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Where To Find Sustainable And Stylish Face Masks?

sustainable face masks
We're a few months in the pandemic and more and more countries are recommending face masks. The Netherlands was quite late to the party, but eventually face masks became mandatory in all public transport. Which I think is a really good thing, because keeping a distance in those spaces can get difficult or impossible sometimes. In the beginning I wasn't very aware of the environmental causes disposable masks cause. But now reading more and more articles and seeing pictures of sea turtles eating the blue masks that eventually get thrown in the sea due to the flood of too many masks is just so horrible to see. That's why I listed a few sustainable face masks that you can wear to protect others, look cute in at the same time reduce waste! Win win right?! 
sustainable face masks
Tonlé is a zero waste fashion brand which sells reusable organic masks produced from organic cotton derived from t-shirt jersey. The prices are quite high, but this has to do with the fact that the company can keep their sewers employed. The masks are non-medical, but have the required three-layer protection.

sustainable face masks
The masks from Passion Lillie are fair-trade and handmade in New Orleans. Made from 100% cotton, these masks are lightweight and with 2-3 layers of fabric depending on the thickness of the fabric you're doing yourself, others, and the environment a huge favour. What I like a lot is that besides the elastic straps you can also choose cotton ties if you feel like that is more comfortable. The come in all kinds of fun patterns, so you can switch things up everyday!

sustainable face masks
This is a brand called Arraei, which sells clothing items and other cute accessories. They recently started collaborating with Boheme Goods to design and produce non-medical eco-friendly face masks for adults and children. The masks are made from leftover materials in order to create a sustainable environment. What is great is that for each purchase, the brand will donate to various charities, ranging from a local elderly care center to a women's centre in South Africa.

sustainable face masks
Emilia George is another nice brand you can take a look at if you're looking for colourful face masks! They come in mint, salmon, white, and lots of other pastel shades that are perfect for summer. And not to forget, they have adjustable elastic earlobes which makes it 10x more comfortable if you have to wear the mask for a longer period of time. These masks are also seen on Vogue, Popsugar, Forbes, and more. 

sustainable face masks
I think Lila Bare would be my favourite brand!! I absolutely love that each layer of the mask is crafted by different local communities, and made from rain-fed cotton grown in East Africa. The cotton farmers there are paid a fair living wage for their hard work in harvesting the cotton. That's how is should be! These kinds of masks are a bit more luxurious, with handcrafted metal beads to make your mask looks extra fashionable. 


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