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My lovely wishlist for winter

Hey everyone, 

Winter is coming and it's my favorite season of the year! Sweater weather, cozy blankets, ice skating and not to forget Christmas and New Year's Eve. There are so many reasons for loving winter. But with a new season comes a new wardrobe right!? It's a great excuse to get that jacket you wanted to buy for weeks now. I would love to share with you my lovely wishlist for winter. Let's get started!

warm coat is definitely a winter must have. On winterjassen.com you can find your perfect winter jacket to stay warm and cozy.Thank you very much for reading todays post! I hope you liked my winter wishlist and are inspired to make one too. 

What is your number one item on your winter wishlist?
Have a lovely day,

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  1. This winter I would love a pair of ice skates. Like the old fashion kind. This is a great Christmas list for my husband.


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