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Tips to stand up for yourself more

Hey everyone,

Standing up for yourself isn't always easy. For some people it's more natural than for others. It's important to stand up for yourself as people nowadays get more and more talkative and otherwise they  don't even see you standing anymore. It's important to stand up at work, school, sports. Everywhere. I have to say my New Years revolution every year is standing up more and every year it's not really happening. It's not that I'm not trying, it's more that people around me are louder and talkative and say what they think. My personality is more reserved and some things I do to please others and I know that a lot of people also have to stand up more for themselves. That's why I'm now going to give you some tips on how to do that and I hope you like it. 

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Learn to say no
I know this is a very hard one but also a very important one. A lot of my people have problems with just saying no to things. Like if your friend asks you to go out for dinner on a Friday and you don't really feel like it. You want to stay home that evening, but you say you can't because you have plans. She ask if it's possible before and you say yes. So this happened to me actually a few times, haha.. It's sounds really weird, but it's how it happens. To avoid this kind of situations think about yourself first and not be a people pleaser all time. Just say no, I'm not really feeling like it today. Maybe next time. It's good to also think about others and help and do fun things with your friends. Try to find a balance between pleasing others and yourself. Don't be afraid of how they are going to react. It's your choice and people have to respect that as well as you respect theirs. 

Have confidence and believe in yourself
To learn to stand up for yourself, you first have to love yourself as the person you are. If you don't like yourself than it's not going to work. If you have little confidence try to write some things down that you can do well, things you love about your appearance and why you don't like yourself the way you are right now. Maybe it's because you gained weight, or you can't do a sport as good as others. If you every doubt yourself than you should think that you are just a person in this world and are the same as everyone else and you deserve it just as well to be here and live your live the way you want to! Don't be too hard on yourself, just work hard and have fun because you are original and there is only one you! Also believe that you can do something you really want. If you really want something, than you can do it! It's just your mind that holds you back from actions. And never compare yourself to others!

Tips to stand up for yourself more

Other things to remember
-Body posture says a lot about someone. Walking with your head and shoulders down gives a bad impression, you seem scared and not loving yourself. Walk with your head held high and shoulders up and girl you can conquer the world! Yeah!!! 
-Stay away from people that are negative, just stay with people that make you feel happy and cheerful.
-Always be yourself and never be with people who want to change who you are.

Tips to stand up for yourself more

I hope you enjoyed my post! Good luck with standing up for yourself! :)

Have a lovely day,




  1. nice tips, love the walking tips, it's so true! I try to force myself to straight up my shoulders, although many times I go back to the wrong pose, and it does affect how people perceive me. Little things can make a big difference

  2. I reckon self confidence and being able to give your own opinion to do what you want is important. I get that some people are more reserved. I used to be too. But all it takes is some good posture and speaking your mind spontaneously to stand up for yourself and be an actual person.

    The Life of Little Me

  3. I think you are so right! Having confidence in yourself is the most important thing. If you don't believe in yourself first, who else is going to believe in you?! xx great post! xx


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