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Sweater weather shopping guide

Hey everyone,

It´s starting to look a lot like winter! The weather in Holland is really cold at the moment. It´s cold, sunny and without any wind. It´s the perfect winter weather for a long walk on the beach, iceskating or playing tennis. I still need to buy a warm hat and a pair of gloves for these cold days. A quick life update: this week has gone by pretty quickly. On November 23thrd I turned 19 and left school early because of my birthday. It was a fun day and my family and friends definitely made my day perfect. I received a few things from Pandora, Hollister and on top of that I got my first car! Let me know in the comments if you would like me to do a birthday haul. This friday I went on a test study day at the Univeristy of Leiden to see if law was really something I liked. It ended up to be very cool and I think it will really be something I see myself doing next year. Read further for a sweater weather shopping guide and my favorite sweater from Dresslily. Let's get started!

Sweater weather shopping guide

Sweaters are really a winter must have in every girl's wardrobe. They are comfortable and warm. Personally I like sweaters that are made from wool better than cotton sweaters. Just because they are warmer and perfect for cold days. 

Sweater weather shopping guide

1. Choose your style                                                                                                               A sweater can soon look too casual, especially for the fashionista' s under us. It's all about choosing the right style, patterns and materials. Nowadays there are so many different kinds of sweaters. There are cropped sweaters, cable knit sweaters or v-neck sweaters. It's really about choosing your own style that's suits your personality. 

2. Better too big than too small                                 
When I go to a store and ask for advice they almost always give me a size small. Especially when I was in Rome at the Twin-Set store. I ended up trying a sweater she thought would fit but actually was two size too small haha. Try buying your sweater not too small, not only because it doesn't look good. Also because you have to feel comfortable in it too. 
Sweater weather shopping guide

3. Material matters                                                  
What I find is that a lot of the cheaper brands like Forever 21 and H&M have sweaters that are made from acrylic material. I don't really like this material because it doesn't keep you very warm. The more expensive brands in general have better materials like 100% wool or cotton. It's important to look at the materials before buying a sweater. You don't want to feel itchy on Christmas Day! 

My favorite sweater is from the brand called Dresslily. Dresslily is an online store where you can get party outfits, winter accessories and all at an affordable price. They also offer free worldwide shipping and have thousands of new products everyday. This sweater is perfect for cold winter days. It looks nice in combination with a pair of skinny jeans, booties and some cute accessories to make the outfit complete. I even think it's a cool sweater to wear for Christmas. The rhinestones and the white makes it look very wintery. 

Sweater weather shopping guide

It's already the end of today's post. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know in the comments below what your favorite sweater looks like: v-neck or a cropped sweater?

Have a lovely day,



  1. i don't celebrate christmas but i really love Hallmark christmas movies x


    1. Hi Erin! Yes, hallmark christmas movies are so fun to watch! :)
      Enjoy your day, Isabella x


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