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African Extracts Rooibos Classic Care Range // Review

African Extracts Rooibos Classic Care Range review
Hope you've had a good weekend! 2020 is the year that focus has been shifted towards sustainable, vegan, and organic brands and products. It's equally important that the product benefits yourself as well as the environment. That's why today's post is about a sustainable and vegan skincare brand that I recently discovered! 😊 I'll be doing a review of the African Extracts Rooibos Classic Care Range. If you're into skincare just as much as me get comfy with a cup of coffee or tea and let's get right to it! 

Taking good care of my skin is something I've mostly learned from my mother. She's really into skincare and trying out different kinds of products so from a young age I've realised the importance of sunscreen etc. Which I'm very thankful for. The African Extracts Rooibos skincare collection is known for its special antioxidant benefits due to the Rooibos plant that grows all the way in the Cederberg mountains in the Western Cape. Cool right?! I'm sure you've heard of the Rooibos plant sometime, because it's popular for its yummy tea.

"Our hero ingredient is an organic green Rooibos extract, because it offers powerful antioxidant protection and soothing properties,” says Sarah Hetherington, an award-winning former beauty editor who is a co-founder of the brand with her husband, Cape Town-based skin-care manufacturer Rob Tiffin." - African Extracts 

African Extracts send me three products from their everyday skincare range to try out: an exfoliating face scrub, a cleansing lotion, and a moisturiser/day cream. This range is suitable for all skin types and is great also for starters that would like to try out something new but something easy and quick as well that effectively cleanses your skin. I think they would be a good recommendation if you have skin problems like pimple or rashes etc because the skincare has a calming effect on your skin. 

1. Moisturizing Day Cream - SPF 15: has an SPF 15, vitamin E to protect your skin and is nice to use especially with cold weather to protect your skin against the cold and the sun. It's suitable for almost all skin types and is available for €10.49. Ingredients: organic Rooibos Extract, Chamomile flower extract, and Vitamin E. 

2. Soothing Cleansing Lotion. The lotion has a light non-greasy formula that moisturises your skin and softens it with the Chamomile flower extract. Apply a small amount on your fingertips and gently massage into your face and neck. Then rinse with lukewarm water to remove the impurities off of your face. And your face will feel as soft a baby skin. 😉 Ingredients: organic Rooibos Extract, Chamomile flower extract, and Vitamin E. €8,99

3. Exfoliating Face Scrub. The crushed Rooibos leaves and the apricot seed gently remove any dead skin cells impurities, resulting in a softer and healthier skin. The scrub great for any type of skin and you can easily use it when you take a shower and apply it on a damp skin and gently massage into your skin. It's best to not use this scrub too often; once or twice a week if enough. Ingredients: organic Rooibos Extract and apricot seed and Rooibos leaves. €8,99

African Extracts Rooibos Classic Care Range review

I think this is one of those brands that when you discover them you wished you knew about them much earlier. I never tried anything like this before because often I associate Rooibos with tea and wasn't sure how that would work with skincare products. But I've been surprised by how nice and soft the products felt on my skin! My skin is quite sensitive due to my rosacea, so I always have to be careful with the products I use and that the ingredients in them aren't too aggressive etc. I've now been trying out the African Extracts skincare products for about a week and I've been starting to get attached to them aha! It has become a routine to apply the moisturiser in the morning, usually after just rinsing my face with luke warm water. Often after I applied the daily cream (it's great that it has an spf 15) I often put some makeup on, like a pressed powder or a foundation. At night I use the face wash lotion to remove the makeup and clean my face, which I really like as well! The lotion smells not too strong, but a gentle and natural smell that makes your face feel like you're in a real spa almost. After that I sometimes apply the moisturiser again before going to bed, or I just leave my skin and start again with the routine the day after. The cream feels very soft on my skin and it also absorbs well into my skin and feels non greasy, which makes it a great base for any kind of makeup. The face scrub was also very nice! I applied it while taking a shower. I would recommend it if you have any blackheads or impurities, because the scrub really cleans and softens your skin, making it look more refreshed and tighter. 
African Extracts Rooibos Classic Care Range review

What I really like about the products is that the ingredients are not bad your either your skin or your health. They're vegan, organic and sustainable which is definitely a plus for both you and the environment. I can really feel the difference when I try a product that has lots of perfume and chemical ingredients in it compared to natural ingredients. The saying that when you don't know what you miss you can't miss it is definitely true. Now that I know the difference it's tough to switch back to non-vegan and organic products. 

I would recommend this brand 100%! If you're looking for affordable, good-quality and cruelty free skincare with natural antioxidants then this skincare brand could definitely be a good option for you! :) 

Have you ever tried something from this brand? Let me know in the comments! 

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