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Reasons to love fall

Hey everyone,

It officially my favorite season of the year, fall! The time to make your wardrobe fall proof and to get ready for chilly nights, bonfires and not to forget Halloween. For some cool autumn blog post ideas ideas you can check my recent post here. Every season is unique in it's own way. If you want to know a few reasons to love fall you're in the right place!

Chilly nights and shorter days
During fall the days get shorter and nights get colder. This is the perfect time to buy that cozy blanket and turn on your Netflix and binge watch some of your favorite tv shows during the weekend. 

Reasons to love fall

Making your room fall-ready
Fall is just another good excuse to buy some cute fall accessories for in your dorm room. From cute fairy lights, to to cute pillows or candles. Anything will make your room cozier and will be fall proof.

While I'm not a very big fan of Halloween it's still very fun to decorate your house for Halloween. October is the month of the pumpkin season. While you can decorate your house with them, there are so many more things you can do with pumpkins, like making a pumpkin soup or do funny activities with friends like carving pumpkins. They are eatable and cute!
Reasons to love fall

We often get so caught up in our busy world that we forget how beautiful nature is. During fall the trees and flowers just have so many beautiful dark colors. When I was younger I would always go with my family for a long walk in the woods and collecting all sorts of colorful leaves. 

Reasons to love fall

Sweater weather
As the weather gets colder, warm sweaters are definitely are must have for your wardrobe. Sweaters are just very comfortable and yet another 
reason to go on a shopping spree to the mall. The transition from summer to fall clothes is fun because it's a start of a new season with new fashion trends and styles to try out.
Reasons to love fall

Thank you so much for reading today's post about the reasons to love fall. (All pictures from WEHEARTIT)

What is your favorite season of the year?
Have a lovely day,


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  1. I have to say, I prefer summer over the other seasons, and fall is difficult for me because it is the end of summer. But you are right, there are so many nice things about fall. :)


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