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One With Nature // How To Recognise Sustainable Fashion Brands?

How To Recognise Sustainable Fashion Brands?
I have to admit that for quite a while I wasn't a very sustainable shopper. It's only until the start of the pandemic with underlining existing inequalities that I've started to be a lot more conscious about the brands I buy and which brands are better to avoid all together. And that's okay, life is a learning curve! A world free of pollution and fully empowered by slow fashion is still far away. But, every step is a step in the right direction. The most important thing is that each one of us contributes. Sometimes it can be tough to recognise what brands are actually sustainable. Read further now for some useful tips plus I'll share a cute sustainable clothing brand I recently discovered! 

How To Recognise Sustainable Fashion Brands?

The world will become a better place because of our efforts in empowering one another to shop sustainably and to think about the environment. So I recently stumbled across a fully sustainable and ethical brand called Unified Nature. 

'When you want to stand out, you have to stand up for what you believe.' - Unified Nature

I love this quote from the brand! Still so many people are following the crowd too much, due to peer pressure, societal norms, etc. It takes courage to do you own thing and to wear what you love is definitely part of that aha! The brand aims at making you feel special in their limited editions, because just like the collection, you are a limited edition too! You can not only feel comfortable and look cute, but at the same time help the environment. What is also cool is that the brand has a deeply rooted love for streetwear. And this is what makes their clothing fun instead of shopping for the same items that many many people wear too. 

How To Recognise Sustainable Fashion Brands?

I received the Freehand Back Print White Tee and it looks really cool! I love the kind of font they used for the writing on the back. The tee is made from 100% certified organic cotton and is screen printed with water based ink. Up until a few days ago it was a really snowy and cold week in the Netherlands, so I thought what better way to be unified with nature than putting on some shorts and taking some pictures in the snow! 😊 Ah and it's good to know that organic cotton is free of any harmful ingredients! 

Here I'll list a few things that can always come in handy when looking for true sustianable brands. Because it isn't always what it looks like! 
1. Try to look at the brand's CSR policy: corporate social responiblity. Usually you can find this information on their website. 
2. Make sure to check what kind of fabrics are used. Favorable materials that are very sutainable are for example silk, linnen or organic cotton. 

Thank you very much for reading today's post! I hope you are well and stay safe and healthy at home! With the code 'ISABELLASCHOICE' you get 10% off of your first order.



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