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Wishlist of the moment

Hey everyone,

There are always so much things I want to have each month. A lot of those things are not really urgent, but nice to have. Like a cute pair of sunglasses or a cute shirt for summer. I thought it was a fun idea to share my wishlist of the moment with you!

I stumbled upon a lifestyle blogger, I don't remember who and she shared in a blog post what was in her jewelrybox. I saw a Tiffany necklace she had and it was very cute! I really love the necklace and the brand too! But it's very expensive.. Because I like light pink  I choose this heart necklace.

Tiffany necklace

A few years ago I sold my skates on eBay and didn't really want new ones. But now, a few years later I kind of want to start skating again. As the weather gets warmer, the sun brighter it's the perfect way to combine exercise and outdoor in one time. I heard that Fila is a good sport brand and has good and cute skates. You have also skates that are with bigger wheels, those are the inline skates. But that's more for people who really have skating competitions. I just want to do it for fun. :)

fila inline skates

The next thing that is on my wishlist is a pair of Keds. I love those shoes and think they look really cute, even if your outfit is simple the shoes make it look complete. They come in many different colors and patterns and models. On the Hollister webshop they sell them too, but when I bought a pair the size was really weird. I have normally a size 39 and when I tried the shoes they were like two sizes too big. I think it was because it was Hollister+Keds. But now a new chance on buying the right size! The brand also asks a lot of guest designers like Taylor Swift, Kate Spade and that's really cool too!

cute keds sneakers

My last thing om my wish list is a watch that I got as a present from my parents. You may now the Italian brand Furla!? It has a collection called Candy and it sells very nice bags and accessories. My watch is also from this collection and I wear it everyday. It's the best watch I have and it's very comfortable and cute. But because I wear it soo much it looks a little bit worn out. And that's why I would love to have a new Furla Candy watch. I looked on the internet but couldn't find the watch on any of the websites online, even on the Furla site it wasn't available. So the next time I go on vacation, I'll buy a new one on the airport. It's probably the number one thing I want on my wish list. Because I couldn't find it online, this is a Furla watch from the classic collection but also very cute with stones in white leather. 

furla watch

I hope you enjoyed my wish list of the moment! 
What is on your wish list?

Have a lovely day,




  1. Those silver Keds look so amazing! Woww! *-*

    I posted my make up wish list too, today ;) http://charlinehasablog.blogspot.com/2015/03/beauty-bits-on-my-wish-list-updated.html

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

  2. amazing post !!

    love your blog

    would love to know your thoughts on my new post Jadiee'sLittleBlog



    Have a nice day


  3. I want those skates! I've not been rollerskating in years but used to love it when I was younger :)

    Corinne x

  4. Love your wishlist! I still want Armani Si and a softbox set for taking better pictures for my blog.

  5. Hi Isabella,

    Your list is amazing and you have a cool blog! I was thinking if you would like to collaborate with me? Do let me know if you're interested.


  6. Nice wishlist! The heart necklace is so cute!:)
    Happy weekend!


  7. Wouw wat een prachtige wishlist!


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