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Red For Summer

Red has always been one of my favorite colors. For every season, but especially for summer. Summer is the perfect time to wear those bright shades or pastels tints. I'm currently on holiday with my family in Valencia, and it's 41 degrees, super hot! In Holland, there is a heat wave as well, in the whole northern part of Europe it's sunny. When I'm wearing cute outfits, I feel more confident and who doesn't like shopping?! In my country, the shops are quite expensive and not a lot of choice in comparison to Spain or Italy. Here in Valencia, everything is much cheaper and in Florence where I traveled to a few weeks ago, there are a lot of local clothing shops that you can't find in the Netherlands. That's why I enjoy shopping abroad a lot. Over the years my clothing style changed a lot, and now I can tell that I found my style and combine it with new trends and ideas. 

This outfit is a red floral dress from the Zara. I bought it while traveling in Florence. The Zara here has more choice than the shop in my town, and I really like this dress. It's bright and with flowers and red combined with soft orange. It's just above the knee and the back a little bit longer for a wavy effect. I combined it with a pair of wedges I bought in a local shoe shop in Florence as well. They're made in Italy and from leather. The bright red looks cool in combination with the dress. The only thing I need to learn is how to walk in them, haha, they are pretty high! But practice makes perfect. And I painted my nails in red/orange too, to complete my summery outfit. 

Tees with big logos, I'm usually not a fan of. But when I was shopping at the Urban Outfitters store, I saw that they combined it with a red skirt from UO itself. I bought the skirt too, but this time I wore the shirt with a pair of denim shorts. The shirt is from Tommy Hilfiger and in cream, off-white kind of shade. It's made from pretty thick material, so maybe it's better to wear for chillier nights instead of to the beach. I love UO, they always have cute and different things, not like other stores. I never wear high waisted denim, but I kinda liked how it looked and the style of it. In combination with the shirt, it looks American varsity like. It's comfortable and I bought it at the Zara in Florence too. 

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