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20 Summer Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

Summer Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas
It's officially summer and I'm really excited about the next few months. I have a few trips planned. Next week I'm going to Valencia with my family. You may have read my post about my previous trip to Valencia, if not you can check it out here. It's a lovely city, and I'm going to show my parents around. It's fun to travel alone, but spending time with family is always nice too! Up next I'm going back to Florence again and maybe to Paris. So lots of travel posts coming up!

For today I would love to share with you some lifestyle blog post ideas. Coming up with post ideas can be difficult. There are weeks where I'm really feeling it, I have lots of new titles and drafts ready. And other weeks I just don't have enough ideas or inspiration. If you have that too, it's completely normal. Everyone has that once in a while. What can definitely help, is keeping a calendar with posts for every week so you're never out of ideas. My main blogging goal is having the calendar and write a few posts in advance as well. Below I've listed a few blog post ideas in the lifestyle niche.

1. One Week Watermelon Diet
Isn't watermelon a must have fruit to eat in summer?! Why not show everyone how fun and delicious it is to eat watermelon every day the whole summer long. 

2. Swimwear Brands To Check Out
Summer means beach. And going to the beach means that you have to have a cute bikini. There are tons of swimwear brands, show your followers where they can score the bikini you're wearing or one that's on your wish list. 

3. How To Properly Pack A Suitcase
Packing isn't the most fun part of traveling. With some extra tips, you can make it easier and faster for your readers. 

4. A Post About Your Dream Summer Job
Everyone has a dream job, but there are also dream summer job. Mine would definitely be to work as a lifeguard in Australia at Bondi Beach. How cool would that be! 

5. Share A Freebie 
You can share a freebie or any type of free printable. There are so many things you can design, maybe a cute notepad?

6. Make A Summer Scrapbook
Another creative idea. If you're really into crafting than this is the perfect time to share it to the world, with pictures of your recent trips or photos with friends. 

7. Share Your Favorite Smoothie Recipe
I wanted to write down, "share your favorite cocktail recipe'', but then I thought, I love smoothies way more! 

8. Make A Reversed Bucket List
Everyone knows the summer bucket list. But wouldn't it be nice to write down all the things you already accomplished?

9. How To Plan The Perfect Summer Party
If you're into parties, then summer is a great time to host your own. Let your followers know how they can plan their party too, with a complete party guide. 

10. Holiday/City Guides On The Places You've Visited
Maybe you've been abroad and came across some must-visit restaurants and hidden spots. 

11. Take The Time To Look For 5 Extra Books To Put On Your Reading List
I have to be honest, reading isn't something I like to do. Although, if the book is really good, I kind of like it to an extent. 

12. Show Your Favorite Go-To Spots In Your Neighborhood
You're a travel guide of your own hometown. Why not use that advantage and show your readers around. 

13. A Glimpse Into Your Morning/Bedtime Routine
During summer you wake up earlier and go to bed later. You can show what you normally do, what your daily routine is.  

14. A Living Room(or bedroom, kitchen etc.) Reveal
When it's summer you can make your home feel summery too, by adding cute and colorful decorations or furniture. 

15. How To Edit Your 'Natural Lighting' Photos
Taking photos is the most fun thing to do! Editing is a whole nother level. 

16. Ways To Spend Your Weekends During The Summer 
If you have a few months of summer holiday, the weekends are the best time to do things with family and friends. You can write a post about how you like to spend your weekends. 

17. Host A Giveaway
This is a great way to gain extra followers as well. And it's always fun to see others be happy with something they won. 

18. Interview Your Favorite Blogger
This is an idea I have in mind for quite some time. I'm still not sure who I'm going to interview, because I have so many bloggers I want to ask. 

19. Give Up Something You Love, coffee- Chocolate, tea
Sometimes giving up something you love makes you appreciate it, even more, when you don't have it. It's just a fun challenge. (For me Nutella is definitely a challenge)

20. What Makes The Summer of 2018 Special For You
And the last summer blog post idea is sharing with your followers why this summer is special to you. 


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