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What I'm up to at the moment

Hey everyone,

I hope you're having a great weekend! Here in Holland the weather is not so good, you can say it feels like winter here. It's storms, rains and it's cold. I thought it would be a good idea to write about what I'm up to right now. Hope you enjoy it! 

This few weeks are going to be very busy for me. It's my final high school year and my test week is coming up and I have a lot of learning to do.. I really have to motivate myself to do history everyday because those are like ten chapters for one test en math is is also a lot and quite difficult. The fun part about having a test week(yes, there is a fun part) is that I have to go for the test to school for an hour and than you can go home. If you don't have a test on Monday or Tuesday you're free!! And now I've a long weekend, but still I have to learn but it's better than a whole day going to school of course. 

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For my seventeenth birthday last year in November could have a Seventeen magazine subscription. I was very happy about that because I love to read English magazines and on the site Hearts magazines it's not so expensive to have a one year subscription, even if you live in Europe. The Seventeen always writes about cute fashion trends en also has in the backa section with workout tips and moves which I always look at and try them myself. 

When I looked online on the webshop of Abercrombie and Fitch they always sell a lot of expensive things that are cute to have but still not for that price. The brand often has items online that are like from fifth to ten euros and than you have to be quick otherwise it's sold out. So I saw this cute floral pyjamas that I needed to have! The top a is cropped sweater with long sleeves and the bottom is sort of like sweatpants. They are very comfortable and also warm for at home. I really love the pyjamas Abercrombie sells, I had tartan shorts before but they are too small now. My pyjamas were thirty instead of one hundred. 

Goals I want to accomplish in April

Read another novel from John Green
After reading The Fault in our Stars I wanted to read more books of this author. This book for me was really the first one that I thought really was written well and also with a powerful message to young people like us. I like to read books that have deeper meanings and also the movie was very good! Have you seen it? The actors played it very well and you really believed their story. I think I would love to read Looking for Alaska next month. 

the fault in our stars

Become more organized
Every year at the beginning of school I tell myself be more organized. And it only last for a few days;)
I write math in my French notebook and my bookshelves is really a mess with loose papers everywhere. The thing is when I bought separate binders for every subject I still don't put them in them. But now I really have to push myself to stay organized, because when your room is organized you're also organized in your head.


Write something I appreciate everyday 
It's easy to forget all the beautiful things we have in life. Not everybody has what you have, for us it may seem normal but someone else would be very grateful to have it. I want to write something everyday that I appreciated the most of that day. It helps to see which things people do for you can show that for example when your mother brought you to school because you didn't feel well and couldn't go by bike you appreciate that and show that to her. 

I hoped you like my post of the thing I'm up to at this moment and some goals I want to accomplish in April. What are your goals for next month? 

Have a lovely day, 



  1. Great post :) and I love John Green, I read The Fault In Our Stars a little while ago and loved it, so I would definitely like to read more of his books, too!


  2. Leuke blogpost! Mijn 'goals' zijn: beter cijfers halen voor school, verder met boek schrijven.

    Liefs, X Ruth
    www.p0cketfullofsunshine.blogspot.nl // daijoy-nl.blogspot.nl

  3. Ik wil ook Looking For Alaska lezen! Dat boek ligt al een tijdje in mijn kast maar ik heb nog steeds geen tijd gehad om hem te lezen..

  4. Veel succes met je examens, zo te zien hoef je je geen druk te maken om het Engels examen! :)

  5. wat leuk om dit te lezen zeg!
    Super om je goals te zien :)

  6. I love what you post so I nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can find all the information that you need for it on my blog! http://onemoregirlonline.blogspot.ca/2015/03/well-guys-i-have-been-nominated-for.html

  7. Wat een goede goals! Ik moet ook wat georganiseerder worden ;)

  8. Hele leuke post! Leuke blog ook :)
    Vind je goals mooi, ga ervoor!

  9. I also wanna read another john green book. I love his books I have read so far. love your blog you are so pretty keep it up

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