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Mother's Day Gift Guide 2014

Hey everyone,

Your mom is probably one of the most special persons in your life. She does so much for you, helps you with everything. But sometimes we forget how great she is and that's why Mother's Day is the day where you can treat and give your mom something special. And let her feel special!! 

It's always nice to give your mom a little present on Mother's Day. Your mom will always love you even when you don't buy a present. But I think when you do give her something she feels a little more special than normal. Her is your Mother's Day Gift Guide of 2014 to buy the perfect gift!

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Dorothy Perkins scarve

Lancôme mascara

C Wonder throw pillow

Kate Spade Spiral Notebook
$23 - theiconic.com.au

Kate Spade Sticky Note Set
$25 - theiconic.com.au

White plate

Florence Broadhurst Pencil Set
$19 - theiconic.com.au

Swarovski butterfly home decor

These were some suggestions if you're a little late buying a gift for your mom. Besides these ideas flowers, chocolates or stuffed animals are always good. Or another thing that your mom would probably like is a DIY gift. You can make a bracelet or a painting. 

I know my mom reads my blog sometimes, but these last few days she's been very busy so she doesn't have time to read my blog so I can share with you guys the gifts I bought for my mom. For my mom I ordered a big flower bouquet which arrives at home on Sunday. The flowers are in orange and soft pink. Because my mom loves to read I bought her a gift card for a library where she can buy her fav books. And of course I will give her loads of love!! :)

Well, I hoped you like my Mother's Day Gift Guide of 2014!? 
What are you giving your mom? Let me know in the comments below.

Have a lovely day,



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