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Happy Monday!! The start of a new week with new chances! It's so cold here in the Netherlands that I just want to stay cozy and warm under a blanket and watch Netflix with a big cup of tea and chips. Doesn't that sound perfect?! Your room should be a place where you can hide from everyone once in a while (let's be honest, we all have those kinds of moments haha), or a place where you can relax, study and most importantly feel at home in. I recently heard that I got a room in my university town, so I need to start packing lots of things and look for cute decorations. For winter, besides the practical part of the room, a dorm room should be cozy. Adding floor pillows, blankets, and other stuff. I always love decorating my bed, with pillows and throws. Read further now to make your dorm room winter proof with some cute bedding essentials! 
Silk Bedding Set
I don't know why, but silver reminds me of the Christmas and Winter period. It's a festive color and adds that extra sparkle to your room. I came across this bedding set and absolutely love it!! I like that it's not a standard pattern or shade, but it's original. It's made from silk and the material is super soft and comfy. It's great both for people who get it warm or cold easily because the silk actually regulates your body temperature in every season. It comes with two pillowcases as well and would be a nice gift for Christmas or New Year. You can get silk comforter in other colors, such as white, toffee and purple. White is a basic shade you can never go wrong with. If you're in doubt it's best to choose that! And the person with white bedding can pimp up their room with other fun decorations. 
White Bedding Set
Staying in the silver kind of shades, this white bedding set will look super cute in combination with grey and beige. You can add any kinds of pillows and blankets, and maybe even one pillow in a brighter color to add a pop of color into your room. This set is also made from silk and really soft to sleep in. I can remember that sometimes I bought bedding that was quite hard, and that's not at all good to sleep in. So the material is very important for a good night sleep aha! You can get this set in different sizes and it especially great to keep you warm in winter. It even comes with a tote to store your bedding in when winter is over. 

Thank you very much for reading today's post! I hope you enjoyed it! These are the best bedding sets for 2019 if you prefer silk and want to stay warm for sure. If you're a student just like me, besides studying it's important to also schedule in some me-time. A comfy bed can't be forgotten! 

Have a lovely day,

Isabella ❤


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  1. It even comes with a tote to store your bedding in when winter is over.


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