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8 Random things found in my purse

Hey everyone,

A purse will always be a girls best friend. You take it everywhere with you and can put all the necessary items in it. There are so many things I want to take with me everytime I go shopping or go to town. It almost feels like I'm a backpacker haha. Water, deodorant, wallet, phone, and many more things. That's why I thought it would be fun to show you what I carry with me in my purse! Get comfy and let's get started!


8 Random things found in my purse

  1. The first must have item I always have with me is a lipgloss. I can't go a day without lipgloss because I love hydrating my lips. I always have the Maybelline baby lips with me which is very handy for dry lips and sometimes I also wear it on top of a lipstick. A lipgloss I'm loving right now is a transparent glitter gloss from The Italian beauty brand Collistar. The gloss feels very soft on your lips and makes your lips feel hydrated for a very long time.
8 Random things found in my purse

2. I think you can guess what my next must have item in my purse is!? It's of course my good old friend, my phone. In a world like today phones are really so important in our daily life's. It can make or break a relationship with your friends if you can't text or call them. For me my phone is besides my IPad a sort of a second home. I write blog posts on my phone, take pictures, chat with friends, share some pictures on social media or look for some fun makeup looks on Pinterest. I can't imagine that many years ago he mobile phone didn't even exist. Right now I have the Samsung Note 3 but I'm panning on buying the IPhone 7 as it's such a cool phone! 

3. My next thing that I always carry with me is a notebook. Not a notebook for drawing but for writing anything that pops up and seems like a good idea to write a blog post about. This prevents me from not knowing what I can write about and I always a list with a few ideas to publish. I always buy my notebooks at the Hema, a Dutch warehouse which has almost everything and especially their stationary is very cute. Or shop online at ASOS which have very cute notebooks too, for example from Oh Deer. 

8 Random things found in my purse

4. Sunglasses are also always in my purse. In Holland the weather is basically fall the whole year round. The sun can shine as quickly as it starts to rain so you may never know when those sunnies come in handy. Right now I'm really into the Ray Ban sunglasses, especially the wayfarer is classic and cute!
5. My wallet can't be left at home of course. My purse is from Furla and it's very cool that they also had a matching wallet in green too. Furla is my number one shop to go shopping for bags or cute accessories like key chains. It's an expensive brand but the quality is really good so definitely worth it.

6. In a small pouch I bring with me the 'girls' stuff and a small deodorant and some hair ties just in case. 

8 Random things found in my purse

7. I always bring with me a bottle of water. It's good to stay hydrated all day and it makes me feel better as well. A few weeks ago I bought a Dopper bottle. Maybe you know the brand but it's a very handle water bottle with a cup build in. It's in many different colors and mine is in purple. 

8. To to forget my Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 camera! I love to bring it everywhere with me so when I want to capture a great moment I always have a picture that reminds me of all the memories. It's so cute that there are a lot of cool cases for your camera and picture frames as well. Stil need to check that out!

Thank you very much for reading today's post! Other things like hair ties, contact lenses and for ear muffs are also must haves to take with me in my purse. I hope you enjoyed reading the things I actually carry with me in my purse. What is your number one must have in your purse?

Have a lovely day,

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  1. I'm not a huge fan of purses, I prefer to use a small backpack.

    I always carry my phone, wallet, bubblegum, hair ties, a book (or Kindle), my iPod, a comb, hand sanitizer, and tissues in my backpack. Those are the things I use the most while I'm out of the house :)

    The Journeys of a Girl


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