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Zara Summer Shopping Haul

Zara Summer Shopping Haul

Zara is one of my favorite brands! The brand always has so many cute things and is actually affordable as well. For me, the clothes don't have to be very expensive. Often after wearing something like a skirt the whole summer, next summer I'm not that into it anymore. Do you recognize that? I feel like this summer I for sure have experienced the sunniest and warm days compared to the past summers. But that means a good excuse to buy more cool clothes aha. I'm currently in Florence and I couldn't come home empty handed of course with so many shops here. I would love to show you the items I bought, let's get comfy and right to it! 
Zara Summer Shopping Haul
I bought 3 things at the Zara in Florence. I read somewhere that the Zara in Spain and Italy, don't know about other southern countries, that it's about 10% less expensive. And it's true, especially the jeans or t-shirts are cheaper, so that's always a plus! They already have the autumn/winter 2018 collection in store, and maybe you wouldn't think it, but the items are from that collection already. I was looking for a longer skirt for summer, something different than denim skirts. I loved this one! The buttons are really cute, and it's high waisted with an open split in the front in a dark yellow/orange. The split in the front does go quite high, so I prefer to wear it to the beach with a bikini underneath. I combined it with a striped colorful top and has some glitter too. It has the same shade as the skirt and some darker colors. You can also wear this top in combination with a pair of jeans and sneakers. Or you can make it less casual buy wearing heels and other accessories for an outfit to go out. 
Zara Summer Shopping Haul
This is the second outfit, the same skirt but with a different top. I thought it would be handy to buy 2 tops and 1 skirt. I love that the top is white and the zipper has colorful stones in it, in the color of the skirt. It's perfect for warm summer days, with no sleeves and it's made from really thin fabric. You can also again wear this top on a denim skirt, jeans, shorts. It has a more sporty look and maybe it'll even look good on a pair of sweatpants. 

Thank you for reading today's post! Summer goes by soo fast! It's almost mid-August already. Hope you enjoy your summer and have a nice day! 
Question time - Do you buy new clothes every summer? 

Have a lovely day,

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