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December favorites

Hey everyone,

I hope you're having a great weekend!? It's already December now!! :)  Sometimes I wish I cloud stop the time for a moment but unfortunately that isn't possible. December is my favorite period of the year. It has always been. Well, I have to say that the summer period is also nice but this period is more cozy. When I go for a walk I love to see all the people that have Christmas trees outside and completely decorated their homes. I love to do that too. We also have bought a Christmas tree already and decorated it with white and red. (My fave colors!!) It looks very nice in the living room and makes it more cozy. Another thing which I love to make is a Christmas wish list. I always see so much things that I want that it's impossible to remember them. So I make a wish list with all the stuff and hope Santa gives me a few things...It's now very cold here in the Netherlands, around 2 degrees. There was a time when it was around -20 degrees!! I hope it will be this year so we can ice skate on the river. :) 

This month there are a lot of new things I want to do, read, make and more. I would love to share them with you and inspire you to also make your list. Here they are. Enjoy!! 

Watching movies is a thing most people love to do. And me too. It's relaxing and you just think about the movie and nothing else. In December there are a lot of new movie releases of movies I want to see. The one I want to see the most is a Christmas movie with Anna Kendrick. She is one of my favorite movie actors and she does it very well. She became famous from the Cup song. The movie is called Happy Christmas. It's about a break up, after the breakup Jennh moves in with the writer Kelly. That's her filmmaker husband and child. Jenny realizes if she wants to be happy she needs a relationship and career. The movie shows that evolution and I hope it's worth it! 

I have the tradition to put every year around December a light peramid in my room and a mini Santa on my bookshelf. I love them. My room looks more like Christmas and very cozy. Ohh, and also my fake ice skates on my wardrobe. I bought them around 2 years ago and they are from paper. So cuteee!!  

One of the things that's on my Christmas wish list is a thing that I want really bad. It's a Pandora bracelet. You can even add Christmas hangers on your bracelet. I hope I get that. Especially the snowman hangers and the pink colored ones are nice. I think I would like my bracelet to look like the one in the picture below. 

This is a Christmas DIY I would like to make. It's your own Christmas tree snowball globe and it's quite easy to make. You can put it everywhere in your house to add a sparkle to your room or it's also a very nice Christmas gift for friends and family. 

Because I love to dance I would really like to go to see a dance performance in The Hague at Christmas. The performance I want to see is the one from The Dutch Don't Dance Division's group. It's a winter wonderland performance and their will be famous dancers from So You Think You Can Dance. Exciting!! 

These were the things I want to have, make and do this December. I hope you liked it and I want to wish you a great Sunday and December,

Isabella x


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