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Best Makeup Products for Fall

Best Makeup Products for Fall
And it's officially fall! It seems like time just goes faster each year! The leaves are turning brown, it's getting darker earlier each day, and it's starting to get a bit chillier when you walk out the door. I have to be honest, summer is my favorite season, but since it's not summer anymore, why not just make the best of this season!? Fall is the perfect excuse to go shopping again. It's time for pumpkin carving, cozy blankets, hot chocolate, cute decorations for your dorm room, warm sweaters and string lights. And not to forget, shopping for makeup is also very fun! Get comfy and read further now for the best makeup products to wear this fall! 

My two favorite makeup brands at the moment are Sally Hansen and Max Factor. I prefer to buy products that are good quality, instead of buying a lot of things that I have to throw away quickly. It is true that some products are cheap and from good quality, you just have to look well. Out of all the makeup, nail polishes are the most fun to buy. (My collection is way too big already aha) From glitter shades to all shades of red, to neutral tones, you name it I have it. ;)

Eyeshadow Kit 
I was looking for some new things to add to my collection. The first product I bought is the Max Factor Smokey Eye Drama 04 Luxe Lilacs eyeshadow kit. I really love the light purple shades, one shade is almost soft pink, really cute. And what is cool, is that there also is an eyebrow powder to make your look complete with perfect looking brows. I still need to practice a bit to get make my smokey eye look perfect, but the steps on the back make it already a lot easier. Overall, I think it's a nice product, you can find it in many other color combinations as well. The shades do stay quite long too, which is nice if you're looking for a more long-lasting eyeshadow.
Best Makeup Products for Fall
Nailpolish Set
I also got two nail polishes from Sally Hansen. The brand is a bit comparable to OPI. Sometimes I buy nail polishes from a cheap drugstore brand and they end up lasting super long. I guess you just have to have luck with what brand you choose. But from Sally Hansen, you expect a bit more because it's also more expensive and well-known. I really love the shades, dark purple, and glittery grey/silver. (Almost Christmas like) Applying them is a bit difficult because the polish is really liquid, but afterwards, the result is pretty! They don't tend to last very long, which is a bit disappointing, but maybe if you try to add a top coat on it does last longer. Make sure to do that for the ultimate effect!
Best Makeup Products for Fall
Thank you so much for reading today's post! Overall I really recommend the eyeshadow palette, as the colors stay on long and are easy to apply. The nail polish I do recommend as well, except that the quality compared to the price you pay for it is a bit too much. But the shades are lovely! 
Question time - What is your go-to makeup product for fall? 

Have a lovely day,

Isabella ❤

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