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Finding Your Inner Sparkle: How to find your passion & get inspired!

Embrace Boredom 
Contrary to popular belief, boredom can be a catalyst for creativity. Allow yourself to be bored without distractions—put away your phone, turn off the TV, and let your mind wander. It's during these moments of idleness that your brain starts to make unexpected connections, leading to fresh ideas and perspectives.

Change Your Environment 
Sometimes, all you need to jumpstart your creativity is a change of scenery. Take a walk in nature, visit a local art gallery, or simply rearrange your workspace. By exposing yourself to new stimuli, you'll stimulate your brain and invite fresh ideas to flow.

Embrace Failure
Fear of failure can stifle creativity. Embrace the idea that failure is an essential part of the creative process. Give yourself permission to make mistakes and learn from them. Remember, even the most celebrated artists and inventors faced setbacks along the way. Embracing failure as a stepping stone to success will free you from self-imposed limitations and open up new avenues of exploration. 

Collaborate and Brainstorm
Creativity thrives in a collaborative environment. Seek out like-minded individuals or join a creative community where you can bounce ideas off one another. Engaging in brainstorming sessions can spark inspiration and push your creativity to new heights. Remember, two heads are often better than one!

I now I would like you to introduce you to one of my lovely friends called Vera Schröder! She always had the dream to paint and is now making her dream a reality as she got inspired by nature. And I'm very proud of her for doing that!! (If you read this Vera, hi haha) 

A bit more about her! At first she made a lot of realistic paintings, mostly animals, flowers and landscapes, but later on she decided to make abstract art. Abstract art is an expression of feelings, which gives her freedom. Nothing is right or wrong, she just follows her intuition. The art she makes is based on what inspires her, she uses the colors or textures and follows her feelings.


Vera works with lots of layers of paint and uses extensive color palettes. Her paintings are made with acrylics on large linen canvases. Vera Schröder creates mostly art series. All canvases in a series are based on a theme. They are all unique and different, but all connected with the theme through color, size and material. Her art is powerful, elegant, pure, energetic and dynamic.

Thanks for reading today's blog post! Don't forget to take a look at her website! It's called veraschroder.com. Have a lovely day!! 😌


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