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Summer is almost over

Hey everyone,

My 6 weeks summer holiday went by so fast. I remember the day that I was very happy I still had so many weeks ahead of me. And now it's Saturday the last weekend before school starts. I had a really fun summer holiday. In the first few weeks I went with my family to our house in Rome which was a very great trip. When I look at all the photo's I took I want to go back there so badly.. My friends were also here and it was very fun!

But I also kind of missed school and the regular days with a routine. And I see my friends everyday which makes it better. I already went shopping for some back-to-school supplies this week. I think tomorrow I'll show in a haul what I bought for school. But one thing is a very cute purple planner. I love it so much already! Because this year is my graduation year most agenda's that I saw where with a lot of pictures in them and they were not really for my age. Monday I have to pick up my schedule and Tuesday my school year starts officially. 

When I had rainy days here in the Netherlands I watched the Youtube series @Summerbreak. I don't know if you already know them but it's a group of teens around 19 years old doing fun things in their summer break. The were followed by camera's all day. It's really fun to watch. So if you are bored all it's a rainy day I really recommend this series.

If you are already going to school than I want to wish you good luck!! And if you have to start in the next few weeks than I also hope you're going to have a great year! 

Let me know in the comments below what you did in summer break! 
Have a lovely day,


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