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Sustainable Clothing by the CinagroBrothers

Sustainable Clothing by the CinagroBrothers
Across the globe fashion is one of the largest and most polluting industries that has ever existed. Fast fashion isn't the fastest way forward anymore, and in the wake of the pandemic, the industry is very slowly starting to see a different perspective. A perspective that is more sustainable and good for the environment. You may think but how can I help? Well you can actually do a lot aha! I've recently come across a fun sustainable clothing brand. If you're curious don't hesitate and read further now! 
Sustainable Clothing by the CinagroBrothers

The brand I'm talking about is called CinagroBrothers. They're much more than just a brand: they're a movement aiming at making the world a kinder and more sustainable place. And I think that's a beautiful goal, which will of course take a long time. But every step into the right direction is a step, and if more and more people join this movement and purchase ethical and sustainable clothing, fast-fashion will hopefully not be put on a pedestal anymore. Have you noticed that Cinagro written backwards is Organic?! I just discovered it now.. Cool right? 

The brand connect environmental ethics with art and has all kinds of designs make by talented artists from around the world, from sweatshirts, to hoodies, to shirts and even face masks all from organic cotton and no plastic waste. I choose the polar bear sweater because I thought it was the cutest design out of all of them! It's really nice it's from organic cotton; it feels soft and you can see it's from good quality and thick material, which is great for the winter to stay warm and cozy. It's a unisex sweater and you can get it in blue, black, and white. 
Sustainable Clothing by the CinagroBrothers

  1. The clothing is made from eco-friendly materials, which are for example organic and without the use of any kind of pesticides. 
  2. The clothing is made without causing pollution, so it only uses natural energy. 
  3. Sustainably made clothes help both the environment and the people. Harmful chemicals are a no go, as well as any toxins, and the clothes are produced in a way that is good for the people too. Thus, treating working fairly. 
I hope you enjoyed today's post! Thank you very much for reading!


* This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with the CinagroBrothers


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