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A Heart Of Gold Is A Joy Forever // Inherited Jewellery

A Heart Of Gold Is A Joy Forever
Can you believe that in a few days it's Febuary?! Omg! I never expected this month to go by that fast.. People always say that January is the longest month of the year, but I actually think it's the opposite. Before you know it it's Christmas again aha! Since it's Sunday, and those days are always good for cleaning and organizing your home, I came across a special necklace and want to share it here on my blog. I think every girl loves buying and getting jewelry. But when its from a family member, it adds a special touch to it. Get comfy and lets get right to it!

Ti Sento and Pommelato are my favorite brands, and they're both Italian. Ti Sento is nice if you like to stay within your budget a bit and Pommelato is quite expensive, but has beautiful rings with colorful stones. Now that I'm thinking, I don't wear necklaces that often. I usually wear rings, but it would actually be fun to start wearing necklaces more as well, maybe in combination with a ring.
inherited jewellery
When my grandmother was young she wore this necklace, and eventually gave it to my mother when she was really young. It's special when you can wear something you know your family cherises a lot. I hope I don't lose it haha.. It's something with a meaning, I'm really greateful I can wear it! The necklace is made from gold, and is in the shape of a small heart. I often see those necklaces with a lock where you can put a small picture in them or write a message. Those are really cute too! You can wear a simple casual outfit, and with the right jewelry you can add that extra sparkle to your outfit. I wore something really simple, a tee with a comfy cardigan and the necklace makes complete.



  1. The necklace is truly cute! What's even more amazing is the background story to it, loved reading about it. 

    1. Thank you!! Yess it's always special when you're able to wear something with a meaning xx

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  3. The glory of the Christmas story was God Incarnate, Jesus Christ! Whenever we get our eyes on ourselves, we lose our joy. When we get our eyes on Jesus, joy returns.koktale

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