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4 Great Benefits Of Choosing Bamboo Clothing

4 Great Benefits Of Choosing Bamboo Clothing

I think we can all agree that 2020 is the year of the upsurge of environmental sustainability. The focus has shifted away from fast fashion towards finding solutions and methods that benefit instead of exploit our planet. Fast fashion is something that is still widely available and a difficult problem to solve. But with other brands and companies taking initiatives to balance it out, a more sustainable future is possible if we all work together and decrease our footprint! Bamboo clothing is one of those great initiatives. To know more I've listed 4 great benefits of choosing bamboo clothing, plus a cute clothing brand you might or might not have heard of yet! 😉 

If you're looking for a last minute Christmas gift for your father, uncle, brother etc, or just a gift for any kind of occasion then Bamigo might be an option. Bamigo is a new brand for men that designs clothes made from bamboo fibres, cool right?! The clothes are handmade and are known to be lightweight and comfortable to wear, almost like a silky soft feeling. Bamboo fabric are also very breathable which is nice especially if you live in a place where summers get hot. The webshop has anything from must haves like underwear, t-shirts, socks and lounge wear. Especially now that most countries are coping with a lockdown, you can never get enough of these staples. Maybe you won't go out or can't go out, so you can dress to stay home in your comfortable lounge wear. 
4 Great Benefits Of Choosing Bamboo Clothing
It's nice to know that the fabric the brand uses is a combination of organic cotton and bamboo. The mix of the two materials creates a good fit and extra elasticity. I find especially elasticity important because it really makes or breaks an outfit. If it's not there it's a lot less comfortable! Bamboo is more sustainable than cotton. Fun to know is that to produce a kilo of cotton you need 8000 litres of water. And with that kilo of cotton you can only make one pair of jeans. But, bamboo is a natural material and thus grows naturally and very quickly. 

Bamboo is quite unique and has lots of great environmental advantages for many reasons. Here I've listed a few reasons below: 
  1. Because bamboos grows naturally it isn't necessary to help it grow with artificial watering. This will be a huge benefit for our planet, because it will be an aid in decreasing water scarcity. Natural materials are the key to a more sustainable future. 
  2. Compared to cotton, every square metre filled with bamboo can produce ten times more products than cotton. Especially in the fight against deforestation this will be very beneficial. 
  3. Did you know that bamboo can also absorb a lot of CO2? If you take the same amount of a forest of trees then bamboo is the winner. 
  4. Bamboo remains infiltrated into the soil, which will help the soil to remain fertile. 
4 Great Benefits Of Choosing Bamboo Clothing
It can be difficult to choose a gift for men, but when you stick to the essentials then you can almost never go wrong with what you pick! For example the casual t-shirts are very easy to combine and you can get them in lots of colours. You can restyle the shirt creating a casual look for the day and style it a bit more formal with maybe a plaid jacket for an evening out. If you want to go the extra mile then a bath robe will definitely make him happy. It's comfy and perfect for a day in, especially when it's cold outside and getting dark very early. 


* [ad] This post has been written in collaboration with Bamigo. 

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