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When Time Stands Still | Nordgreen Scandinavian Watches

This post is written in partnership with Nordgreen. 
Nordgreen Scandinavian Watches review
Whether it is choosing something special for a friend, a family member, or a loved one, it can sometimes be difficult to pick the right gift. There are so many options and you can quickly get overwhelmed by it. If you're on the hunt for something timeless and unique, than I think you don't have to look any further aha! ;) A classic and elegant watch is a gift you cannot go wrong with. Your friend or family member will appreciate the surprise for a really long time! When it's that special, time stands still with Nordgreen Scandinavian Watches.  
The master behind the brand is the award-winning designer Jakob Wagner, featuring minimalist Danish designs, while simultaneously highlighting form and function. Each watch tells its own story, and most importantly, Nordgreen watches are made for anyone. What I love about the brand is that it wants to give back to the world. Besides sustainable packaging and zero carbon footprint, by wearing Nordgreen you have the possibility to donate to Global Sustainability Organisations through their Giving Back Program

Nordgreen has several different designs on their website. If you're into a simple and neat look, than the watch called The Native is perfect. It is made from very good quality in Copenhagen and will last you a long time. The watch is also very easy to combine because of its neutral tones and shades. It's nice for daily wear, or even to wear for a night out with a cute bracelet next to it, and maybe additional jewelry to make your outfit complete. Another design is The Philosopher, highlighting the ability to live outside your comfort zone, and to be remembered in your absence. It's a lovely look, and again elegance and simplicity are the secret ingredients. Than there is The Infinity, also a very neat and clean design that you can wear almost everywhere and for any event. The watches have a deep curvature, are made for daily wear, and are suitable for any size wrist. 
I love my new watch!! I was doubting between the Infinity design and The Native watch, but I'm very glad I choose this one. The color is a beautiful rose gold (matches with my laptop hahah). All watches are available in sizes ranging from 32 mm to 40 mm, depending your preference on how loose you want to wear your watch. I personally prefer for it to be a bit tighter around my wrist. There are also a few different colors, if you or someone you're gifting the watch to don't like rose gold, you can also choose metal, silver, or gold. The watch feels very light and comfortable, so I will probably be wearing it most days! It's exactly what I thought the watch would be like, and I will definitely come back for another purchase. 

If you're looking at making not only yourself or a loved one happy, but also many others than this is the right time to give back. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, for every purchase, Nordgreen offers a meal to frontline heroes. On top of that, you'll get a free strap so you can switch styles any time. Cool right!? 


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