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Rosegal crochet mermaid blanket

Hey everyone,

I hope you've had a great week so far! It's has been quite a busy week for me but now that's it's weekend it's time to start blogging again. Today I would love to share my Rosegal purchase and stay tuned for the next few items next week!

Rosegal crochet mermaid blanket
Rosegal crochet mermaid blanket
Rosegal is an online fashion store, started by a group of friends who all shared the same passion for fashion. They see the vintage style as unique and a way to create endless possibilities, it's a timeless fashion statement. Also the transformative modern style with a touch of urban energy can be found as well. By offering these two different sorts of styles, they aim to capture the hearts of their costumers. Their goal is simple: to share their love of the best fashion with each of you. On Rosegal you can find trendy and affordable clothes from vintage to modern styles. 

Rosegal crochet mermaid blanket

I'm very excited to finally share an item I've wanted to have for so long. I came home and couldn't wait to open my Rosegal package. From the few items I received, the first one that I'll share today is a crochet multicolored mermaid blanket. I've seen it so many times on tumblr and Instagram of people sharing their pictures with their cute and cozy blankets. That made me put a mermaid blanket on top of my wishlist. On Rosegal they had many different sizes and different textures and knits. I decided to choose a colorful blanket in pink with red and all sorts of colors combined. It's perfect as it's fall now and it's getting colder and darker and you can just snuggle up in your mermaid blanket. Not to forget it also looks very cute! It's warm, comfortable and easy to take with you. 

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What do you think of the mermaid blanket?
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  1. Beautiful!! Always thought about trying to make one, but think it would take me AGES!

    Alanna | Adventures and Naps 


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