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Rosegal waterproof longlasting lipstick review

Hey everyone,

Today I want to share a beauty related post on my blog. Keep reading because here's my Rosegal waterproof long-lasting lipstick review! 

When I was younger I wasn't really into all the makeup stuff. During my first year in high school all my friends were already wearing foundation, eyeliner and lipstick everyday meanwhile I didn't even know how to apply an eyeliner properly haha. Makeup is a very powerful thing and if you use it correctly can really make you look prettier, especially during fall when you have less sun. It's only just recently that I started to wear lipsticks. I always wore lipglosses but after trying a lipstick I definitely prefer them. Especially because lipglosses in general are stickier than lipsticks. I really wanted to try a lipstick from Rosegal because besides fashion the shop also has a wide beauty range. I still needed a pink lipstick and this one was perfect to add to my collection.
Rosegal waterproof longlasting lipstick review

The lipstick is small which is very handy to take with you. The color looks really nice, just like you see on their website. I thought that for this bargain the color would fade away quickly but that wasn't the case. The color lasted pretty long and only after you eat or drink you need to maybe touch up a little bit. The color is like a Barbie pink which is perfect for a night out or to wear in combination with a more casual outfit. Before I wore a lot of dark pink and the more red shades but now in comparison to this lighter shade I do prefer this lipstick. Even tough it's not really a color for fall it looks better because my skin gets whiter during fall. 

Rosegal waterproof longlasting lipstick review

Overall I'm very happy I tried this lipstick from Rosegal. It's easy to apply and won't fade away either. I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for an affordable and good lipstick. 

Rating: 4/5 
What is your fall lipstick shade?
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  1. I love the colour of the lipstick ,nice post



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