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4 Cool dorm room decorating tips

Hey everyone,

Decorating your room is always very fun to do. The holiday season is here and it's time to make your dorm room cozy and festive. Maybe you've seen my other post about how to make your room winter proof. If you haven't seen it yet you can click here. Read further for some cool tips to turn your dorm room into the coolest room! I also want to share a very cute pillow from Dresslily. Let's get started!

1. The first tip I would give is make a big photo collage on your wall. Adding photos of friends, family, fun events and memorable days is a very nice and cute idea to make your room special and it shows your personality as well. To add a festive touch adding a few string lights around your collage makes your room instantly more festive and Christmas ready. 

4 Cool dorm room decorating tips

2. Throw blankets are really a must have now that the cold 
winter weather is finally here. There are in so many cute colors, prints and patterns that there will always be one that matches your room. For Christmas and the winter season it's nice to maybe have a checked blanket, or a fluffy one. For years I had a red fluffy blanket that I got really attached to. 

4 Cool dorm room decorating tips


3. My next decoration tip for your dorm room would be to add a mirror. Mirrors make your room look bigger and it's also very handy to do your hair and makeup without having to go to the bathroom. To add the Christmas feeling you can add string lights around the mirror. It instantly looks like you are in your own winter wonder land haha. 

4 Cool dorm room decorating tips

4. My last decor tip would be to add pillows. If you have a big room you can put them on your couch, in my case I love to put hem on my bed. I received a very cute pillow from Dresslily. Dresslily is an online webshop that has very trendy and affordable clothing, makeup and home decorations. They offer worldwide shipping and always have great deals and have thousands of new arrivals. The pillow looks like a doughnut and is really cute! I love decorating my room for festive occasions just like Christmas. Although this pillow is not for Christmas it's still very nice. Pillows make your room cozy and they are very comfortable too. I think for the past year I haven't changed my pillows on my bed, so this doughnut shaped pillow is a nice addition. 

4 Cool dorm room decorating tips

4 Cool dorm room decorating tips

 I hoped you enjoyed reading today's post and got inspired to make your dorm room cute and christmas ready! What is your must have dorm room decoration?

Have a lovely day,


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  1. Yes! I just love decorating during the holidays. I would love to get some lights to put around my bedroom. Great list!



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