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Ralph Lauren shopping haul

Hey everyone,

There are always so many things I want to have. You know you're a shopaholic when you look into your closet completely full but have nothing to wear. Shopping just makes people feel better and it's also fun to buy new clothes and to take care of yourself. One of my top favorite brands I like to shop at is Ralph Lauren. Because the brands is quite expensive and there isn't really a shop close to my city always buy it in an outlet. The outlet where I went is called the MCArthur Glenn in Roermond, close to Germany. It has many top designer stores and Rlaph Lauren is one of them. Also Ralph Lauren Polo and home are in the outlet. In today's post I would love to share the my items with you and I hope you enjoy it! 


Ralph Lauren Europe

Ralph Lauren shopping haul

The Ralph Lauren store didn't have as much things on sale as it had last year. It was a little bit disappointing but I still managed to find three good items that I can also wear when it's fall and the weather gets a little bit colder. 

The first item I bought is a striped t-shirt from 100% cotton. They had it in many colors but not in my size anymore. I love the soft pink stripes and it's just very comfortable and easy to wear, maybe with a denim jacket. 

My next items are two v-neck pullovers also from Ralph Lauren polo. I also have a blue v-neck pullover from last year and one with a round neck in beige. I love the bright colors of the sweaters, it's really cheerful. My closet needed some color so these were the perfect addition. These pullovers are also from 100% cotton. They are easy to wear and just classic sweaters. 

Thank you so much for reading today's post! I hope you enjoyed it. Do you love this brand?
Have a lovely day,


Swarovski wishlist

Hey everyone,

It's so hot today, there is a heatwave in the Netherlands! Many schools got a shortened schedule because it was almost fourthy degrees outside but expect my school. To make it a little bit better I bought ice creams for me and my friends. A quick life update: it's my first week of school and I have quite long days almost every day. I still have to get used to having to be on time for each class and looking on my watch. But I also kind of like that I have my normal routine back. My birthday is in September and I'm already making a Wishlist hahah! I always love to make Wishlist and also put things I my shopping cart and never actually buy them. Recently I discoverd the webshop Lookfantastic, maybe you've heard of it before and I came across the beauty box subscription. I think I'll try one out and I'll defentily show my beauty box with you in a blog post if you would like that. I hope you enjoy my post! 


For today's post I thought it would be a fun idea as I love making wishlists that I would share one about my favorite jewelry brand called Swarovksi. They have so many adorable things, not only jewelry. They have also stationary and other cute accessories. A few years ago my father started collecting small Swarovski crystal elements, his first was a winter bear collection. My father gave them to me as a gift and from that moment I started collections them too. (Now he has a new obsession, collecting chickens) The rings are really cool and the heart necklace is also very cute. 

Swarovski wishlist jewelry

Leather strap watch

Swarovski ring
€220 - swarovski.com

Pave necklace

Silver jewellery

White jewelry

€34 - designersguild.com

Swarovski Disney - Daisy Duck
€295 - swarovski.com

Thank you so much for reading my post! I hope you enjoyed it! 

What is your favorite Swarovski item?

Have a lovely day,




Guest post: Homemade Chocolate Muffins Recipe

Hey everyone,

Who doesn't love brownies!? They are definitely my favorite dessert. So that's why today's post is a yummy homemade brownie recipe guest post by Cristina from Janded.  She started her blog as a wish to share life experiences worth hearing and living. Her passions are what her blog's about: writing, food, crafting, traveling and much more! I hope you enjoy her post! 

Homemade Chocolate Muffins Recipe

You know what they say… you either are a food picker or a foodie, there is no other way around. And I know it because I turned from a very very, picky eater to a huge foodie. I love food; I love eating and making it. It’s no shame in it, I will always admit and praise my love for cooking & eating. So what a better way to show my love for food if not with a delish chocolate muffins recipe?
homemade Chocolate muffins recipe

What you will need:
·       125 g whole purpose flour;
·       80 g granulated sugar;
·       1 teaspoon of baking powder;
·       125 g soft butter (at room temperature);
·       2 eggs;
·       2 tablespoons of milk;
·       100 g milk chocolate (melted).
Preheat the oven to 175 C.

homemade Chocolate muffins recipe

Start by combining the dry ingredients: flour, sugar and baking powder. Add the soft butter and mix well. You should end up with a thick dough. Add the eggs and mix well until everything is well combined. Add the tablespoons of milk and stir well once again. Melt your chocolate in the microwave, in short rounds (about 10 seconds each) to prevent the chocolate from burning. Once the chocolate is melted, add it to the rest of the muffin dough and mix well one last time. Scoop the batter into the muffin tin using two spoons. I find this the easiest way; the batter is not too runny and it’s very easy to scoop with a spoon. If you don’t have a muffin tin you can use individual, disposable muffin forms as well. Also if you want to be naught you can add some extra chocolate chips in your muffin batter. They should be baked in about 20 minutes, depending on your oven. I love these muffins so much because they are chocolaty and taste a little like brownies as well. My Mum says they go perfect with coffee, but don’t believe her, try it yourself! I hope you’ll give this recipe a go, because it’s super easy to make and delicious. Let me know  how your chocolate muffins turned out! 

homemade Chocolate muffins recipe

I hope you enjoyed reading the recipe and now want to make some muffins too! Do you like muffins?
Make sure to check Christina's blog out and don't forget to visit her social media accounts as well.
You can also find me on my blog (www.janded.eu), facebook (www.facebook.com/JandedNet), instagram (www.instagra.com/janded)or on twitter (www.twitter.com/janded_).

Have a lovely day,


Colorful back to school supplies

Hey everyone,

Ahh school is already starting next week!Can you believe it!? Time really flies. I remember the day I had still two months holiday. Quick life update: Looking back on these weeks I have to say I've grown a lot during this summer. At the beginning of my holiday I went with my brother by plane to Rome to spend time with my Italian family there. Also my summer job made me more independent too, because you help other people who can't do everything around the house anymore. I now understand better how older people feel and under which difficult circumstances they live and really appreciate your help. And not to forget I got my drivers license! I was so happy because it was kind of a weird story. One week before my test my drivers instructor was saying all the things I did wrong and was really mean and only made me nervous. This went on for until the test and I really had the feeling I wasn't ready to pass the test. He even planned like 10 lessons in one week which is really absurd. I decided to not let him come along during my test. You know that feeling right before an exam, I didn't know where to sit or stand.. Everything went very well and luckily the instructor was really friendly. Than finally I heard the good news that I passed! I couldn't believe it and my drivers instructor didn't even smile. But it was my revenge haha!! Now on to the school supply haul.To make it just a little bit better I got myself some cute and colorful back to school items to start fresh this year. I also have another post on back to school shopping here

hema back to school supplies

All these supplies are bought in the Hema, a well know store in the Netherlands which has everything from fashion to food and is comparable to a Walmart in the United States. This year I wanted to go for something colorful because it's my senior year and than I'm off to Uni. 

Mini Markers
When I saw these mini markets I immediately wanted to have them. They are so cute and tiny and I love the different colors. The patterns remind me off summer which make school a little bit more colorful. 

hema back to school supplies

Academic planner 2016-2017
At first I wanted to by a personalized planner on Etsy, I really recommend that if you want to add a personal touch to it and design your own planner. But because I don't really use it that often and it's quite expensive I went for one at the Hema. They had many different ones to choose from, like a few that are from a brand but I choose one that's from Hema itself. It's in bright blue with big dots on the top. It's a week view planner and what's very handy is that it has a lot of space to write things in. It's in A5 format and also easy to take with you. Hopefully I'll be organized this year haha.. 

hema cute academic planner 2016-2017

Pencil case
In combination I wanted to have a new pencil case. I found this pink one with a palm tree on the zipper which also reminds be of the summer. The bright pink color is very cheerful and cute for next year. It's a medium format not too big just right for all the necessary things. 

Hema cute pencil case pink

Thank you for reading today's post! I hope you enjoyed my back to school supplies! What is your back to school must have for this year? 

Have a lovely day,



Guest post by Courtney: Drugstore favorites

Hey everyone,

Today I have an exciting new post, a guest post by Courtney Shepler. I hope you enjoy it but first A short introduction: With a touch of simplicity is a beauty and lifestyle blog hoping to inspire readers! It began with a 20 year old Navy Wife who started the blog to share all her life's tips, tricks, and the journey's she will encounter. The blog hopes to make a relationship with it's readers and provide a positive energy throughout! 

Makeup is so expensive now that it makes you want the best deal for your dollar. Drugstores are definitely the way to go! These are my go-to drugstore items that are higher quality than some of the high quality makeup out there!

drugstore favorites

In my last post about makeup (which you can find here: My favorite beauty products I talked about the Urban Decay setting spray. Well, I hate to say it but more than often I will go with the L'orealmakeup extending spray just because it really does work just as good, if not better (shhh, don't tell). My other favorite L'oreal product is the voluminous mascara! This is in black, but normally I like the darker black color which I believe is called carbon black. Total falsies look! 

loreal infaillable makeup extender

I also love NYX cosmetics just because the products that they produce are such good quality, and because of that they are very well known in the makeup industry. I love the NYX cosmetics liquid illuminator, it is literally perfect for all skintones! The illuminator gives your skin the perfect glow. You can use it as a highlighter, or put it on before your foundation to give that under-glow (if you have oily skin, do not do this). The other favorite NYX beauty product I have is the concealer. This concealer does not crease, and it is full coverage. The only difference in this and the Maybelline concealer is that it is creamier,  and the application of the product is much easier. 

Nyx liquid illuminator review

Maybe it's Maybelline (sorry that jingle is stuck in your head now)! Maybelline has been around for years and still constantly continues to amaze me. They have managed to gear all their makeup products to a variety of people rather than just teens and young adults. Maybelline has the best nude lipstick that lasts all day long. This color lipstick is called Blushing Beige (number 915). My other favorite Maybelline product that I just briefly mentioned is the concealer. This concealer is an extreme full coverage concealer, and it does not leave a tint under your eyes for pictures. But, this is just a squeeze tube and the concealer itself is rather thick so it does crease. I tend to use this and the NYX combined so this can be placed lower than my eye creases.

Maybelline concealer review

Lastly, is Revlon. Revlon has the best contour pallete! It is in the color Bronze Glow (number 030). This is more of a compact pallete that I like to use for bronzer and highlighter combined and I can fit it easily into my purse. It's less of a pallete and looks more like an eyeshadow kit, even though it is actually meant for highlighting.


Thank you so much for reading the guest post by Courtney! I hope you enjoyed her post. Don't forget to visit her blog and her other social media accounts above! 

What is your drugstore favorite? 
Have a lovely day,
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