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Breakfast At Valencia's Hotspot

La mas bonita valencia

I hope you're enjoying your summer just as much as me! I'm just back from a family trip to Valencia and I have to say, I would've loved it to spend my summer there! It's a lovely city and the people are really friendly. I always have the feeling I'm more surrounded by others in the more southern countries than in countries like the Netherlands. I think the people and their way of living have a lot to do with that. I love buying clothes for summer, it's the perfect excuse to buy that cute summer dress or skirt because otherwise, it's way too hot. 

valencia hotspot
Every season I tell myself to not buy too much summery stuff because the summers in the Netherlands are quite chilly. But this time I wanted to buy some dresses because I traveled a lot of warmer countries and it's nice too! They are easy to style and are cute outfits for summer. I bought this dress while traveling in Florence at a local clothing shop. It's flowy and made from super light material, which is perfect for warm days. The shoulder fringe makes the dress complete. I combined it with my white Birckenstocks. I prefer to wear sandals with a low heel, but Birckenstocks are more comfortable if you need to walk a lot. 
valencia playa malvorassa

Valencia has a lot of hotspots, from restaurants to tiny bars with yummy food. This time we choose to go to La Mas Bonita, a small bar/restaurant at the beach La Playa Malvarossa is definitely worth a visit. It looks very cool, in baby blue and they hire students only as waitresses in cute kitchen outfits that match the atmosphere there. You can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner here. They have croissants, toast, cake, anything you want. I ordered a velvet cake, although 6 euros is a lot, I really wanted to try it once. And it's very good! The beach here is also very nice, with palm trees and big as well. 
valencia restaurants
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