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Mini Autumn Shopping Haul

Mini Autumn Shopping Haul
I'm just back at home from a short trip to Florence to visit a friend. I have to say, if I would have to pick a city to live in the rest of my life, I would definitely choose Florence aha! The architecture, the houses, the clothes, everything is just so beautiful there! Besides the culture and the food, the change that you come empty handed back home is not very big with all the shops. I like that there are many small local Italian clothing shops in Florence, together with more popular shops like Zara and OVS and more expensive designer shops like Massimo Dutti. Always when I buy things online I tend to buy more from the same brand and usually have to send back a few items because I can't try them on. I would love to show you a few things I bought there. Get comfy and lets get right to my Autumn Shopping Haul! 
Mini Autumn Shopping Haul
Pineafore Dress 
I came across a cute little shop in Florence where everything is 20 euros. The shop doesn't really have a name. They had so many sweaters in all kinds of shades like brown, light brown, beige, white, all perfect for Fall. Unfortunately I had to choose my favorites because as a girl your suitcase is always too full. I ended up choosing this black pinafore dress in corduroy, because it's quite cold already in the Netherlands. They could have made it a little bit longer, but it's still very cute!! I bought a cozy beige sweater to wear in combination with the dress. I think it will also look nice if you wear something like a turtle neck shirt under it. I combined it with a pair of black shoes and black tights. 
Mini Autumn Shopping Haul
Woolen Coat & Purse 
I also went to the Zara, because in the Southern countries the Zara is less expensive than in my country. I'm not sure if the collection is different, I think it's mostly the same. I was looking for a woolen jacket/coat and saw this one. It's really nice and warm, you can probably wear it as a blazer for inside as well, as a jacket it might be too cold to wear here. It's a bit manly and fits over your hip, it kind of has a wide fit. Than I saw this fun little red purse! It's a statement bag and can add that final touch to your outfit, that pop of color aha! 

I hope you enjoyed reading my mini Autumn shopping haul! 
Question time - What is your favorite brand?

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