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Why furry headphones are a winter must have

Hey everyone,

Happy Saturday! Halloween has just finished and the shops are already decorated for Christmas. This part of the year is actually my favorite because I love buying Christmas stuff and make my dorm room winter ready and cozy. There are still so many things on top of my wishlist oh and not to forget November is the month where I will officially turn nineteen, can you believe that!? Where did the time go? But nineteen is still a beautiful age and I'm still a teenager for one more year. This week has been so busy, I've had test week since Monday. After having to learn everyday for hours I kind of forgot how to relax and just do something more fun haha. Today I would love to share a thing that I've saw so many times and now that I finally got it let's get to what I'm talking about!

Why furry headphones are a winter must have dresslily

Maybe you're not really a winter person and want to stay warm and cozy inside under your favorite blanket with a cup of tea. I'm like that, well a little bit because I always have to find a way to keep myself warm on a cold and snowy day. Dresslily, an online shops that offers worldwide delivery and has many cool and trendy clothes has given me a pair of fluffy headphones. It's such a cool invention that keeps you warm and entertained at the same time! The headphones are really cute and comfortable and I've tried them now almost everyday and it amazed me how good the quality of the sound is. For such a bargain you wouldn't expect it at all. The color is beige and the headphones come with a cable as well. I would say that fluffy headphones are my winter must have of 2016. Listening to music or watching your favorite tv show at a chilly night can now be done perfectly with my fluffy headphones from Dresslily and it keeps me warm. 

Why furry headphones are a winter must have

I hope you enjoyed reading today's post! Dresslily has many cool products, from party dresses to casual outfits and tech accessories. It's a great shop and you should definitely check it out!
What do you think of these furry headphones?

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  1. My daughter would love those headphones. It would keep her ears warm as she walks home from school this winter.

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