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Original Summer holiday ideas

Hey everyone,

My finals are coming closer and closer and I already want to think about some thing fun I want to do during my longest summer holiday ever! I know that a lot of my classmates are going on holiday with friends to destinations like Ibiza, Chersonissos, Albufeira and a lot more. These are really drink and party places and very standard. Because that's not really my cup of tea, I thought it would be a good idea to list a lot of other things you can do that are also really fun but a little bit more original. Enjoy!

Go on a road trip!
This is still on my summer bucketlist. The only thing you need is a car, friends and Google maps. Point your finger in a few random directions and you have your road trip destination. Road trippers is also a great app to have fun during your road trip and not only on the destination itself. It looks up cool thing to do along the way and makes your road trip better. I love that you are free to go where you want and I hope that my road trip dream will come true this summer! 

Language course
You can also combine fun with learning a new or improving your language skills. The best way to do that is in that country. The best origination is for me Ef, Education First. They offer language camps in many different countries with people all over the world. You don't only follow the lessons but also go on small trips to to London if you stay in Brighton or go to a Broadway musical. You can choose to stay at a host family, campus or apartment. So that's very fun! I would also love to do this during summer. You make a lot of new friends and I think you will be more independent and really experience the different cultures. Travel active and internlaguage are for example also good to go with. 

Volunteer or work abroad
If you want to have a vacation you'll never forget and love to help others, than volunteering abroad is something you would like. I think I would find it a little be scary to volunteer in Afrika or Tunisia because it can be dangerous and you don't know what's going to happen. But the people there really need our help! When I'm a older I'll defenitely go there and volunteer! I think it will be an unforgettable experience. If you would like to go than the UN has a program Youth in Action where you can sign up. 

My mom worked as an au pair in Paris when she was around 18 years old. If you love working with children than that's something you can do in your holiday. You can also work on a camping in Italy or Greece and work in the catering or in the entertainment. It's a fun holiday and you get paid for it. Projects abroad is a good website for international summer jobs. 

What are your plans for this summer?
Have a lovely day,




  1. Cute Ideas! I would love to take a road trip somewhere, It would be so fun and a new experience. I think volunteering abroad would also be fun and help with college apps. Great post :)

  2. Ahh a road trip would be so great! I'm actually planning to spend my gap year volunteering in Africa too! And you're blog is exceptionally cute aw! Love it!xx

  3. Als au pair werken lijkt mij super leuk! En als het dan zou kunnen graag in Amerika ;)

  4. Een road trip lijkt me echt superchill!

  5. I reaaaally want to take a language course! It's on my summer list.


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