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Hollister Workout Outfit // OOTD

Navy And Red Workout Outfit // OOTD
And it's officially 2019! Have you gotten the winter blues? I haven't gotten them just yet, but I am looking forward to the brighter days coming ahead. Working out more is New Year's resolution of many people. To be honest, I don't really believe in those resolutions. You come up with a few, postponing it and start working on them at the beginning of the new year. But as time goes on, you kind of slip away and your resolution wasn't succesful. Of course, many like to resolutions and if it works for you continue and great job! What I always like to do is write down a few goals I want to achieve, and start working on them right away. Working out and being active have always been part of my lifestyle. And when it's part of your way of living, you can easily make a routine out of it, whether daily or monthly. You have to push and motivate yourself, which can be hard, I totally get that. But in the end, you are entirely up to you. 

Try to make a very specific resolution or goal, what you prefer to call it, like for example wanting to go to a spinning class every Saturday evening. Or wanting to go to for a 30-minute walk everyday. Remember that your goals don't have to be huge. When you set those smaller specific goals, and repeat them often, you start getting used to it and create a routine without actually thinking about it. And that is eventually your key to succes! ;) This introduction was way longer than expected ahah. If you're in need of some cute workout clothes or inspiration, read further now! 
Navy And Red Workout Outfit // OOTD
Sweatpants To Keep You Warm
Working out when you're wearing cute gym wear is so much more fun! Read my previous post with fun gym wear inspiration here. It keeps you motivated and gives just that extra confidence boost, which always comes in handy. Hollister is one of my favorite clothing brands. I always buy my jeans, pj's and gym clothes there. I bought both the jumper and the sweatpants in their sale online. They didn't match it as a set, but I thought the jumper would look good in combination with the pants. The pants fit like tights, with fleece inside, so it's more for the winter. If you're planning on buying them I would pick at least one size bigger, because they are really small. I'm wearing a size m, and usually I have a size S. 
Hollister Workout Outfit // OOTD
Sweatshirt To Complete The Outfit
The jumper has a bit of red around the Hollister logo, which makes it look nice with the red sweatpants. It's a cropped fit, and I bought it because the sweatpants are highwaisted. In summer you can wear the jumper with a pair of shorts on a chilly evening. But for now, a bare stomach is a bit too cold haha. Navy is also an easy color, which you can combine with almost anything. You can even wear this jumper if you're planning to have a cozy day at home with a cup of tea and Netflix. 

Thank you very much for reading today's post! 

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  1. I am a workout freak and have tried a lot of styles in the workout gear but my personal favorite is the Tank Top along with pretty and colorful leggings. It is very simple look but with colorful leggings, you can make your looks very stylish for every day basis.


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