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Designing Your Dream Kitchen! // Budget Tips & Inspiration

Designing Your Dream Kitchen budget tips
I hope you're doing well and are looking forward to the weekend! Maybe the time has come that you're ready, both mentally and financially to buy your first home, to switch home, or to just revamp your current home to something different. It can get quite overwhelming, especially with having to keep in mind a particular budget. But don't worry too much, there are tons of tips that can make this fun step in your life easier, so you can focus on what's most important: designing your dream kitchen! Get comfy and read further now for some useful budgeting tips and also some cute kitchen makeover looks and ideas. 
Designing Your Dream Kitchen budget tips
The more things you replace with new items, the more expensive your kitchen will get, mostly because more materials are necessary. And even more expensive will be cabinets that need to be customised to specific sizes you need for your home. There are many solutions to this. You could for example pick a color you like and repaint your kitchen in a fun color. If you want to go bold pick a bright color like yellow or red, and maybe even combine it with several other colors. (And you're thinking about the environment too, a win win aha!) You can also reface the cabinets. This will be a bit more work and also more expensive, but it pays off because it's still cheaper than buying new items. Or even just changing soms knobs or handles to something different can already completely change the look of your kitchen. 
Designing Your Dream Kitchen budget tips
In the end, you're responsible for limiting the costs and to stick to your budget. The more services you hire for helping you with remodelling and installing your new kitchen, the more it'll cost. And of course those services will try to earn as much as possible and you're trying to decrease your spending. Some things you can do yourself are for example painting the cabinets and walls, or even the tiling. There are also many diy video's on Youtube that will help you a lot! 
Designing Your Dream Kitchen budget tips
This will definitely cost you a lot more when you want to completely change every single thing in your kitchen. When you're on a budget it's the smartest to keep the existing structure and layout of your kitchen and only change some additional things. With the right accessories, tiling, colors and more you can create a different look with a budget almost in half. Buy some cute kitchen pots, colourful blinds, some paint, cute knobs and your kitchen will already look unrecognisable in a few hours. 
Designing Your Dream Kitchen budget tips
If you do want to change something more than a few basic things, then don't forget to take a look at these kitchen worktops. I really like granite and marble for kitchens, because it gives a clear and neat look! The webshop is a specialist in cut-to-size natural granite, marble, slate, limestone, and even quartz. The worktops are from 100% natural stone, and most importantly they're from good quality and very affordable too. Which is great if you're on a budget! You can check their website for a complete overview of the kinds of materials you might want and a lot of options to choose from. 



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