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A Stylish & French Subscription Box You Need To Try

A Stylish & French Subscription Box You Need To Try
It's the season for pumpkins and cozy blankets! I love this period of the year, it's not that cold yet and it's also not that warm anymore. It's a mid-season kind of feeling, slowly approaching Christmas and I can't believe some shops already have a complete Christmas decor setting set up aha! For a long time, I was looking for a different supscription box than the ones I can order in my country. In Holland, you have the standard ones like for clothes or makeup boxes. But I thought why not try a box that's from a different country. I really like the French/Parisian style and the French brands and shops I saw when visiting Paris are lovely. I actually stumbled across this brand on Instagram and would love to show you more of it. Get comfy and lets get right to it! 
A Stylish & French Subscription Box You Need To Try
I'm wearing the tight black tights in combination with a black short from the Zara and a white shirt with a bow-tie collar also from the Zara. Combined with a pair of heels with a small bow on them. I normally don't wear tights that often, sometimes it's fun to change things up a little right?!

What's in the box?
The supscription box I'm talking about is called Gambettebox. It's a French brand, and sells boxes only with tights. They collaborate with well-known brands like Princesse Tam Tam, Diane Von Furstenberg, and sometimes they also give boxes only with their own branded products. Every month, you get 2 pairs of tights, often in black with sublte patterns. Black is an easy shade, a go-to color when going out and very easy to combine with practically anything. They stop sending out boxes during Spring and Summer and start when it's Fall again, because it's too hot to wear tights. I really like the concept, and compared to other boxes I've tried, the brand works together with other great desginers.
A Stylish & French Subscription Box You Need To Try

I received my first box in September when the brand collaborated with the lingerie brand Princesse Tam Tam. I really love the brand, but it's quite expensive. I think if the tights weren't in the box, I normally wouldn't by them. A box is €15, for two pairs. It comes in a very cute box and with a folder where you can read more about the guest brand. Super cute!! You can cancel your membership at any time, which is very handy. I'm glad I discovered this brand, because the value you get for the products is defenitely worth it! Also, the international shipping doesn't cost you extra, and is quite fast. Gambettebox gives you a little taste of the Parisian way of dressing and style. 

Thank you very much for reading today's post! I hope you enjoyed the post!
Question time - What do you think of this Subscription Box? 
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