop hahah). All watches are available in sizes ranging from 32 mm to 40 mm, depending your preference on how loose you want to wear your watch. I personally prefer for it to be a bit tighter around my wrist. There are also a few different colors, if you or someone you're gifting the watch to don't like rose gold, you can also choose metal, silver, or gold. The watch feels very light and comfortable, so I will probably be wearing it most days! It's exactly what I thought the watch would be like, and I will definitely come back for another purchase. 

If you're looking at making not only yourself or a loved one happy, but also many others than this is the right time to give back. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, for every purchase, Nordgreen offers a meal to frontline heroes. On top of that, you'll get a free strap so you can switch styles any time. Cool right!? 

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