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Summer is around the corner|| 5 Bikini Body tips!

Hey everyone,

Summer is coming closer and that means it's bikini weather! A sunny and fresh period with lots of flowers and happy people. Wearing a cute bikini is not the only thing you need to look great, you also want to look in shape of course. Here a 5 tips for you to look and feel great on the beach. Enjoy!


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Eat less sugar
Your body needs certain sugars, like in fruits, vegetable or bread. It's impossible to avoid eating sugar because it's in everything you eat and drink. But when you eat too much sugar it's not good for your skin and health. When you make this a long term habit you can get problems like acne, weight gain and even diabetes. Those are things you definitely don't want to have! Reduce the amount of sugar(In Cola are more than 5 cubes of sugar, it's already the limit for one day!!) you eat if you want to be healthy and look good. :)

5 Bikini Body tips!

Don't skip meals
A lot of people think that by skipping meals you will loose weight, that's not true. It's even the opposite. When you skip for example your breakfast, your body uses your last energie and you gain weight instead of lose it. 

5 Bikini Body tips!

Combine exercise with eating healthy
I am not really into all the diets people have and also don't really believe in them. I love food and for me it would be really a nightmare to not eat foods I love. When I come home from a busy day and I really want to eat some chocolate and it's not possible that after a few days you will eat way more because you weren't aloud to eat it before. If you eat healthy, like eat vegetables everyday, have breakfast, eat at least two pieces of fruits ann exercise at least 30 minutes a day than you will be in good shape and will look great in your bikini! :) Without exercising you won't gain muscles and the result will be less. So grab your running shoes and enjoy  This way you can have a healthy lifestyle for a longer period than when you go on a diet and after a few weeks go back and gain even more weight.

5 Bikini Body tips!

Water, water, waterrrr!
Keeping your body hydrated will give your more energy, will help you be stronger and it's good for you skin too. What I always do to make sure I drink enough is too fill my water bottle three times a day so I know how much I drink than when you fill a glass. 

5 Bikini Body tips!

You don't want to look very white on the beach. It's good to combine your daily exercise outside with the sun. You get a tan and a good workout! 

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5 Bikini Body tips!

Most girls will be motivated about for 2 to 3 weeks and than fall back in their old routine. The healthy lifestyle is becoming boring! And I understand that, exercising everyday and eating healthy. 
To avoid that keep the workouts fun to do. Like on Monday you will go for a run with your friend, on Tuesday you will play some tennis, On Wednesday you will follow a dance class. Variety is good for your body and you will stay motivated! It makes it even more fun to do it with your friends. And also don't have too high expectations of yourself. Than it isn't fun anymore and the results could be disappointing and you won't stay motivated. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn't mean you only have to eat vegetables and fruit everyday! You can eat sweets, chocolate, donuts after you ate something healthy. Just don't overdo it of course!

I hope you enjoyed my 5 bikini body tips! I wish you good luck with your workout and keep motivated!

Have a lovely day,



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  1. These are very good tips! I try to eat 80% healthy. The other 20% is for chocolate and sweets etc. I have been doing this for a few months and already lost 5kg :D


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