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OOTD // Black With A Pop Of Red

ootd Zara fashion inspiration
And it's snowing again!! The sun was shining shortly, and for a moment I thought it was feeling a tiny bit like Spring, but I guess those fluffy sweaters are still much needed. I have a few days off with no classes and am loving just being able to have absolutely nothing to do and reenergize for the next semester. January is perfect for finding great bargains everywhere. Usually somewhere this month I go to Rome to spend time with my family, and always go shopping in the outlets there or normal shopping centers. If you're looking for some fun outfit inspiration, get comfy and read further! 

I would say my style has changed over the months. 2018 Was a year of self-discovery, I learned a lot of life lessons, learned more about myself and about the way I dress. I mean, we all have those pictures from when we were a teen and think by ourselves ' how could we dress like that?' haha. Exploring what suits you is just trial and error. Eventually, you'll get the hang of it. 
ootd Zara fashion inspiration
Palazzo Trousers
I never really wear an outfit all in black, but I wanted to try something new. When I was in Florence a few months ago, I saw many women with palazzo trousers and thought they're super cute! So I went to the Zara in the hope of finding a pair and came across there black palazzo trousers. The material is really light, and I love it's a cropped fit. I'm not that tall, so a lot of the time when you want palazzo trousers, the width is ok but they're too long. You can adjust the width and you can tie it in a bow around your waist. Black is an easy and basic color and you can easily wear it in summer too. 

Basic Jumper 
The long sleeve top is from the Mango and is made from cashmere. It's really comfy and also nice to wear with a pair of jeans. It's basically just a simple jumper and with the right accessories, you can make it cute.  If you're not a fan of black, at the Mango you can find this jumper in other colors, like light grey, white or brown. For spring they always have a range of other colorful pastel shades. 

Comfy Boots 
Because it's winter, I combined it with a pair of black boots. Black boots are a basic for your wardrobe and you can never go wrong with them. I went to the big shopping mall in Rome called Euroma 2 and they have lots of lovely shops. From Pandora to Oysho and many more. I went to a shoe store and came across these boots. They aren't from a particular brand but are really comfy and good for cold and rainy days. They do look similar to Dr. Martins but are a bit cheaper. 

A Pop Of Color
To complete my look I combined it with a red purse from the Zara, adding a pop of color. It was the first time I bought a purse there or even a purse at all. I often just use a shoulder handbag, but these smaller purses are great if you don't have to carry a lot of things with you. I've used it for a few months now, and the quality is quite good. I didn't expect it to last long, because it's not real leather. But it still looks like new and you even your glass case fits in it aha! 

Thank you very much for reading today's post! I hope you enjoyed it!
Question time - What do you think of palazzo trousers? 

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  1. Completely love the whole outfit and the red bag you added to it made it extra gorgeous.Amazing write up also.


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