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Kiko Smooth Temptation Lipstick | Review


If you asked me what my favourite makeup product is, I'd definitely say lipsticks! I love them, I'm a little obsessed with them. A couple weeks ago i went shopping and of course I HAD to go into Kiko because i just really love that store, as i was looking at all the things I found a wonderful lipstick which probably is my favourite one at the moment.
I haven't seen many people talk about this lipstick and i really don't understand why. It is amazing !
These are my thoughts on it:


It doesn't come in the typical lipstick package, this one looks more like a crayon which i find really interesting. It doesn't look fancy or anything but i really like the fact that you don't have to open it to see what shade it is as the packaging is made of the same colour!
Kiko Smooth Temptation Lipstick | Review
Kiko Smooth Temptation Lipstick
The first time i ever applied this i was really surprised with how creamy it is. It is so smooth on the lips and it glides on the lips very easily. I love how moisturising it is and you don't really need to apply a lip balm before. It dries a bit after a while but it still doesn't feel drying at all! The texture is probably what made me fall in love with it!

I love how it stays on for quite a while, like 5 to 6  hours, but it will go off if you have lunch as it transfers a lot which i find quite annoying.

Kiko Smooth Temptation Lipstick | Review

I got the shade English Rose 04, it is a lovely pinkish nude colour, perfect for everyday wear. This is a ''my lips but better'' shade although it is a tiny bit darker than my actual lips. It looks quite natural when it's on but you can still tell that i am wearing something on my lips, which i really love. It has a subtle sheen after applying it but when it dries it looks quite matte. This lipstick is very pigmented, with a single swipe you can achieve full opacity.

Kiko Smooth Temptation Lipstick | Review

To add up to everything i love about this lipstick, it was only 2.30€ as it is on sale right now which is a total steal!

Of course! i will definitely buy this lipstick again in the same shade and some other shades as well to try them out as i love them so much!

Have you ever tried this lipstick? If so, did you like it? 

Hey everyone, I hope you enjoyed the lipstick review from Paula! I asked her to guest blog on Isabella's Choice because I really love her blog and hope you do too. A little description of Paula: 'My name is Paula, I am an 18 year old Spanish girl who loves fashion, beauty and boy band a little too much! I mostly blog about beauty, fashion and lifestyle.' Make sure to check out her blog called Nameless Gap and follow her on social media! Nameless Gap
Kiko Smooth Temptation Lipstick | Review
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Kiko Smooth Temptation Lipstick | Review


Getting my ears pierced

Hey everyone, 

I hope you're doing well!? This week has gone by so fast, I have a fifthy minute schedule so I leave school everyday around twelve which is very nice. It's raining the whole week and I'm really looking forward to some sun now. But since it's perfect weather to stay inside and start blogging I thought it would be a fun idea to share with you my ear piercing experience. 

My first ear piercing experience

getting my ears pierced #earrings #piercing http://isafashionbella.blogspot.com
So I've been thinking about getting my ears pierced for a long time, but I never really had the courage to go and get it done. I also didn't really knew if it would look great or it looked as too much. I finally made the decision and last Saturday was the day I went to a jewelry shop in my neighbourhood with my mom. I was quite nervous and when I stood in front of the shop I didn't want anymore haha.. My mom asked if it would look good on her and I said why not. So she went and got her ears pierced. I dint look, but she was still alive... ;) Because it looked cute I wanted to go too and they women pierced my ears at the same time. But because I was so nervous my head was shaking and when I looked in the mirror, one earring was higher than the other. The women said of all the people she had pierced, I was the first person it happened too. Luckily it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would and I have already one earring. Next week I'm going to get my other ear pierced and I have my fingers crossed! 
getting my ears pierced #earrings #piercing http://isafashionbella.blogspot.com
I watched a lot of videos on YouTube of people getting their ears pierced, you see very dramatic reations of people crying and screaming. That's why I was very afraid, but it's not that painful. You feel about an hour after some light pain in your ears but that's normal and goes away very quickly. Now the beginners earrings have to stay in for about six weeks and than you can choose other cute ones. I have to rotate my earrings every night so the earring doesn't get attached to my ear. Cleaning my ears with anti bacterial cream is also very important to prevent an infection. I'm already looking at other earrings online, my favorite jewelry brand right now is Pandora. So I think I'll probably my mine there. What's nice is that the jewelry pieces match with other pieces. I have a ring with a white stone from Pandora, and they sell matching earrings with the same white stones. The Italian brand Ti Sento also has nice and classic earrings. 

At the end I'm very happy I did it and it's was unfortunate that only one earring was pierced well, but At least I know it's not that bad and I love the way it looks and really looking forward to choosing some cute studs. If you are still thinking about whether or not your should get your ears pierced, I recommend going to the jewelry shop and look at some earrings and place them in front of your ears so you really see how it will look. The piercing is really not that painful, you can always decide to remove your earrings anytime of course. 

How was your ear piercing experience?

Have a lovely day, 



Special Valentine DIY Charms from Glamulet

Hey everyone,

Because Valentine's Day is getting closer, I still wanted to do another Valentine's Day related blog post. Maybe you've seen my other post with a gift guide for your bff!? If not you can still read it of course. And I have made my blog ready for Valentine´s Day with falling hearts! Now I wanted to share with you a new jewelry brand that I found really cute and original. The brand is called GlamuletThe charms brand Glamulet was launched two years ago to create and offer new trendy jewelry for women for an affordable price. The brand feels that every woman should be able to express herself and feel beautiful, what better way to do that other than with jewelry. Glamulet designs glamorous charms and bracelets, manufactured with good quality materials. All the charms and bracelets can be mixed and matched to create a personal style. 

glamulet valentine´s diy contest #glamulet isabella´s choice

For the Valentine's Day theme Glamulet came up with a Valentine DIY contest. It's very fun because you can be your own designer and mix and match charms and share your creativity to win a free photo charm. 
To win a charm, simply follow these steps: 
2. Click and design your own charm
3. Promote your own design trough your Facebook page or other social media 
4. Make sure you check out Glamulet to vote and share your favorite design

glamulet valentine´s diy contest #glamulet isabella´s choice charms

If you would like to get a cute charm yourself for Valentine's Day or for your friends and family, here's is a 15% discount code you can apply. 
Discount: 15% Off

Discount Code: BB-VD15

I wish everybody good luck with creating your own charm bracelet and creating your own love story, remember the more votes you get the higher the chance of winning is! 

Check out their Facebook page here to stay up to date with the newest charms. 
Have a lovely day, 


This is a sponsored blog post. 

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