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Tous, A Stylish Spanish Jewellery Brand

Tous España
And it's almost August! Can you believe that?! Sometimes it feels like I'm living in a movie, because of how fast the time goes. I'm currently in Florence taking Italian classes, just arrived yesterday evening. Florence is one of my favorite cities, it's not too small, not too big and just perfect because everything is walking distance. Before this trip, I went with my family to Valencia, another one of my favorite cities. Everything is so relaxed there and the city is just beautiful. I always go there to the hairdresser Tony & Guy, it's cheaper than in the Netherlands. But also the style and how they cut your hair is different and I like it better. And the two nail polished you see in the picture are from the supermarket called Mercadona, which are super good! But I'll write a full review on that in another post soon. 
Tous España
I stayed at the Illunion Aqua 4 hotel in Valencia, which basically is above the Aqua 4 shopping mall. Perfect for shopping! You have all kinds of shops there, from the Zara to Calzedonia, to Home decor and beauty stores. I have a high prescription, -5 for my glasses and plus the frame often makes it really expensive. So I tried and went to the local optic store and I came across this pair of glasses from the brand called Tous. I never heard of the brand before, but it's a famous Spanish jewelry brand. The frames they have are all square or round and are really comfortable. I also bought the lenses with it, and I'm super happy because you pay half of what I pay in the Netherlands. And besides that, the frame is just so cutee! Tous also has bags, watches, necklaces and much more things. Some of the things they sell are I think a little bit more for your girls, but you just have to choose the right items. I don't know if they have Tous glasses at the Corte Inglès, the big warehouse. But I'm sure they sell them at every optic store. For the jewelry and other accessories, you can easily find them at the warehouse.
Tous glasses
The case for the frame is also cute, in soft pink. I could choose from a variety of colors, blue, green and pink. But, of course, I choose pink to go with the pink/purple frame!  The logo of the brand is a tiny bear, which is also visible on the sides of the frame and on the back of the case. If you're looking for a pair of glasses and for a new brand, than I would definitely recommend Tous.

What is your favorite jewellery brand? ❤



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