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Cute Father's Day Gift Idea With A Touch Of Pink

Cute Father's Day Gift Ideas
En het is alweer bijna Vaderdag! Cadeautjes kopen vind ik stiekem eigenlijk nog leuker dan cadeaus krijgen. Soms is het nog wel best lastig wat je nou het beste aan iemand, of nu voor vaderdag aan je vader kunt geven. Uiteindelijk gaat het natuurlijk om het gebaar, maar het zou toch mooi zijn als je je vader extra blij kunt maken met iets wat hij zelf ook leuk vindt! Als jij nog opzoek bent naar een cadeau voor jouw vader, lees dan gauw verder voor extra inspiratie! 

Op hemdvoorhem.nl kun je allerlei toffe dingen vinden, zoals bijvoorbeeld leuke sokken,  boxers, overhemden, en nog veel meer! Ook heeft de website cadeausets die al samengesteld zijn en ingepakt in een cadeauverpakking of doos met strik. Dan is het cadeau meteen kant en klaar om te geven.
Cute Father's Day Gift Ideas
Misschien denk je dat roze meer een vrouwenkleur is, maarrr heel veel mannen houden ook van roze! Het is 2019, en gender stereotypes zijn zo 2018 ;) Het is een vrolijke kleur wat eigenlijk het hele jaar door leuk staat. Ik heb gekozen voor een egale blouse in het lichtroze van Calvin Klein. De kwaliteit van dit merk is super goed, en ik weet dat mijn vader altijd blouses draagt, dus deze zal zeker van passen komen! De blouse is slim fit en iets getailleerd, en past daarom makkelijk onder een colbert, wat handig is als het in de winter te koud is om alleen een overhemd te dragen.

Roze gaat samen met super veel kleuren, en is daarom dus echt veelzijdig. Een roze blouse is een perfect alternatief als je vader niet altijd een witte of zwarte blouse wil dragen. Roze shirts zijn een goed idee als je vader bijvoorbeeld op pad gaat met vrienden, of als hij een keertje coffee wil gaan drinken in een bar. Roze blozen heb je in linnen, oxford styles, en washout styles, eigenlijk alle stijlen wel. Een roze blouse met dark-wash skinny jeans en loafers en je vader is klaar voor die casual meeting! Desert boots zouden er ook erg leuk bij staan trouwens aha.

Voor iets formeels zoals werk kan je vader een roze blouse ook perfect dragen. Om de look compleet te maken kan hij het combineren met een getailleerde slim-fit broek in bijvoorbeeld beige of donkerblauw met zwarte loafers. En vergeet niet tegen hem te zeggen om zijn blouse in zijn broek te stoppen en een riem aan zijn outfit toe te voegen voor een nette look!

Super leuk dat je mijn blog post hebt gelezen! Er is zo veel keuze aan cadeaus, dat je uiteindelijk gewoon iets moet keuzen. En herinner je jezelf eraan dat het gaat om het gebaar. :) 



When In Rome.... A Travel Diary + Tips

San Pietro Roma vista
Where do I begin? Rome is such a lovely city!! Compared to the small village I live in in Holland, Rome is of course huge, and a lot busier, with a roaming nightlife and lots of things to do on every corner of the city. Traveling, no matter whether you've been to the city a thousand times before, or that you're going there for the first time, it's always an adventure of self-discovery and self-growth, even in small ways. It starts when you take your first step at the airport, where you are outside your comfort zone, and it ends the moment you set that same step back home at the airport, but with a new fresh mindset! 

You grow most when you travel alone, as you are forced to be your own best friend at that time. I would say, do not travel to escape life, but you should travel for life not to escape yourself. I traveled to Rome by myself, but while in Rome I was with my family, so it wasn't a complete solo trip, but, the end of June I am going completely solo to Florence to take language lessons there for a few weeks. I did that before last year, but wasn't feeling well, so this time around I hope to get a fresh start and really enjoy my stay there.
View plane Swiss Alps
Maybe you can guess it already, it's a picture from the Swiss Alps, and it looks so pretty!! I didn't expect for it to be so much snow when it's almost June, but I guess that's normal. The weather in Rome last week wasn't so normal haha, it was 10 degrees below what it should be and it had been raining for about a week non stop. When I was there, the trees and everything never looked so green.

If you love travelling too you should check out the Solo Women Travel Group on Facebook, it's a lovely group with women from 15-90 or maybe even older from all around the world. I discovered it some time back and it's really nice. People share their stories, give advice, and you can also arrange a meet up with fellow travellers to explore the city you're going to! I find it really helpful, as I'm sometimes a bit naive and tend and this group awakens me to potential dangers as well. It's absolutely not to scare  people away haha, but it always good to know where not to go, or how to be prepared for certain trips or countries. For example, someone posted a post about getting scammed in Paris, and she said not to go to specific people or groups on the streets selling tickets as they're fake, only go to the official office. There was also a post about a woman getting severely injured at a resort in the Dominican Republic, which she warned people to stay aware from that place. Was really good to know, and her Facebook post in this group a week later even came on CNN News! Overall, it's fun to see what people are up to and it inspires you to book a trip too!

The funny thing is, is that when I'm in my own country for a longer period time, and I book a flight and it's time to go, I always feel like I don't really want to go. But I think that is because my own environment feels safe. Having that safe environment around me brings comfort, and getting out of the country is a step outside my comfort zone. But in end, I always love it when I'm actually in the plane on my way to my destination and my initial fear is gone!

For my trip to Rome I was there only for 2 days. It was really short, but it was nice to change environment, as sometimes getting into a routine day in day out can get a big boring, so this was a perfect getaway break. If you're looking to stay in a nice hotel in Rome, I definitely recommend the Sheraton Parco dei Medici. The staff is friendly, and the rooms are really comfortable too, and there is an outdoor swimming pool. The breakfast is good too, with lots of different things, and you take a free shuttle from the hotel right to the city center. Back in April when I went to Rome I stayed in the Holiday Inn Aurelia, which wasn't very good. It's near a highway and no free shuttle service available, so I recommend the Sheraton.
Sheraton Parco Dei Medici
Me taking advantage of the opportunity to have a relaxing evening in the tub because at home I don't have one aha! The bathrooms in the hotel are really nice and big, so it wasn't a problem to spend a few hours there.. :)
San Pietro Vaticano Roma

Rome travel diary must visits

Rome travel diary must visits
Rome travel diary must visits
Of course, Italy is the country where you can eat the best pizza and pasta! There are so many places to go to, but I'll list two of my absolute favourite ones that you can maybe try out next time you are in Rome. If you want to eat delicious pizza and suppli's than you should definitely not forget to make a stop at Mister Pizza. They have many sorts of pizza and taste really good! You can also easily take it with you or it it there, it's a mini restaurant/bar.
Mister Pizza Roma best pizza place
Mister Pizza Roma best pizza place
For yummy pasta you should go to Da Giovanni in the shopping mall called Euroma2. It's a lovely place where they prepare the pasta fresh in a few minutes while you wait in line for it to be ready. They have many sorts of pasta, from ravioli, to spaghetti and many more. It's nice to go here in between shopping to rest a bit.
Euroma2 Da Giovanni best pasta place
Thanks so much for reading my blog post! I hope you enjoyed it! Don't forget to take a look at the travel inspiration of Italy from Explorersaur for useful tips and fun ideas for your next trip to the land of the best food in the world and the lovely architecture! 

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